Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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LOWE, Catherine HullUNIONb-12 July 1907; d-14 Jan. 1998; age-91h-David Lowep-William Hull and Ella Knauff Hull 
HULL, InfantUNIONd-13 Oct. 1910 p-William Hull 
HULL, InfantUNIONReinterred 7 Sept. 1913 p-William Hull 
HULL, ReubenANTIOCH (MOUNT ZION M.E.)b-10 May 1856; d-24 March 1934w-Emma Hullp-William Hull 
DENEEN, John M.AMARANTH BRETHRENd-28 Jan. 1987; Age 93yw-Alverta J. Millerp-William Howard & Suria Blanche Hartman Deneen 
BRUBAKER, ChristinaUNIONb-18 Nov. 1957; Age 87y5m2d p-William Hopkins 
KENDALL, Lucille A.UNIONb-13 May 1915; d-09 Jan. 2005h-David D. Kendall Jr.p-William Hodges and Edna Laverne Welsh Abercromble 
HIXON, Floyd AdamBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-26 May 1915; d-03 Oct. 1977w-Mary C. Hebner Hixonp-William Hixon & Lola HebnerWW II
DECKER, Junior H. b-15 September 1938;d- 3 February 209w- Carol Ann Smyers Deckerp-William Herbert and Dovey May Lake Decker 
HERSHEY, Rella V.MT. TABOR NAZARENEb-4 Nov. 1903; d-25 July 1998; age-94h-Alva W. Hersheyp-William Henry Moore and Abby Hess Moore 
KUHN, William Lee "Billy"UNIONb-7 July 1898; d-13 Feb. 1983w-Ruth A. Knablep-William Henry Kuhn & Annie Kuhn Fisher. 
SIGEL, Gladys VirginiaBUCK VALLEY LUTHERANb-24 December 1920; d-26 January 2013h-Reed Allen Sigelp-William Henry Harrison and Viola Evelyn Barnes Price 
CARPENTER, Eileen R.FORT LITTLETONb-17 Sept. 1917; d-19 Mar. 2007h-1)Grayson Leo Wigfield; 2)William Allen Carpenterp-William Henry Harrison & Viola May Barnes Price 
DECKER, Alfred R.JERUSALEMb-21 July 1884; d-18 October 1964w-Emma Smith Deckerp-William Henry and Sarah Jane Morris Decker 
DECKER, Riley B.*JERUSALEMb-3 February 1892; d-December 1969 p-William Henry and Sara Jane Morris Decker 
BUTERBAUGH, William G.UNIONb-13 Aug 1922; d-15 Feb. 2003; age-80w-Rosetta Crossin Buterbaughp-William Henry and Nettie Marie Snyder Buterbaugh 
DESHONG, Martin T.ASBURY Meth.b-24 Aug. 1904; d-30 May 2000; age-95w-Estella M. DeShongp-William Henry and Elsie Rebecca DeShong 
PAYLOR, George Warner*UNIONb-1 April 1879; d-12 Feb. 1962w-Maggie Ellen Pittman Paylorp-William Henry and Alice Everets Paylor 
CLINGERMAN, Herman NelsonWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-2 Jan. 1989; Age 77yw-Myrtle Evelyn Boothp-William Henry & Mary Ellen Smith Clingerman 
CLINGERMAN, Kelly L.JERUSALEM CHRISTIANb-18 Dec. 1926; d-22 July 1998; age-71w-Cora E. Decker Clingermanp-William Henry & Mary E. Smith Clingerman 
CLINGERMAN, William Delbert "Deb"JERUSALEMd-21 Feb. 1992; Age 68yw-Mary Emma Bishopp-William Henry & Mary E. Smith Clingerman 
MELLOTT, Lena MayeUNIONb-4 August 1901; d-7 Nov. 1988h-Obed W. Mellottp-William Henry & Ida Susan Motter Thomas 
SEIDERS, John JacobUNIONb-15 Mar. 1904; d-27 Sept. 1995w-Iva Shivesp-William Henry & Daisy Rebecca Clevenger Seiders 
HELMAN, MargaretMcCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd-31 July 1864: Age 11y5m29d p-William Helman 
HELMAN, MarthaMcCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd-31 July 1864: Age 10m1d p-William Helman 
WAGNER, Edna LeoneWELLS VAL. ROCKY RUNb-24 Oct. 1912; d-1 Jan. 1989 p-William Harvey & Mary Virginia Tice Wagner 
HART, MalindaTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-29 June 1844; Age 7y2m20d p-William Hart 
SOWERS, George A.ANTIOCHb-01 May 1943; d-28 July 2005 p-William Harry Sr. and Margaret D. Shives Sowers 
REISNER, InfantUNIONd-16 Sept. 1950 p-William Harry Reisner, Jr. 
WAKEFIELD, Walter F. (Fred)*SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-7 March 1928; d-25 April 2013w-Stella S. Swope Wakefieldp-William Harry and Hazel Stoddard WakefieldUS Navy, Pacific Theatre
BERKSTRESSER, Anna WibleKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-4 Feb. 1901; d-16 Feb. 1976h-1)Oscar Wible,2)Ralph E.Berkstresser,Srp-William Harry & Maude Bailey Woodall 
WOODALL, Wilbur H.UNIONb-01 Apr. 1910; d-10 Jan. 1948w-Esther Henry Woodallp-William Harry & Maude Bailey Woodall 
DeSHONG, Lynn DuffySIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-30 March 1928; d-15 Feb. 1977; Age 48y p-William Harrison & Celia Mellott DeshongWW II
GORDON, Margaret E.DAMASCUSb-5 Feb. 1862; d-15 Mar. 1948h-John Wesley Gordonp-William Harr& Jane Gordon  
HARR, EdwardUNIONd-22 Nov. 1957; Age 85y5m3d p-William Harr 
ULSH, Oran R.CENTERb-06 July 1929; d-08 Nov. 2007w-Martha King Ulshp-William Harden & Marie Orleen Cook Ulsh 
DESHONG, Thomas O.ASBURYb-22 May 1892; d-11 Nov. 1970w-Elizabeth Chestnutp-William H.Deshong 
BARNHART, Willard W.BLACK OAKb- 10 May 1924; d-6 March 1977; Age 52y p-William H.and Sadie Graham Barnhart 
KEEFER, Cecil H.REHOBETHd-2 May 1987; Age 68yw-Suella R.Mundayp-William H.and Nellie M.Eshelman KeeferWW II
MORGRET, Gertrude LakePLEASANT GROVE CHRISTb-22 Mar. 1874; d-23 August 1918h-Hayes Morgretp-William H. Lake 
COOPER, Paul MosserUNIONd-10 May 1902; Age 8m20d p-William H. Cooper 
SHAW, Roy WalterWELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-25 June 1900; d-1958w-Wealthy Foster Shawp-William H. and Viola Sipe Shaw 
EDDY, Lillian C.ANTIOCHb-10 April 1927; d-3 July 1996; age-69h-Calvin V. Eddyp-William H. and Pearl Irene Johnson Keefer 
HIXSON, Cora DellAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-8 August 1887; d-24 April 1939h-William F. Hixsonp-William H. and Mollie Hanks Duvall 
RANCK, Oscar W.*HUSTONTOWNb-5 September 1907; d-24 October 1969w-Veda M. Heefner Ranckp-William H. and Maye V. Laidig Ranck 
SCHLINE, R. WeldonJERUSALEM CHRISTIANb-19 March 1920; d-5 March 2013 p-William H. and Mary C. Dentz SchlineWWII
FAGLEY, Randolph E.SILOAMb-7 September 1879; d-23 February 1964w-Sadie Catherine Barberp-William H. and Mary A. Farner Fagley 
HOOP, John B.McKENDREEb-10 September 1892: d-4 May 1975w-Aline Dumouchel Hoopp-William H. and M. Alice Lodge Hoop 
CLEVENGER, Ivan V.AMARANTHb-4 October 1932; d-11 December 2010w-Jacqueline P. Lewis Clevengerp-William H. and Jessie Mellott ClevengerUS Army, Korean War
SMITH, William S.UNIONb-26 Aug. 1918; d-28 Feb. 1996; age-77w-Ruth M. Richardsp-William H. and Florence Fields Smith 

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