Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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BABSON, Mahala LanehartAMARANTH BRETHRENage about 79h-(1) Denton Lanehart; (2) George Brabson  
BACHTL, CeliaMcCONNELLSBURG METHODISTd-26 Oct. 1864; Aged 11y11m6d p-Joseph & Elizabeth Bachtl 
BADALAMENTI, Luciano b-28 August 2015;d-2 February 2019 p-Vincenzo and Antonina DiMaggio Badalamenti 
BADGLEY, William H.UNION CHRISTIANb-26 Oct. 1863; d-15 August 1879   
BAGEANT, C. PrestonZION LUTHERANd-19 July 1982, Age 80w-Mary Elizabeth Potterp-Homer T. & Laura E. Sirbaugh Bageant 
BAGEANT, Frederick E.ZION LUTHERANb-20 May 1925; d-8 January 1976 p-Cleo Preston and Mary Potter Bageant 
BAGEANT, George HZION LUTHERANb- 17 Sept 1928; d- 30 Mar 2000w-Nadine Y. Mitchellp-Cleo Preston; & Mary Elizabeth Potter Bageant 
BAGEANT, Janice NadineBUCK VALLEY LUTHERANb-15 November 1931; d-31 August 2014 p-Harvey J. and Viola Taylor Pleasants 
BAGEANT, Mary Elizabeth PotterZION LUTHERANb-25 September 1901; d-3 January 1995h-Cleo Preston "Dick" Bageantp-Joseph David and Anna Enora Bedford Potter 
BAHRENBURG, Clinton K. (Rev.)BUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-10 April 1947; d-29 June 2004w-Debbie H. Harclerode Bahrenburgp-Richard and Maude Frances Waldman Bahrenburg Jr. 
BAHRENBURG, Maude FrancesBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-22 January 1919: d-20 October 2013h-Richard Bahrenburgp-Frederick and Florence Penfold Waldman 
BAILEY, AnnaOAKLEY METHODISTd-6 August 1878, Aged 44y8m27dh-John Bailey  
BAILEY, Candis Renae?b-04 Aug. 1980; d-19 July 2007 p-Thomas L. Donahue & Velma M. Bowman 
BAILEY, EliasTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-31 May 1791; d-6 April 1861   
BAILEY, ElizabethTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-4 June 1831; d-12 August 1867h-John S. Bailey  
BAILEY, ElizabethTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-13 Dec. 1829; d-21 Dec. 1917   
BAILEY, Elizabeth F.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-18 Sept. 1860; d-8 Nov. 1941   
BAILEY, John T.OAKLEY METHODISTd-2 Dec. 1897; Aged 72y2m7d  Co. K. 29 Regt. PA Volunteers
BAILEY, Mabel b-8 March 1905; d-6 August 1964h-Alva I. Baileyp-Chas. W. and Mary E. Price Jackson 
BAILEY, Martha A.OAKLEY METHODISTd-21 August 1878; Aged 14y9m29d: p. J. T. & A. Bailey   
BAILEY, Mary J.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-23 Sept. 1858; d-27 Dec. 1862 p-John T. & Anna Bailey 
BAILEY, RayMcCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-23 August 1884; Age 29y4m3d   
BAILIE, Thomas D.?b-21 Dec. 1925; d-24 March 1997; age-71w-Elizabeth D. Dealep-Thomas Bailie and Elizabeth Caton 
BAIN, AlonzaUNIONd-15 August 1919; Age 7m19d   
BAIN, Bessie C.UNIONb-1 Oct. 1908; d-15 Feb. 1991h-John Bainp-Elmer & Ellie Shaffer Seiders 
BAIN, Carl E. Sr.UNIONb-25 September 1927; d-19 November 2010w-Huldah M. Decker Bainp-John and Bessie Seiders BainUS Army, Korean War
BAIN, CatherineUNIONb-22 March 1874; d-20 Dec. 1960h-John Bainp-John and Martha Gordon Harris 
BAIN, Clarence*DAMASCUSb-3 November 1885; d-1960w-Catherine Cora Gordon Bainp-John W. BainArmy 1908-12 Cuba
BAIN, Cora C.DAMASCUSd-18 June 1984; Age 87yh-Clarence Bainp-Albert & Clara Carbaugh Gordon 
BAIN, Donald ReedUNIONb-30 March 1926; d-26 Feb. 1998; age-71w-?p-John and Bessie Seiders Bain 
BAIN, Eddie E.FT. LITTLETONd-15 August 1874; Age 1y8m2d p-Wallace Clinton & Florence Cowan Bain 
BAIN, Estalee MarionDAMASCUSb-25 November 1932; d-23 June 2012h-Russel E. Bainp-Reed W. and Virginia Gordon Johnson 
BAIN, Estella DorothyUNIONb-8 September 1905;d-30 June 1930; Age 24y p-Mr. & Mrs. John Bain 
BAIN, Ethel IdaUNIONd-26 June, age 56h-Luther Guy Bainp-William and Ettie R. Hardy Mercer 
BAIN, Ethel IdaUNIONd-26 June, age 56h-Luther Guy Bainp-William and Ettie R. Hardy Mencer 
BAIN, Eureka B.UNIONb-29 June 1912; d-9 May 1999; age-86h-Ira W. Bainp-Joseph and Elizabeth Pearl Fagley Strait 
BAIN, Gary LynnUNIONb-4 May 1955; d-17 April 1987 p-Carl E., Sr. & Huldah Decker Bain 
BAIN, GeorgeFT. LITTLETONd-15 Feb. 1885; Age 64y6m16d   
BAIN, GeorgeUNIONd-13 Mar. 1919; Age 1m p-John Bain 
BAIN, HarryUNIONb-15 Mar. 1914; d-25 Dec. 2008w-Ruth Crouse Bainp-John Sr. & Catherine Harris Bain 
BAIN, Harry L. b- September 1, 1931 d- April 24, 2015Doris Jean Souders BainJohn and Bessie Seiders BainUS ARMY
BAIN, Huldah M.UNIONb-19 October 1929; d-19 May 2011h-Carl E. Bain Sr.p-Herman J. and Ethel Sipes Decker 
BAIN, InfantUNIONd-23 Feb. 1935: p-Guy Bain 
BAIN, InfantsDAMASCUSb-1918; d-1920 p-Clarence Bain 
BAIN, Ira W.UNIONd-21 June 1979; Age 89yw-Eureka Straitp-John W. & Elizabeth Hall BainWW I
BAIN, JohnUNIONd-31 Jan. 1941   
BAIN, JohnUNIONb-17 Dec. 1901; d-12 Jan. 1971w-Bessie Seidersp-John W. & Catherine Harris Bain 
BAIN, LethaUNIONd-28 June 1907; Age 19y   
BAIN, LucasUNIONb-7 Mar. 1972; d-7 Mar. 1972 p-Carl E. & Linda Souders Bain, Jr. 
BAIN, Luther GuyUNIONb-22 Oct. 1892; d-25 Sept. 1981w-Ethel Mencerp-John W. & Elizaeth Hull Bain 

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