Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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BREAKALL, Charles GrantZION M.E.b- 29 Dec 1876; d- 29 April 1932 p- John and Lucinda Breakall 
FISHER, Mary JaneZION M. E.d- 30 March 1928; age- 78 p- John and Maria Gordon 
BAGEANT, C. PrestonZION LUTHERANd-19 July 1982, Age 80w-Mary Elizabeth Potterp-Homer T. & Laura E. Sirbaugh Bageant 
BAGEANT, George HZION LUTHERANb- 17 Sept 1928; d- 30 Mar 2000w-Nadine Y. Mitchellp-Cleo Preston; & Mary Elizabeth Potter Bageant 
HETTERMAN, Grayson L.ZION LUTHERANb-5 Nov. 1941; d-8 July 2001; age-59w-Ruth S. Elliott Hettermanp-Carl Edward and Helen Sigel Hetterman 
HILL, Frances I.ZION LUTHERANb-14 March 1914; d-12 June 2000; age-86h-Lester Booth Hillp-Walter Rush and Anna Ruth Wertz Ritz 
RUNYON, Valerie JeanZION LUTHERANb-15 Dec 1968; d-11 Mar 2004; Age 35h-?p-Virl & Violet J. Stotler Sheeder 
SCHRIEVER, Elizabeth A.ZION LUTHERANb-1 June 1941; d-16 Jan 2003; age-61h-Paul W. Schrieverp-Ed, Jessie and Ethel Sigel(raised by) 
SHEEDER, Anna M.ZION LUTHERANb-4 Aug. 1920; d-13 Sept. 1997; age-77h-Virl H. Sheeder Sr.p-Andy and Mary Brittner Nunnally 
SIGEL, Reed AllenZION LUTHERANd-15 Dec. 1980; Age 58yw-Gladys V. Pricep-Edward & Jessie P. Layton Sigel 
SIGEL, Roy EdwardZION LUTHERANb-15 Nov. 1909; d-25 Nov. 1980w-Sarah F. Pricep-Edward & Jessie P. Layton Sigel 
SIGEL, Sarah FrancisZION LUTHERANd-11 Mar. 1990; Age 78yh-Roy E.Sigelp-James & Sarah Price 
SIGEL, Walter E.ZION LUTHERANb-20 March 1948; d-28 April 2000; age-52w-Sandra K. Blake Sigelp-Earl and Arvada Fletcher Sigel 
WALTMAN, Frances M.ZION LUTHERANb-28 Oct 1930; d-9 Nov 2003; Age 73h-John Leonard Waltman Sr.p- Roy Edward & Sarah Frances Price Sigel 
OAKMAN, John L.Zion Lutheranb-07 Nov. 1929; d-10 Aug. 2005w-Ruth Anna Schriever Oakmanp-William R. and Blanche Hammann OakmanUSMC
BAGEANT, Mary Elizabeth PotterZION LUTHERANb-25 September 1901; d-3 January 1995h-Cleo Preston "Dick" Bageantp-Joseph David and Anna Enora Bedford Potter 
BAGEANT, Frederick E.ZION LUTHERANb-20 May 1925; d-8 January 1976 p-Cleo Preston and Mary Potter Bageant 
SCHRIEVER, Debra AnnZION LUTHERANb-26 Apr 1960 d-7 Aug 2015 Age 55y p-Paul W. and Elizabeth Ann Gasper Schriever 
RITZ, Eva RosaZION LUTHERANd-12 March 1983, age 83 Calvin and Lila Sigel Ritz 
SHEEDER, Virl Hobert Jr.ZION LUTHERANb-25 Sept 1945, d-05 May 2022w- Violet Jean (Stotler) Sheederp-Virl H. Sheeder Sr and Ann Sheeder 
SHEEDER, Violet JeanZION LUTHERANb-23 April 1945, d-14 Dec 2022h-Virl Sheeder Jr.p-Elwood Stotler and Hazel Shambaugh Stotler 
HAMMANN, George EdwardZION LUTHd-Age 74yw-1) Mary Elizabeth Schetrompf, 2) Lillian Olive Hendershotp-John & Mary Siegel Hammann 
LASHLEY, Lillie EllenZION LUTHd-4 Feb. 1976; Age 87y p-William P. & Harriet Northcraft Lashley 
MILLER, JacobZION LUTHb-17 April 1863; d-15 Oct. 1948w-Mary Pottsp-David & Mary Ann Mills Miller 
MURRAY, Lauren C.ZION LUTHd-Age 61yw-Viva Marie Stahlep-Charles Clarence & Annie Virginia Jackson Murray 
OAKMAN, Blanche E.ZION LUTHb-26 Dec. 1899; d-29 Oct. 1986h-William R. Oakmanp-John & Mary Sigel Hammann 
OAKMAN, William RoyZION LUTHd-30 Nov. 1970; Age 77yw-Blanche Estella Hammannp-Delemar & Delanie Mellott OakmanWW I
SHANHOLTZ, Clara E.ZION LUTHd-25 Feb. 1976; Age 67yh-Lawrence E. Shanholtzp-George E. & Elizabeth Schetromphf Hammann 
SIGEL, Ethel E.ZION LUTHd-11 Oct. 1982; Age 73y p-Edward & Jessie Layton Sigel 
ZIMMERMAN, Etta MaeZION LUTHd-18 Feb. 1976; Age 71y p-Ira & Lily May Carl Zimmerman 
BARNETT, AbnerZIONb-1784; d-1844w-Annie Edwards  
BARNETT, Annie EdwardsZIONb-1795; d-1858h-Abner Barnett  
BENNETT, Harriet HoupZIONd-8 May 1860; Age 28y7m6d   
HOUP, MatildaZIONd-11 Feb. 1860; Age 20y6m22d   
HOUPT, Miles HughZIONd-12 Nov. 1859; Age2y2m5d p-Samuel 
ZIMMERMAN, Ira W.ZIONb-14 Oct. 1860; d-12 Mar. 1935w-Lillie May Carlp-Jacob & Amy Zimmerman 
GORDON, Barbara TruaxZIONb-22 Nov. 1862; d-03 Nov.1933h-John H. Gordonp-Benjamin& Susan McLucas Truax 
PECK, Nettie G.ZIONb-10 May 1889; d-18 October 1900 Jas. and Sarah Peck 
BRANT, E. FloydWOOLLETd-28 Oct. 1890; Age 6y9m22d p-J. M. & Florence Brant 
BRANT, Florence V.WOOLLETd-29 Jan. 1886; Age 27y3m11dh-J. M. Brant  
BRANT, LenoraWOOLLETd-26 July 1885; Age 6m10d p-J. M. & Florence Brant 
CROMER, AbabellaWOOLLETb-24 Sept. 1839; d-17 June 1864h-John J. Cromer  
CROMER, Ida B.WOOLLETb-1863; d-1896   
CUNNINGHAM, Catharine H.WOOLLETd-18 Feb. 1880; Age 24y6m16dh-John E. Cunningham  
KEEBAUGH, MargaretWOOLLETb-1799; d-1854h-George Keebaugh  
KEEBAUGH, WilliamWOOLLETb-1801; d-1870   
KEMP, ElizabethWOOLLETd-1 May 1879; Age 82y9m5dh-James Kemp  
KEMP, JamesWOOLLETd-20 Jan. 1869; Age 73y2m20dw-Elizabeth  
SIPES, Mary C.WOOLLETd-15 July 1873; Age 30y3m11dh-Henry J. Sipes  
WILDS, RachelWOOLLETd-20 Jan. 1878; Age 34y9m8dh-George Wilds  

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