Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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FISHER, Winfield S.HUSTONTOWNb-9 Nov.1926; d-13 July.2017w-Jeanette Louise Fisherp-Hope Raker & Fred Stucky Fisher WWll U.S. Army
MARTIN, Howard J.PLEASANT RIDGEb-25 Feb. 1927; d-12 Mar. 2009 p-Roy R. & Libbie Funk MartinWWll U.S. Army
HORTON, Robert W.UNIONb-23 June 1926; d-23 Nov. 2008w-Margaret Stainsp-Russell & Ethel Doyle HortonWWll U.S. Navy
SCRIEVER, Homer LeeBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-24 July 1923; d-04 Dec. 1952 p-Grier L. & Emily Ward ScrieverWWll Company C. 324th Infantry
MENTZER, John W.*UNIONb-15 December 1893; d-24 December 1958w-Marguerite Paul Mentzerp-Cyrus and Asenath Snyder MentzerWWl, Army Air Force
MENTZER, PercyCLEAR RIDGEd-13 Nov. 1971  WWl
BARTON, Richard P. "Dick"Unionb- 16 May 1921; d- 1 Dec 2015w- Grace Stevensp- Harper P. and Lillian S. Madden BartonWWII, Army Air Corps
EDWARDS, Max H.sideing hill baptistb- feb 7 1979;D-jan 7,1979W-Reba m WWII veteran
LONG, Ray E.DUBLIN MILLSb-13 Feb 1922 d-31 Jan 1980 Age 57yw-Helen Cromer Longp-Curtis and Ethel Shue LongWWII veteran
HESS, Sheldon R.DUBLIN MILLSb- 28 Mar 1923 d- 17 oct 2016w- Anna Lamantia Hessp-David Ray and Ora Park HessWWII Us Army
MANN, Charles B.BUCK VALLEYb-30 November 1924; d-27 August 2017w-Velma Bishop Mannp-Austin and Laura MannWWII U.S. Army
MARTZ, RaymondHUSTONTOWNb-25 October 1925; d-18 January 2013w-Laura June "Becky" Newman Martzp-John P. and Alice Kegerreis MartzWWII Japan
MENTZER, Donald E. Sr.PLEASANT RIDGE CHURCH OF THE BRETHRENb- 12 Dec 1927; d- 3 Feb 2005w- Regina Moats Mentzerp- Kelller T. and Viola Snyder MentzerWWII and Korean
WARD, Glenn C. WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb- 8 Jan. 1927; d- 21 Nov. 2016w- LaVonne Shaw Wardp- Charles and Ruie WardWWII & Korean War
YOST, John WilliamBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb- 28 Sept. 1926; d- 13 July 1975w-Laura Ella Shaw Yosp-Charles Yost & Rosa RobinetteWWII US Navy
EVERTS, Merle G.UNIONb-20 July 1917; d-10 N0v. 2006w-Hylda A. Sipes Evertsp-Joseph Samuel & Ella Maye Alice McGrew EvertsWWII US Army
KNEPPER, R. BrintonCENTERb-22 May 1915; d-01 Nov. 2006w-Myrtle C. Clippingerp-John S. & Ruth Strait KnepperWWII US Army
CLEVENGER, Royal N.UNIONb-30 May 1911; d-04 Dec. 1987w-Beatrice Mummap-Daniel & Minnie Bivens ClevengerWWII
HANN, Harold W.UNIONb-13 Oct. 1924; d-4 Feb. 1970w-Wava Mellott Hannp-Della P. Schetrompf and Reuben C. HannWWII
MELLOTT, Harold R.ASBURYb-2 June 1918; d-24 August 1964w-June L. Mellottp-John H. & Rosetta Taylor MellottWWII
OAKMAN, DenverASBURYb-23 November 1912; d-9 November 1969w-Gladys Strait Oakmanp-L. D. and Ida Deshong OakmanWWII
TAYLOR, Robert M. (Bob)?d-4 March 2013, age 87w-Dawn W. Taylorp-Marvin S. and Grace M. TaylorWWII
SNYDER, Marshall C.UNIONb-24 February d-24 Oct. 1967 p-Charles and Cora Keefer SnyderWWII
STEVENS, James B.UNIONb-15 June 1924; d-3 Jan. 1975w-Katherine Shimerp-Harvey B. & Nell Curran StevensWWII
WELLER, Clyde A.UNIONb-1 May 1911: d-29 May 1975; Age 64yw-Ruth Peck Wellerp-Vertie C. & Pleasant Starr WellerWWII
SHIMER, John R.UNIONb-14 Feb 1920; d-23 Feb 2005w-Polly Morton Shimerp-Paul S. and Kathryn Mentzer ShimerWWII
PECK, William R.UNIONb-18 Apr 1922; d- 14 Sept 2004w-Norma A. Cromer Peckp-Walter and Lula Bishop PeckWWII
STRAIT, David W.SUPREME COUNCIL HOUSE OF JACOBb- 2 Aug 1920; d- 5 Feb 2005w- Evelyn F. Straitp- Charles E. and Ola Blanche Pine StraitWWII
TRITLE, Albert D.PLEASANT RIDGE CHURCH OF THE BRETHRENb-26 July 1921; d- 12 May 2005w- Edna F. Keefer Tritlep- James Edgar and Mildred Stenger TritleWWII
RAMSEY, Charles G.CROMWELLb- 26 Dec 1919; d- 5 Sept 2004w- Frances Evelyn Schomakerp- Olive Stains CromwellWWII
RITCHEY, Roswell G.BETHELb- 31 Dec 1920; d- 12 Jan 2005w- Elizabeth Hildebrandt Ritcheyp- William and Goldie Stains RitcheyWWII
STRAIT, Robert L.CLEAR RIDGEb- 21 Oct 1925; d- 20 may 2005w- Joyce Gallaher Straitp- Speer and Winifred Sipes StraitWWII
WERTMAN, Charles F.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-11 May 1916; d-20 Dec. 2005w-Edith E. O'Rourke Wertmanp-Frederick and Rosa Wooster WertmanWWII
FLETCHER, Clyde R.WHIPS COVEb-26 July 1922; d-21 July 1970w-Dorthula Mellott Fletcherp-Mr. & Mrs. Alvin FletcherWWII
McKEEVER, James W.CEDAR GROVEb-16 October 1921; d-22 December 2011w-Alice Jean Hess McKeeverp-Ernest and Elma Albright McKeeverWWII
SCHLINE, R. WeldonJERUSALEM CHRISTIANb-19 March 1920; d-5 March 2013 p-William H. and Mary C. Dentz SchlineWWII
STONE, Homer AltonREHOBETHb-30 January 1907: d-3 August 1967w-Georgia F. Stonep-William E. and Mary Ellen Younker StoneWWII
KERLIN, Alvin H. "Toddie"KNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-15 June 1918; d-13 June 1980w-Emma Louise Matthews Kerlinp-Alvin D. and Nettie Naugle KerlinWWII
GOLDEN, Alvie E.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-27 August 1910; d-12 October 1995 p-Roy C. and Anna Bowers GoldenWWII
McGEHEE, Edgar AllenKNOBSVILLEd-21 March 1975 p-Charles and Laura Fore McGeheeWWII
PITTMAN, John A.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-14 August 1923: d-1974 p-McClellan and Mame Gillis PittmanWWII
KERLIN, William RichardHUSTONTOWN CHURCH OF GODb-30 October 1913: d-15 October 1965 p-Howard W. and Cecillian Wible KerlinWWII
DOUGLAS, Marvin AlbertDAMASCUSb-28 March 1919: d-2 March 2014w-Nina Jean Miller Douglasp-Ora and Mattie Winters DouglasWWII
RICHARD, George LeonardUNIONb-21 July 1908: d-1957 p-Harvey and Elizabeth Jane Hann RichardWWII
SCHOOLEY, Lawrence S.SILOAM UNITED METHODISTb-November 22, 1922 d- April 11, 2015Ellie May (Clark) SchooleyNormal and Dottie (Hoop) SchooleyWWII
WATERS, Harvey DalePleasant Hillb- 18 March 1919; d- 20 May 1960  WWII
MELIUS, Elmer K "bub"UnionB- June 14,1913 D- july 14, 1980Mildred Seiders MeliusPhilip and Sarah keller MeliusWWII
FORD, John A.Wells valley PresbyterianB-July 25, 1921;D-Oct 6, 2015 age 94Yw-Gladys Figardp-Lamberth and Elsie (baumgardner) FordWWII
SOUDERS, Richard A. "Dick"UNIONb-16 July 1924; d-3 July 1993 Earl and Edna Jenkins SoudersWWII
LANEHART, Alton Elwood b-27 June 1925;d-5 February 2016 p-Charles and Bessie (Mills) LanehartWWII

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