Fulton County Historical Society News
Summer 2001

Corrections to these news:

Two annual booklets listed as available are actually out of print:
1984 Volume 6: Silversmiths and Clockmakers of Fulton County 1785-1900
1989 Volume 11: Down the Pike: Chambersburg-Bedford Turnpike Co 1815-1913

The last Silversmiths booklet was sold; there are a few copies of the Turnpike booklet for sale at Fulton antiques, but when they sell, it is gone. Also, there are no more copies of Anne Lodge's 1984 magazine article available for sale.


"Show and Tell" Theme for Summer Meeting

The summer meeting of the Fulton County Historical Society will be held in the former Fulton Theater (courtesy of The Fulton County National Bank, first block of N. Second St) on Saturday evening, July 21, 2001, at 7:00 p.m.. The building is air conditioned, with easy parking. There will be a short business meeting and an update on Society projects.

One of our members suggested it would be interesting if people would bring some unusual item and tell a story about it. This might be a household article no longer in use, a small farm tool seldom seen today, or a unique homemade piece. It need not be valuable. Dick Miller will moderate this part of the program. Come prepared to participate.

The Society collection contains several ladder back chairs which were made locally in Fulton County. Glenn Cordell will point out distinguishing features of chairs made by Ephraim Lake (born 1823, buried at Sideling Hill Primitive Baptist), Dan P. DeShong (1839-1910, buried at Sideling Hill Christian), and Will Truax (1859-1929, buried at Pleasant Ridge Brethren). It seems all the older homes had chairs made by these men, and they regularly come up at local household auctions even today. The meeting will close with light refreshments. Come and bring a friend.

New Life Members

We are happy to welcome two new life members to our Society. Virginia Daniels Bailey of St. Louis, Missouri, has local family roots in the Daniels, Blankley, Chesnut and Flora families of Fulton County. Cathy McDermott of Derwood, Maryland, is researching the Holly family who owned the farm she purchased on Layton Road in Brush Creek township; the homestead pre-dates the Civil War. Thanks for your support, and best wishes to both!

Relocation of Historical Library

Your Board of Directors met in May to finalize arrangements for moving the Historical Society library from the Fulton House to the Fulton County Library on North First Street. Books have been packed in boxes, Maureen Snyder is stamping individual papers in the genealogy files, and Christy Weber is correcting Union Cemetery dates and wants to update the cemetery file with obituaries from 1995-2000. The public library board paid for new flooring, paneling and ceiling tile to renovate the room. The Society installed additional lights, a security camera, and ordered eight bookcases, a lateral file, a display cabinet, and an oval 4' x 10' conference table with 8 swivel chairs. The 300 reels of microfilm were moved in mid-June but other materials are on hold pending the arrival of the new shelves. We apologize to members for not meeting our target opening date in early June. Please contact Glenn Cordell for a library update before making a special trip here to use Society resources.

New sales items

Using slides taken by the late Cecil Williams, the Historical Society now has available four scenic postcards from the four seasons in Fulton County. Prices are four cards for $1.20, or 25 cards for $5 (add 50 cents postage for a few cards, or $1 for 25.) Thanks to Gladys Williams and Dwight Harvey for filling this need. The reprint of Volume 5 (Naturalization Papers) by Mercersburg Printing has arrived and sells for $4, plus $2 postage (can include postcards no extra postage.)

Security System Replaced

The electronic security system installed in the Fulton House museum and library rooms in the late 1970s failed this spring and had to be replaced. ADT Securities installed a new system with door pads, motion detectors, and smoke sensors, and extended security coverage to the log kitchen for the first time. We hope the cost is worthwhile in protecting items you entrusted to our care.

Committee Positions Still Available

Members have not exactly rushed forward to volunteer for committee assignments, so openings still exist. If you can contribute ideas and a little time, it will strengthen our organization.

Library committee - Wayne MacDonald, Dwight Harvey, Dan Swain

Museum committee - Bill Hammond, Anna Maye Sigel

Publications committee - Clem Malot, Gene Leese, Dwight Harvey

Historic Sites committee - John Nelson

Program committee - Clem Malot

Membership committee -

Nominations committee -

Fulton House renovations/housekeeping - Lindsay Mellott, Wayne MacDonald

House Tour committee - Lindsay Mellott, Anne Gobin, Helen Overly, Sandy Richards, Jane MacDonald

Web Page - Emily Beaton, Bill Patterson

Special Programs/Christmas dinner - Dwight Harvey, Belinda Richards, Barb MacDonald

Grant Funds - Dan Swain, Julie Elvey

We also need a local "call list" of people who can help with phone inquiries from visitors who are working in our Society library, questions on specific family genealogies or local events. If you are in the toll-free 485 or 987 telephone exchange, may we list your number along with the type of help you can offer by phone? Please reply to Glenn Cordell at 485-3172 or glennc@innernet.net

Clem Malot, President James Stewart 2004 Wayne MacDonald 2003
Dwight Harvey,
Vice President
Anna Maye Sigel 2004 Stanley Kerlin 2002
Julia Elvey, Secretary Bill Hammond 2003 Lindsay Mellott 2002
Jane MacDonald, Treasurer


Annual booklets are $4 each plus postage ($2 will cover 4 small or 2 thick booklets)

1979 - Volume 1: Civil War Invasions in Fulton County, PA (28 pages) - Reprint

1980 - Volume 2: The McConnellsburg-Fort Loudon Railroad of 1914-16 (28 pages) - Reprint

1981 - Volume 3: Long Rifle Makers of Fulton County (24 pages) - Reprint

1982 - Volume 4: The Fulton House (30 pages) - Reprint

1983 - Volume 5: Naturalization Papers of Fulton & Bedford Co 1802-1900 (72 pages) - Reprint

1984 - Volume 6: Silversmiths and Clockmakers of Fulton County 1785-1900 (30 pages)

1985 - Volume 7: United States Direct Tax of 1798 for Fulton County (100 pages)

1986 - Volume 8: McConnellsburg - Moments in History - Bicentennial (160 pages)

1987 - Volume 9: Joseph Powell 1734-1804, Delegate from Tonoloway (48 pages)

1988 - Volume 10: 1850 United States Census for Fulton County (120 pages)

1989 - Volume 11: Down the Pike: Chambersburg-Bedford Turnpike Co 1815-1913 (100 pages)

1990 - Volume 12: 1808 Triennial Tax Assessment for Bedford County (194 pages)

1991 - Volume 13: Sideling Hill Primitive Baptist Congregation from 1790 (166 pages) - Reprint

1992 - Volume 14: Frontier Forts of Fulton County (43 pages)

1993 - Volume 15: 1860 United States Census for Fulton County (124 pages)

1994 - Volume 16: Into the Valleys Came Presbyterians (92 pages)

1995 - Volume 17: War and Peace - Fulton County in 1945 (120 pages)

1996 - Volume 18: 1870 United States Census for Fulton County (124 pages)

1997 - Volume 19: Last of the Gay Nineties in Fulton County (128 pages)

1998 - Reprint: Directory and Hand-Book of Fulton County 1890 (175 pages)

1999 - Volume 20: General John Forbes and the Forbes Road in Fulton County ( 52 pages)

2000 - Volume 21: Wells Township: History of Original Settlers and Their Lands (55 pages)

2001 - Volume 22: Civil War Damage Claims from Fulton County (47 pages)

Limited Edition Color Prints at $22 each, plus $3 postage:

1992 - Traffic Jam Turn-of-the-Century Style (Green Hill tollgate) 24x29 paper

1993 - In Celebration (Courthouse Square) 16x20 paper

1994 - Hunter Mill circa 1938 (16x20 paper)

1995 - The Last Confederate Bivouac (Patterson Farm) 16x20 paper

Local History for 4th grade school children at $5, plus $2 postage:

1992 - My HOME is Fulton County, Pennsylvania (8x10 with 134 pages)

Computer Disk for $5 plus $1 postage

1995 -Cemeteries of Fulton County, PA - Gravestones 1781-1995


2001 - 4 scenic from Cecil Williams collection (4 1/4 x 6), 4 for $1.20 plus 50 cents postage, or 25 for $5, plus $1 postage

1990 - Tonoloway Church, Fulton House, Burnt Cabins Grist Mill, 3 ½ x 5 ½, 5 for $1

Other publications (add postage)

1984 - Fulton County: Where Country is Still Country, by Anne J. Lodge (6 page article in Pennsylvania Heritage magazine) $2

1985 - On the Monday Before Gettysburg: The Battle of McConnellsburg, by John Nelson (4 page article in United Daughters of the Confederacy magazine) $1

1988 - Zook's Boy - The Letters of Leander Zook, by John Nelson (6x9 size, 277 pages) $5

1992 - Golden Opportunities in Fulton County, by Frank Mason (reprint of 1911 real estate sales catalog of 24 pages) $2

(from Civil War Reenactment Committee)

1995 - The Last Confederate Bivouac, by John Nelson (20 pages) $4

1996 - Confusion and Courage, by John Nelson (28 pages) $4

1996 - Fulton County, Copperhead County, by John Nelson (28 pages) $4

1997 - Bombard and Be Damned, by John Nelson (72 pages) $4

1998 - The Truax Impact on Fulton County, by Friends of Tonoloway (36 pages) $4