Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WAGNER, Charles Earl b-5 April 1894; d-28 June, age 83 p-John and Carrie Wagner BickelWWI
BARNHART, Norma D. b-20 September 1951; d-9 September 2018h-Larry Lee Barnhart Sr.p-Vergil and Thelma Frances 
FIX, Grant (Mrs.) d-13 July 1921, age about 48h-Grant Fix  
MURPHY, Joel Kevin b-1 July 1965; d-27 September 2018 p-Willis and Jean Murphy 
STEWART, Bernice C. b-13 June 1929; d- 13 September 2018h-James McDonald Stewartp-Edward James and Lena Claire Snow Dorren 
HANN, Boyd Ellis b-11 June 1918; died age 49w-Margaret Reed Hannp-Howard and Ida Deshong HannWorld War II
KNABLE, Edna R. b-5 August 1938; 18 September 2018h-Carl L. Knablep-Harry and Wavy Stotler Mills 
LEBEAU, Robert A. b-24 April 1931; d-22 September 2018w-Beverly M. Means LeBeaup-Joseph and Lillian Miller LeBeauUS Army, Korea
SHIMER, Mahlon L. b-19 August 1952; d-14 September 2018w-Jody Stains Shimerp-B. Hiley and Marion E.. Morton Shimer 
STRAIT, Grover E. b-3 May 1940; d-17 September 2018w-Doris Peck Straitp-Coy and Julia Cutchall Strait 
PECK, Daniel W. b-25 September 1949; d-18 September 2018w-Linda L. DeShong Peckp-Frank M. and Maxine B. Hill Peck 
KERLIN, Emma L. b-8 April 1927; d-20 September 2018h-Alvin H. Kerlinp-Charles ad Edna Mathews Matthews 
MONAHAN, Marjorie R. (Sister) b-20 October 1951; d-8 October 2018 p-Martin and June Monahan 
RHODES, Edith B. b-19 December 1943; d-13 October 2018h-Walter "Sonny" Rhodesp-Ruth Winters and Stanley Mellott 
VAN HORN, Andrew E. b-24 April 1983; d-11 October 2018w-Lyndsay Cutchall Van Hornp-Loretta Beard and Clarence Van Horn 
HECKMAN, Darrryl E. b-7 December 1943; d-15 October 2018w-(1) Marjorie J. Heckman; (2) Wilma R. (Ramer) Heckmanp-Charlotte V. (Holtzapple) and Paul S. HeckmanUS Coast Guard
KOONS, Theron J. b-20 March 1943 d-15 Oct. 2018w- P. Linda (Lake) Koonsp-Frances (Toms) Koons & Theron J. Koons Sr. U.S. Airforce
kEEFER, Steven R. b-7 July 1962 d-26 Oct. 2018w-Janet A. (Bailey) Keeferp-Donna (Sipes) & Frank L. Keefer 
BARRON, Richard E. Jr. b-13 Oct. 1940 d-25 Oct. 2018w-Brenda (Sharp) Barronp-Richard E. Barron Sr. & Mary Margaret (Cronin) BarronU.S. Army
RECARD, William JR. b-29 Mar. 1928 d-27 Oct. 2018w-Rosmary E. (Carl) Recardp-Myrtle C. (Alexander) & William Ray Richard Sr. U.S. Army
McQUAIT, Max H. Sr. b- 11 November 1939; d- 17 November 2018w- Connie Campbell McQuaitp- Emory and Mary Woods McQuait 
BLACK, Helen L. b- 9 January 1922; d- 14 November 2018h- Merrill W "Bud" Blackp- Marry and S McDowell Houck 
LININGER, Robert L. Jr.  b- 12 November 1946; d- 7 November 2018w- Tina (Frisby) Liningerp- Robert Lee and Dorothy (Peck) LiningerVietnam
MELLOTT, Steven C. d- 30 November 2018w- Karen Mellottp- Simon A. MellottKorea and Afghanistan
MELLOTT, Frances B. b- 20 August 1936; d- 29 November 2018h- Jerre K. Mellott Col.p- Walter "Johnny" and Wilhemina "Willie" Mellott 
MELLOTT, Wallace A.  b- 12 January 1924; d- 1 December 2018w- Sarah Mellottp- Thelma MelllottMarine Corps
CUTCHALL, George b- 19 January 1953; d- 14 December 2018w- Joyce Pittman Cutchallp- Victor and Genevieve Cutchall 
DOYLE, Edward A. b- 30 April 1948; d- 24 December 2018w-Lisa A. Hill Doylep- Norman E. Doyle Jr. and Jacquelyn Metcalf Doyle 
MILLER, Riley b- 22 May 1932; d-21 December 2018w- Betty J. Houck Millerp-Edna Deaver and Daniel MillerNational Gaurd
Garrett, Bette L. d-23 March 1993h-Ramon D. Garrettp- Fank and Lucy E. Brown BrubakerU.S. Navy WWII
ROBINSON, Elaine Mary b- 1 May 1927;d-18 March 1993h- James R. Robinsonp- Anna Morgan Smelter and Bernard J. Smelter 
CHAMBERLAIN, E. Magdalene d- 2 April 1993, age 89h-John O. Chamberlainp- Charles and Rebecca Foster Schenck 
MILLER, J. Allen b- 1910;d-7 March 2005w- Dorothy Miller  
FLEEGLE, Sharon L. b- 9 June 1977;d-31 January 2019h-Robert L. Fleeglep- Julia A. Decker Bard and Donald E. Swope 
ALEXANDER, William R. b-9 October 1944;d- 1 February 2019w- Sue Alexanderp- J. Frank and Doris McKenzie Alexander 
SHEARER, Joseph D. b- 17 November 1967;d- 12 February 2019w-Becky Brackbillp-William Shearer and Susan Butz Dugan 
BLANKLEY, Lot L. b-12 July 1943;d-22 January 2019w-Leah Gouldp-George W. and Hilda H. Bishop BlankleyUnited States Navy
WAGNER, Mary d-12 April 1916h-Adam Wagner  
GOLDEN, Scott A. b-5 March 1970;d-19 January 2019 p-George and Alice Pittman Golden 
BADALAMENTI, Luciano b-28 August 2015;d-2 February 2019 p-Vincenzo and Antonina DiMaggio Badalamenti 
WILSON, Anna L. b- 26 July 1944;d- 4 Februray 2019 p-Toy and Anna Thomas Allen 
DECKER, Junior H. b-15 September 1938;d- 3 February 209w- Carol Ann Smyers Deckerp-William Herbert and Dovey May Lake Decker 
WILLIAMS, Jebediah B. b-12 February 1993;d-9 February 2019 p-Carol J. Barnhardt and Roger K. WIlliamsU.S. Marines
SWANKLER IV, Daniel A. b- 25 March 1967;d-18 February 2019w- Michelle Alexander Swanklerp-Daniel and Lois Risher Swankler 
LANEHART, Carole L. b- 20 July 1954;d-21 February 2019h-Harry T. Lanehartp-Harold and Anna Waugh Richards 
ACRI, Lana K. b-;d-25 February 2019h- Joseph J. Acrip-Richard A. and Esther McQuade Miller 
DERE, David D. JR. b-15 October 1964;d-27 February 2019w-Darlette Hoffman Derep-David D. Sr. and Mildred D. Creek Dere 
HEIER, Jessica H. b-20 November 1977;d-28 February 2019 p-Laura Michele Foster and Garry Heier 
COMERER, J. Calvin b-;d-25 April 1923   
BISHOP, George W. b-12 January 1855;d-12 September 1934 p-Martin and Elizabeth Bishop 

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