Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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ABBEY, Denton C.CENTER METHODISTb-25 Aug. 1909; d-30 Oct. 2000w-Harriet Beatrice Knepper Abbey  
ABBEY, Harriet B. KnepperCENTER METHODISTb-25 Nov. 1920; d-23 Aug. 2002h-Denton C. Abbeyp-Charles & Florence Shaver Knepper 
ABBOTT, Avilee M. (Lea) DeShongPLEASANT RIDGE NAZARENEb-19 August 1946; d-2 February 2010h-Donald E. Abbottp-Boyd R. and Madeline Kline DeShong 
ABBOTT, Charles LeviSILOAMb-28 Feb. 1914; d-19 Nov. 1980w-Ruth Irene Mellottp-Clarence & Elnora Barber Abbott 
ABBOTT, Patricia E.UNIONb-4 Sept 1951, d-6 July 2022h-Thomas C. Abbottp-Phillip J. Rollison and Emma E. Crouch Betts 
ABBOTT, Ruth IreneSILOAMd-31 Jan. 1990; Age 70yh-Charles L. Abbottp-Frank D. & Anna Mary Mellott 
ABBOTT, Travis D.UNIONb-13 Dec 1976, d-09 Apr 2023w-Crystal R. (Detwiler) Abbottp-Thomas C. and Patricia E. (Betts) Abbott Sr.U.S. Air Force
ACRI, Lana K. b-;d-25 February 2019h- Joseph J. Acrip-Richard A. and Esther McQuade Miller 
ADAMS, Ada L. (Dolly)SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd-17 Dec. 1975 p-William J. & Ada Mellott Greenawalt 
ADAMS, AnnaSILOAMd-8 April 1891(newspaper date); age-15y 6m 22 d p-Amelia Adams 
ADAMS, Della FrancesWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-20 June 1858; d-2 November 1916h-George W. Adamsp-Thomas Horton 
ADAMS, Doris Ellen "Dorie"ANTIOCHb-3 April 1958; d-29 March 2018h-Johnny E. Adamsp-Blair Eugene and Helen Blanche Bain Hann 
ADAMS, Harold d-12 Apr 2022w-Janice Lindhurst  
ADAMS, Lena HillREHOBETHd-11 April 1945; age-28y2m16dh-Charles Adamsp-Job & Bertha Shaw Hill 
ADAMS, Lorraine LenorePLEASANT RIDGE CHRISTIANb-2 May 1935; d-4 October 2014h-(1) Paul Schetrompf; (2) Bill Adamsp-Bradie and Lenore ORourke Truax 
ADAMS, M. FanUNIONb-13 Jan 1941; d-18 Feb. 1998; age-57h-Gordon C. Short Adams Sr.p-Hazel Barnhart Sowers and Clarence R. Sowers 
ADAMS, Simon WesleyAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-8 July 1878; d-18 July 1878 p-H. B. & Ameilia Wesley 
ADAMS, Timothy FranklinUNIONd-Dec. 1936; Age 3m15d p-Jon & Linda Mellott Adams 
ADELSBERGER, GloriaTONOLOWAYb-?; d-9 June 1999; age-56h-Thomas Lester Adelsbergerp-Leonard Van and Martha Marie Winters Bernhard 
ADELSBERGER, Helga J. NEEDMORE BIBLEb-23 July 1938; d-30 Oct. 1995; age-57h-Walter Ray Adelsbergerp-Samuel and Thelma Ramsey Swope 
ADELSBERGER, Larry NeilTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-1947; d-1961 p-Neil Raymond Adelsberger 
ADELSBERGER, Lyman EarlTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-1876; d-1957w-Annie M. Peck Adelsbergerp-William and Elizabeth Good Adelsberger 
ADELSBERGER, Margaret M.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-8 June 1981; age 65yh-Neil R. Adelsbergerp-Thomas E. & Mary Eva Barnhart Wink 
ADELSBERGER, Walter EdwardTONOLOWAY Baptistb-7 Aug. 1904; d-20 Sept. 1996; age-92w-Margaret Waltz, Lucy Mannp-Earl L. and Anna Mary Peck Adelsberger 
AGNEW, ElizabethMcCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-9 May 1816; Age 43y   
AGNEW, James (Col.)McCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-29 July 1769; d-9 Sept. 1855   
AGNEW, RebeccaMcCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-28 Jan. 1827; Age 58y   
AGNEW, WilliamMcCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-11 Mar. 1815; Age 10y   
AGOSTINELLI, Marie J.BURNT CABINSb-15 July 1936; d-22 April 1994h-Michael Agostinelli  
AIKEN, Eliza St. Clair MotterUNIONb-15 Dec. 1907; d-1 July 2003h-William L. Aiken, Jr.p-Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Paylor 
AKE, Jesse W.WELLS METHODISTb-12 Feb. 1832; d-7 July 1928   
AKERS, AbiaAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-August 1794; d-21 Mar. 1877w-Elizabeth  
AKERS, Allen A. Sr.AKERSVILLEb-04 Feb. 1923; d-30 July 2008w-Betty L. Layton Akersp-Charles W. Akers & Mary Elizabeth KagariseU.S. Army WWll
AKERS, Alvah S.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-19 Nov. 1859; d-5 Mar. 1892   
AKERS, AmariahAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-31 May 1808; d-April 1894   
AKERS, AnnaAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-1 August 1807; d-27 April 1888h-Amariah Akers  
AKERS, AzariahAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-1816; d-27 March 1883, age 66y5m27d   
Akers, BelleSIDELING HILL CHRISTAINb- 1873; d- 1949h- Albert Palmer Akers  
AKERS, Benson C.PLEASANT GROVE CHRISTIANb-26 Feb. 1892; d-28 Feb. 1958w-Francie   
AKERS, Besse V. AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-23 Nov. 1885; d-3 April 1968h-Albert Palmer Akersp-Dr. Edwin D. & M. Elizabeth Truax Akers 
AKERS, Betty L.AKERSVILLEb-04 Oct 1930, d- 24 May 2020h-Allen A. Akersp-Dale & Mabel (Hockenberry) Layton 
AKERS, Charles W.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-23 Mar. 1883; d-31 July 1939   
AKERS, Charles W. (Sr.)Akersvilleb-July 25, 1881 d-Feb. 18, 1967w- Mary Elizabeth Kagerise Akersp- Dr. Edwin and Mary (Turner) Akers 
AKERS, Charles WayneAKERSVILLEb-21 March 1927; d-August 1958w-Elinor Marie Akersp-Clyde and Myrtle Duvall Akers 

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