Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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BARE, Jacob d-26 Nov. 1889; age about 70   
BELL, Virgie d-24 Feb. 1889; age-1y11m28d p-Newton and Maggie Bell 
KEARNS, Pearl Laidig  h-Leo. Kearnsp-George Laidig 
SHOCK, William P. b-25 September 1922; d-28 April 2017w- Beatrice Margaret Cavanaughp-Charles Edward and Helena Augusta Brook ShockU.S. Army
CROMWELL, Amanda Madden d-21 March 1928h-Irwin Cromwell  
GEYER, William S. b-25 March 1939; d-10 May 2017w-Janet E. Mellottp-Raymond and Violet Briggs Geyer 
BOGETTI, Peter F. b-4 Jan. 1929; d-11 May 2017w-Victoria G. Hessp-Laura and Peter L. BogettiAir Force
EBERSOLE, Jayse P. b-15 December 2016; d- 4 May 2017 p-Chrisopher Scott Ebersole and Melanie Lynn Whitt 
LYNCH, Willard G. “Butch” Cremated; b- 25 Sept. 1928; d-15 Nov. 2003w-Dora Ankrom Lynchp- George & Cora Shaw LynchKorea
ALDEN, Janet P. b-2 Nov. 1936; d-17 May 2017h- Raymond C. Aldenp-Sig Owen and Mildred C. (Pulver) Owen 
YABLONSKI, Max L. b-12 July 1947; d-9 June 2018w-Judy Lee Obanion Yablonskip-Alex and Mary Mollish YablonskiUS Navy
GASCHE, David B. b-22 October 1956; d-1 September 2016w-Rhonda E. Cubine GascheHelen Hains & John Gasche 
FRAKER, Grace L. b-30 March 1922; d-30 August 2016h-Ralph E. FrakerFrank S. & Mary C. Duvall Thomas 
MELLOTT, James W. b-13 January 1941; d-1 September 2016Glenda J. Forgal MellottMadeline B. Deshong & Frederick H. Mellott 
SIPES, Frank E. b-September 1, 1946 : d-January 18, 2018Alice F. (Bishop) SipesCatherine E. (Zeis) and Paul M. Sipes 
BARTON, Infant son d-12 April 1918 p- Prof. and Mrs. Harper P. Barton 
HEADLEY, Joseph L. b- 29 Jan. 1942; 12 Dec. 2004 p- Don W. and Florence Potts HeadleyU.S. Army
MQUAIT, C     
DENEEN, Harvey Nelson b-22 May 1893; d-24 May 1893   
KENDALL, Patricia E. b-03 Jan. 1933; d-19 Dec. 1987h-Morrow M. Kendallp-Reed & Ruth Keyser Souders 
DOYLE, Norman E. Jr. b-16 Jan. 1925; d-15 June 1988w-Jacquelyn Metcalf Doylep-Norman Sr. & Ada Deshong DoyleU. S. Army WWII
SHEFFIELD, Margaret P. b-15 Jan. 1919; d-12 Nov. 2007h-Harold Sheffieldp-David & Laura Hallobaugh Powell 
BARNHART, Alfred b-?; d-18 Aug. 1927   
UNGER, Mrs. Henry b-?; d-04 May 1892 aged 80y2m9d   
WILDS, Barbara b-?; d-13 Aug. 1892 aged 84y4m12dh-William Wilds  
BARNHART, William d-18 July 1892 aged 25y p-Otho Barnhart 
RAY, Rebecca b-?? d-25 Nov. 1921 aged 62y17dh-William Ray  
BISHOP, David b-19 February 1881; d-21 January 1958w-Florence virginia Wagnerp-Nathan T. and Mary Jane Wible Bishop 
DESHONG, Paul d-22 December 1930 p-Mr and Mrs Chester Deshong 
DESHONG, child of Ulysses b-21 February 1899; d-3 July 1900 p-Ulysses and Amanda Deshong 
PITTMAN, Sarah Ellen d-1919   
PEIFFER, Helen M. b-26 Nov. 1942; d-17 July 2011   
KIRK, Charles R. b-26 June 1920; d- 8 June 2011w-Elinor Clement Kirkp- Pinkney J. & Mary S. Kirk329th Air Service Corps. & 2375th Army Reserve Eng
TRUAX, a see also TRUEAX     
GARLAND, David Riley b-Sept 1862; d-1923w-Mary Mellott Garlandp-Jacob F. and Lydia W. Covalt Garland Jr. 
MELLOTT, Emma C, "Emmaline" Garland b-14 July 1858; d-9 November 1941   
WITESIDE, Jeremy Page "J.P." b- 8 July 1979 d 13 Sept. 2013 p-William Curtis and Sharon Louise Stahle Whiteside 
YOUNGBLOOD, Lucas D. b-24 Sept. 1994 d- 6 Sept. 2013 Chris and Sharon Youngblood 
MCQUADE, Donna Marie b-23 Sept. 1938 d-10 Sept. 2013h- Max H. McQuadep- Donald and Zedna (Black ) Shaw 
BARD, Ross A. (Mrs.) b- 18 November 1879 d- 14 Febuary 1932h- Mr. Ross A Bardp- Jobe and Savannah Layton Mellott 
GORDON, Charles Barton b- 8 August 1859 d- 26 March 1933w- Mary Margret Mannp- M&M Peter Gordon 
BOWMAN, Mattie d-5 July 1878, age 29y11m1d   
SWOPE, Elvera Anna b-19 May 1937: d-17 November 1937 p-Mr. and Mrs. Earl Swope 
DEAN, Nathan Dominique b-13 June 1991: d-17 November 2013 p-Charles and Alleene (Jeffreys) Dean 
TRICE, Sylvester E. "Dutchie" b-13 July 1950: d-28 October 2013w-Eliane Meade Tricep-Edward Townsend and Ocquilla Trice 
GLUNT, Helen Elizabeth b-20 February 1924: d-20 October 2013 p-Bruce and Elmira (Black) Ray 
ORTH, Gladys M. b-15 March 1923: d-21 October 2013h-William Orthp-Clyde and Mary (Lasko) Sponsler 
Helman, Samuel Robert b-27 August 1893: d-1967?w-(1) Reta Cooper Helman (2) Cleo Gutshall Helmanp-Reuben and Laura Kelso Helman 
SPEER, Clifford V. b-13 October 1937: d-6 December 2013w-Judy Souders Speerp-Clifford and Leatha Willhide SpeerUS Navy
BERKSTRESSER, Ralph Eugene III (Sonny) b-6 August 1953: d-7 December 2013 p-Ralph Eugene Jr. and Betty J. (Mellott) Berkstresser 

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