Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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DESHONG, Blanche R.ASBURYb-29 Nov. 1911; d-27 May 1999; age-87h-?p-William H. and Elsie R. DeShong DeShong 
MELLOTT, Madaline B.UNIONb-19 June 1917; d-1 Feb. 1999; age-81h-Fred H. Mellottp-William H. and Elsie R. DeShong 
WALTERS, Samuel ErnestAKERSVILLEb-12 Aug. 1879; d-18 April 1942; age-62w-Ina W. Akersp-William H. and Charolette Barton Walters 
WALTERS, Timothy HasletAKERSVILLEb-9 January 1882; d-8 April 1955w-Viola Hixson p-William H. and Charlotte Barton Walters 
LYNCH, LydaPLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENb-10 Sept. 1882; d-18 August 1980h-Austin Lynchp-William H. & Temperance Mason Peck 
TOLBERT, Frances RebeccaUNIONd-3 May 1988; Age 68yh-Jack B.Tolbertp-William H. & Nettie Snyder Buterbaugh 
TRITLE, Edna FrancesPLEASANT RIDGE CHURCH OF THE BRETHRENb-29 Oct. 1925; d-28 Dec. 2007h-Albert D. Tritlep-William H. & Nellie Eshelman Keefer 
WOODAL, Frank DavidUNIONb-27 Oct. 1902; d-28 Dec. 1945w-Edith Mae Peckp-William H. & Maude Bailey Woodal 
BAUMGARDNER, Harry L.WELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-31 Oct. 1887; Age 81yw-Jean M. Madarap-William H. & Mary M. Johnson Baumgardner II 
WINK, JacobSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTd-6 Jan. 1885; Age 10d p-William H. & Mary Elizabeth Clevenger Wink 
WINK, Elijah V.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-1886; d-10 Feb. 1918, age 31y9m20d p-William H. & Mary E. Clevenger Wink 
MARKLE, Albert "Bert"ASBURYb-6 Jan. 1885; d-19 June 1974w-Harriet J. Porterp-William H. & Mary Bennett Markle 
GEIST, Grace LakePLEASANT GROVEb-1888; d-6 April 1985; Age 96h-Louis Geistp-William H. & Mary Anna Ledwage Lake 
LAKE, Clem C.PLEASANT GROVE CHRISTIANb-20 Oct. 1892; d-5 Nov. 1990w-Verda Sharpep-William H. & Mary Ann Ledwage Lake 
BARNHART, Elizabeth PearlPLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENb-19 April 1887; d-13 July 1976h-1) Joseph J. Strait, 2) Lewis Barnhartp-William H. & Mary Ann Fohner Fagley 
BARTON, Edith HollyUNION MEMORIALb-29 July 1889; d:10 Sept. 1980h-Bruce H. Bartonp-William H. & Mary Amanda Bottomfield Mellott 
BUTERBAUGH, George LawrenceUNIONb-20 June 1913; d-20 April 1991w-Esta Almyra Hendershotp-William H. & Marie Snyder Buterbaugh 
BUTERBAUGH, Melvin ArthurUNIONb-23 Sept. 1915; d-29 July 1995w-Evelyn Mellottp-William H. & Marie Snyder Buterbaugh 
RANCK, John W.HUSTONTOWNd-1929 p-William H. & Mae V. Ranck 
RANCK, Samuel G.?b-16 May 1914; d-24 May 1993w-Cloran C. "Coke" DeShongp-William H. & Mae Laidig Ranck 
HANN, DoviePLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENb-1 August 1, 1893; d-14 Sept. 1972h-Jacob A. Hannp-William H. & Louette Mellott 
MELLOTT, Chester L.PLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENd-20 June 1976; Age 80yw-Edith Hillp-William H. & Etta Mellott Mellott 
DESHONG, Clem AlbertASBURYd-6 Sept. 1973; Age 79yw-Estella Brantp-William H. & Elsie Deshong DeshongWW I
DeSHONG, George W.ASBURYb-2 Oct. 1909; d-3 Mar. 1992w-Virginia Ritcheyp-William H. & Elsie DeShong DeShong 
DESHONG, Nathan StilwellASBURYb-23 Jan. 1900; d-16 Oct. 1957w-Rhoda Ann Sipesp-William H. & Elsie Deshong Deshong 
DeSHONG, Raymond J. "Sparky"ASBURYb-27 July 1907; d-5 Nov. 1990w-Barbara Valentinep-William H. & Elsie DeShong DeShong 
POWELL, Margaret E.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-24 August 1959; Age 6y5m3d p-William H. & Eleanor Powell 
KERLIN, Arrie O.UNIONb-31 March 1912; d-8 May 2002; age-90h-Rush A. Kerlinp-William H. & Daisy R. Clevenger Seiders 
SPANGLER, ElizabethWELLS METHODIST  p-William H. & Catherine Spangler 
BROOKE, William H., Jr.UNIONb-16 Jan. 1910; d-10 Sept. 1970w-Catherine Hamiltonp-William H. & Blanche Hartick Brooke 
CLEVENGER, Dale StewartJERUSALEMd-11 August 1975; Age 56yw-Anna Mae Deshongp-William H. & Bessie Mellott ClevengerWW II
KUHN, William HenryMcCONNELLSDALE BRETHRENb-28 Dec. 1867; d-14 Oct. 1934w-Annie Ellen Clevengerp-William H. & Annie Spannuth Kuhn 
PECK, Laura E.UNIONb-27 Sept. 1904; d-4 Nov. 1983h-Howard H. Peckp-William H. & Annie E. Clevenger Kuhn 
HILL, Bertha EdithPLEASANT GROVE CHRISTIANb-8 Dec. 1875; d-7 Oct. 1945h-Milton B. Hillp-William H. & Anna V. Lake 
KNEPPER, Norman W.CENTER UNITED METHODISTb-19 Nov. 1909; d-28 June 2007w-Esther Viola (Kerlin) Knepperp-William H. & Anna Grace (Barnett) Knepper 
PAYLOR, Charles BruceUNIONb-26 Jan. 1888; d-8 Jan. 1969w-Bessie Motterp-William H. & Abbie Everetts Paylor 
GRESS, Russell W.KNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-10 June 1900; d-11 February 1932w-Lena Deshong Gressp-William Gress 
YOUNKER, DorothyDAMASCUSb-1854; d-1882 p-William Grant & Harriet Sharpe Wink 
WINK, Orville V.HUSTONTOWNb-3 August 1894; d-21 August 1949w-Arlene Hughesonp-William Grant & Harriet Sharp WinkWW I
SHAW, Dorothy GeraldineTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-14 Nov. 1921; d-23 June 1994h-1) Theodore J. Keefer, 2) Robert Lee Shawp-William Grant & Estelle Rosetta Hile Norris 
WINTER, John P.CEDAR GROVEb-?; d-13 Feb. 2000; age-67w-I June Strait Winterp-William Gordon & Margaret Grace Minter Winter, Samuel & Laura Winter(raised by grandparents) 
JOHNSON, William G. (jr)DAMASCUSb-11 Dec. 1943; d-20 Sept. 1997; age-53 p-William Glen Johnson Sr. & Alberta May Stoner Johnson 
GIFFIN, LizzieCedar Groved-30 June 1905, Age 25y 9m 12d p-William Giffin 
CARBAUGH, Emma C.UNIONd-16 Feb 2004; Age 92h-1)Paul Bivens, 2)Henry L. Carbaughp-William G. Hopkins & Florence Baker Hopkins 
BUTERBAUGH, Daniel RussellUNIONd-28 Sept. 1961; Age 4y11m1d: p-William G. Butterbaugh 
McKELVEY, William G. Jr.UNIONb-16 March 1964; d-4 November 1995 p-William G. and Marjorie Ann Miller McKelvey Sr. 
BERGSTRESSER, John M.BETHELb-27 July 1913; d-28 April 1998; age-84w-Dorothy Kellerp-William G. and Josephine Bergstresser Bergstresser 
HERSHBERGER, Robert G.FAIRVIEWd-21 Sept. 1977; Age 56yw-Mabel G. Smithp-William G. & Lena Leonard HershbergerWW II
BERGSTRESSER, Mary A. "Mayme"BETHELb-13 Dec. 1911; d-18 Feb. 1994 p-William G. & Josephine Bergstresser BergstresserVeteran
ZAHM, Sharon A.DAMASCUSb-13 Feb. 1953; d-09 Dec. 2007h-Charles G. Zahm Sr.p-William G. & Grace Marachich Churchill 

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