Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WINTERS, Infant SonTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-29 August 1909 p-G.A. & E.A.Winters 
WINTERS, Harriet MorseUNION MEMORIALb-21 April 1884; d-2 April 1940h-Job Winters  
WINTERS, Harold E.DAMASCUSd-25 Mar. 1983; Age 63yw-Lena Mellottp-George & Emma Ranck Winters 
WINTERS, Glen (Rev.)DAMASCUSb-4 June 1914; d-4 Dec 2003; Age 89w-1) Thelma Gordon Winters, 2) Mamie “Dolly” Cain Wintersp-George A. & Emma Ranck Winters 
WINTERS, George A.DAMASCUSb-29 June 1867; d-23 May 1964w-Emma Ranck Wintersp-John and Anna McClellan Winters 
WINTERS, GeorgeTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-12 July 1836; Age 12y2m7d   
WINTERS, FrancesTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-2 Nov. 1869; Age 3m25d p-John & Anna Winters 
WINTERS, EzraWHIPS COVEb-9 August 1839; d-17 April 1886   
WINTERS, Emma Amelia RanckDAMASCUSb-1874; d-14 Nov 1943; aged-69y15dh- George A. Wintersp- Phillip & Lucinda Ranck 
WINTERS, Dorothy E.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-5 Jan. 1863; Age 3y4m16d p-John M. & Anna Winters 
WINTERS, CoraDAMASCUSb-1904; d-27 Mar. 1971 p-George A. & Emma Ranck Winters 
WINTERS, Catharine DeckerWHIPS COVEb-25 Nov. 1802; d-7 Oct. 1887   
WINTERS, Betty Louise DAMASCUSd-1941 (infant)   
WINTERS, AnnaTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-19 Mar. 1837; d-23 Nov. 1918   
WINTER, William LewisKNOBSVILLEb-1 April 1876; d-15 June 1943w-Emma M. Hamil Winter  
WINTER, Susan J.DIEHLd-20 April 1859; Age 2y24d p-J. H. & E. Winter 
WINTER, SarahDIEHLd-20 June 1861h-John Winter  
WINTER, Samuel PierceCEDAR GROVEb-15 June 1875; d-19 May 1951w-Laura Bradyp-David & Mary C. Winter 
WINTER, RossWHIPS COVEb-5 Oct. 1879; d 19 April 1963 p-Ezra & Rachel Lake Winter 
WINTER, RachelCEDAR GROVEd-17 Oct. 1888; Age 79y9m8dh-Jacob Winter  
WINTER, OrphaTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-30 April 1883; d-31 August 1959h-Morgan Winterp-Daniel B. & Jane Anne Peck Snyder 
WINTER, MorganWHIPS COVEb-31 Oct. 1833; d-15 Dec. 1903w-Mary Robinson Winter  
WINTER, MorganTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-9 Sept. 1882; d-25 Dec. 1945w-Orpha Snyderp-Ezra & Rachel Lake Winter 
WINTER, MatildaCEDAR GROVEb-15 Jan. 1841; d-27 July 1870h-David Winter  
WINTER, Mary M.CEDAR GROVEd-27 May 1865; Age 27d p-David & Matilda Winter 
WINTER, Mary C.CEDAR GROVEb-18 Mar. 1849; d-12 Aug.1923h-David Winterp-Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barnhart 
WINTER, MaryWHIPS COVEb-2 July 1835; d-2 May 1913h-Morgan Winter  
WINTER, Martha J.WHIPS COVEb-9 August 1866; d-10 July 1935h-George R. Winter  
WINTER, MarthaDIEHLd-27 Jan. 1856h-Joseph Winter  
WINTER, Maple C.CEDAR GROVEb-22 April 1884; d-29 December 1941w-Bertha Florence Truax Winterp-David and Mary Catherine Barnhart Winter 
WINTER, LeviWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-19 Dec. 1861; d-2 Feb. 1924   
WINTER, Laura Ella BradyCEDAR GROVEb-5 Jan. 1879; d-27 Mar. 1967h-Samuel Pierce Winter  
WINTER, Laura A.WHIPS COVEb-15 July 1872; d-6 July 1936   
WINTER, JosephDIEHLb-19 April 1797; d-19 August 1879w-Martha  
WINTER, John StanleyTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-22 Dec. 1917; d-28 Dec. 1917 p-Morgan and Orpha Snyder Winter 
WINTER, John P.CEDAR GROVEb-?; d-13 Feb. 2000; age-67w-I June Strait Winterp-William Gordon & Margaret Grace Minter Winter, Samuel & Laura Winter(raised by grandparents) 
WINTER, JohnDIEHLd-28 July 1872w-Sarah  
WINTER, JobUNION MEMORIALb-15 April 1875; d-16 Dec. 1960w-Harriet Morsep-Morgan & Mary Robison Winter 
WINTER, Joan M.TONOLOWAYb-5 December 1922; d-7 July 2012h-Daniel Winterp-Charles W. Mellott and Olive Mellott Taylor 
WINTER, JacobCEDAR GROVEd-15 May 1851; Age 51y9d   
WINTER, Iva June StraitPLEASANT GROVE CHRISTIANb-4 October 1938; d-7 August 2004   
WINTER, Infant SonCEDAR GROVEd-25 Jan. 1864 p-David & Matilda Winter 
WINTER, I. June?b-4 October 1938; d-7 August 2004h-John P. Winterp-Floyd and Marden DeShong Strait 
WINTER, Howard L.WHIPS COVEb-4 April 1870; d-25 Jan. 1893   
WINTER, George R.WHIPS COVEb-25 Feb. 1868; d-27 Mar. 1953 p-Morgan & Mary Robinson Winter 
WINTER, Fern Joan MellottTONOLOWAYb-5 December 1922; d-7 July 2012h-Daniel Winterp-Charles W. Mellott and Olive Mellott TaylorArmy Nurse Corp WWII
WINTER, Emma IreneWHIPS COVEb-7 Feb. 1877; d-23 Mar. 1947 p-Levi & Catherine Billisinger Winter 
WINTER, Elizabeth AgnesWHIPS COVEb-4 Mar. 1873NOTE: brother Ross Winter listed on same tombstone  
WINTER, Donald JamesCEDAR GROVEd-18 Sept. 1977; Age 18y p-John P. & Iva June Strait Winter 
WINTER, David S.CEDAR GROVEd-14 Sept. 1870; Age 3y3m1d p-David & Matilda Winter 

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