Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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MELLOTT, Mary J.UNIONb-7 Nov. 1926; d-15 Nov. 2002; age-76h-Hayes R. Mellottp-Bruce H. Garland and Helen Beck Garland 
MELLOTT, Mary MarieUNIONd-14 Feb. 1916; Age 3y6m3d p-George C. Mellott 
MELLOTT, Mary SusanUNIONb-22 Nov. 1866; d-Age 67y2m17dh-George B. Mellottp-John S. & Samantha Truax 
MELLOTT, Max E.UNIONb-23 July 1923; d-8 August 1959w-Mildred Peterson Mellottp-Ned A. and Sadie Deavor Mellott 
MELLOTT, Lizzie Mae (Eader)UNIONb-17 Sept 1886; d-12 Jan. 1953; Age 66y3m25dh-Joseph M. Mellottp-John and Susan Eader 
MELLOTT, Maynard L.UNIONb-28 June 1922; d-6 Sept. 1998; age-76w-Anna Mae DeShong Clevengerp-Oscar P. Mellott and Clara V. Reed Mellott 
MELLOTT, George B. (Mrs.)UNIONd-9 Jan. 1934; Age 67y2m17d   
MELLOTT, Malinda HessUNIONb-16 November 1854;d-1 Feb. 1929; Age 72y2m16dh-George Franklin Mellottp-John Franklin and Elizabeth Simpson Hess 
MELLOTT, Joseph B. (Mrs.)UNIONd-22 Jan. 1921; Age 83y3m5d   
MELLOTT, Mary AlmiraUNIONd-17 March 1940; Age 81yh-Samuel Mellott  
MELLOTT, Myrtle K.UNIONb-4 Feb. 1914; d-9 Aug. 1996; age-82h-Lynn A. Mellottp-George F. and Jeanette Mellott Keefer 
MELLOTT, N. Garthwaite "Doc"UNIONb-20 Nov. 1900; d-4 Feb. 1974w-Carrie Seidersp-Robert & Emma Strait Mellott 
MELLOTT, Nettie E. HeinbaughUNIONb-05 May 1890; d-8 Sept. 1963h-Frank Mellott  
MELLOTT, Noal J.UNIONd-10 Feb. 1957; Age 34y1m19d p-Jacob B. MellottWW II
MELLOTT, Norman B.UNIONb-8 July 1950; d-27 Sept. 1969; Age 19y2m19dw-Dolly Chesnut Mellottp-Bruce & Kathleen DeShong Mellott 
MELLOTT, Obed WesleyUNIONb-6 Jan. 1898; d-12 July 1977w-Lena Thomas Mellottp-Robert W. & Emma Strait Mellott 
MELLOTT, Olive K.UNIONb-20 Nov. 1880; d-4 June 1969h-J. Harvey Mellottp-John Francis Kendall & Martha Jane Nelson Kendall 
MELLOTT, Ora F.UNIONb-30 Mar. 1891; d-1 Mar. 1975h-Wilton A. Mellottp-George B. & Margaret Gordon Souders 
MELLOTT, OrphaUNIONd-31 May 1892; Age 1y3m7d p-D.J.Mellott 
MELLOTT, Oscar PhillipUNIONb-5 July 1898; d-25 May 1975w-Clara Reedp-Nathan H.and Minerva Strait Mellott 
RAKER, Freda M.UNIONb-15 November 1926; d-1 November 2012 p-Gerald and Ivy Gress Raker 
MELLOTT, Paul C.(SR)UNIONb-12 Nov. 1926; d-19 July 1997; age-70w-Edith Rodier Mellottp-Herman B. Sr. and Amy Clevenger Mellott 
MELLOTT, Phylene RummellUNIONb-15 Sept. 1918; d-14 Mar. 1990h-Willis H. Mellottp-Russell & Nellie Rummell 
MELLOTT, R. ChesterUNIONb-25 Feb. 1907; d-12 Feb. 1983w-Jessie Rosalie Pittmanp-Rowe Chester & Annie Dorty Mellott 
GORDON, Maynard C. "Bill"UNIONb-8 April 1920; d-26 January 2011w-June E. Nesbit Gordonp-Morgan and Carrie Kershner Gordon 
MELLOTT, Ralph C.UNIONb-19 October 1891: d-17 April 1953; Age 61y5m28dw-Lilly B. Cooper Mellott  
MELLOTT, Ralph WalterUNIONb-21 Mar. 1902; d-1 April 1993w-Emmer DeShongp-Joseph E. & Sabina Mellott Mellott 
MELLOTT, Rankin JamesUNIONb-10 June 1891; d-19 June 1985w-1) Annabelle Eader, 2) Catherine Keeferp-Rowe & Annie Dorty Mellott 
MELLOTT, Harvey ReedUNIONb-13 May 1913; d-13 Sept. 1913; Age 4m1d p-J. Harvey Mellott & Olive Blanche Kendall Mellott 
MELLOTT, Rhoda C.UNIONd-25 May 1878; Age 18y25d   
MELLOTT, Robert WesleyUNIONb-24 Mar. 1865; d-5 July 1943w-Emma M. Straitp-Obed L. & Mary Sipes Mellott 
MELLOTT, Rosella A.UNIONb-8 Sept. 1920; d-4 Feb. 2003; age-82h-Floyd Anderson Mellottp-M. Foster Hollenshead and Mrs. Beatrice DeShong 
MELLOTT, Rowe C.UNIONb-16 Feb 1865; d-25 Feb. 1958; Age 93y9dw-Annie Mary Dortyp-James Jackson and Harriet Harr Mellott 
MELLOTT, RoyUNIONd-August 1893 p-George Mellott 
MELLOTT, Ruth E.UNIONb-19 May 1901; d-7 Dec. 1999; age-98h-Lloyd W. Mellottp-John Calvin and Mazie Houpt Crouse 
MELLOTT, Ruth Sollenberger .UNIONb-20 Dec. 1912; d-28 June 1997; age-84h-Hollis Kendall Mellottp-Amos E. Sollenberger and Prudence E. Zook Sollenberger 
MELLOTT, Sadie CooperUNIONd-11 April 1953; Age 90y3m13d   
MELLOTT, Samuel B. (Rev.)UNIONb-13 June 1914; d-28 Aug. 1997; age-83w-Kathryn A. Deshong Mellottp-Richard and Elizabeth Wink Mellott 
MELLOTT, SamuelUNIONb-28 Nov. 1862; d-1 August 1950w-Mary Almyra Lauverp-James J. & Harriett Harr Mellott 
MELLOTT, Samuel ScottUNIONb-24 June 1872; d-5 Oct. 1954w-Bessie Heinbaughp-Thomas & Catherine Mellott Mellott 
MELLOTT, Stanley QuayUNIONReinterred 18 Jan. 1921 from France; Age 23y3m17d  WW I
MELLOTT, Steven CharlesUNIONb-18 June 1957; d-26 June 1965 p-Charles W. & Blanche Mellott Mellott 
MELLOTT, Ulysses S.UNIONb-13 Aug. 1910; d-11 Nov. 1998; age-88w-Bertha Swisher Mellottp-Scott and Sadie Truax 
MELLOTT, Webster DanielUNIONb-22 July 1889; d-23 May 1944w-Katharine Glennp-George B. & Mary Susan Truax MellottWW I
MELLOTT, Wesley W.UNIONb-30 Sept. 1904; d-4 Jan. 1980w-Alice Cutchallp-Rowe C. & Annie Dorty Mellott 
MELLOTT, William J.UNIONb-7 April 1916; d-27 July 2003; age-87w-Bernice Kelso Mellottp-Scott and Sadie Y. Truax Mellott 
MELLOTT, Willis H."William"UNIONd-5 June 1989; Age 71yw-Phylene Rummellp-Willis S. & Lillian Youngblood MellottWW II
MELLOTT, Wilty A.UNIONb-20 Dec. 1882; d-13 Nov. 1964w-Ora F. Soudersp-William & Elizabeth Harris Mellott 
MELLOTT, Woodrow W.UNIONb-26 Oct. 1918; d-16 Oct. 1981w-Florence Boylep-George C. & Louemma Hann Mellott 
MENTZER, CyrusUNIONd-26 Mar. 1909; Age 50y4m   

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