Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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CLIPPINGER, Ronald b- March 30, 1946 : d- November 27, 2017Linda (Knepper) ClippingerLouise (Mentzer) and Eugene ClippingerArmy
CUNNINGHAM, Fred L. SR. b- 18 Feb 1937; d- 10 Dec 2017LaRhue Hann CunninghamEvelyn "Muzz" (McLaughlin) and Lewis Cunningham 
FAGLEY, Anna b- April 3, 1962 : d- December 24, 2017 Pearl (Armstrong) Saunders and Richard Saunders 
SPRIGGS, Dennis A. b- May 20, 1951 : d- January 1, 2017 Andrew Lane and Florence Spriggs 
BLACK, C. Gary b-18 Sept 1944; d-2 Jan 2018Beverly, J. CohenourLloyd W. and Edith L. Black 
ROBINSON, Mary J. b-January 28, 1945 : d- January 1, 2018 Elmer W. Kerlin 
RAY, Donald F. b- 20 Aug 1926; d- 2 Jan 2018Doris RayBruce and Elmira (Black) Ray.US Navy
FRY, Robertf L., M.D. b- October 11, 1927 : d- December 22, 2017Betty Baker FryEdgar and Omie (Showvaker) FryArmy
MELLOTT, Terry L. b-March 7, 1950 : d-January 24, 2018Janett ShaefferSheridan and Pearl (Truax) Mellott 
JONES, Blaine F. Jr. b-July 13, 1959 : d-January 31, 2018Karen Denell Shifflett JonesBlaine F. Jones Sr. and Mabel Sipes JonesArmy
REED, Robert L. b-July 5, 1950 : d-February 1, 2018Sherrie Trinchera Clarence F. and Daisy L. (Snyder) Reed 
HOLLINSHEAD, Curtis W. b- May 15, 1949 : d- February 6, 2018Jeanne L. (Hill) HollinsheadBernice (Bishop) and George Thomas Hollinshead 
RAKER, Opel W. b-9 Dec 1921; d-26 April 2018 p-William C. and Chloie O. DeShong Welsh 
THOMAS, Charlene K. b-11 May 1962; d-21 April 2018 p-Ted Leab and Edna Smith Fisher 
STRAIT, Ethan N. b-27 Jan 2007; d-19 April 2018 p-Howard Strait and Brenda Sloan 
POSTHUMUS, Rose C. "Ginger" b-23 Feb 1936; d-14 April 2018h-Henry Peter Posthumusp-Rose C. (Wills) and William Theodore Messerschmidt 
SHEHAN, Frank L. Sr. b-14 Sept 1944; d-8 April 2018w-(1)Janet Hann Shehan; (2)Frances Jean Bartley Shehanp-Russell and Bertha Roher Shehan 
BARNETT, Harty W. b-21 Jan 1938; d-30 March 2018ex-w-Edith Rhodesp-Clarence and Iva Strait Barnett 
SCHETROMPF, Patricia A. b-12 March 1941; d-15 February 2018h-Jay Franklin Schetrompfp-Virl H. and Anna Mary Nunley Sheeder 
LAMAN, Dakota J. b-13 August 1993; d-14 February 2018 p-Roxanne E. Rhodes and Shawn E. Laman 
MOUNTZ, Martha G. b-15 October 1925; d-1 March 2018h-Lee Edgar Mountzp-Leroy David and Anna Mae Shughart Nailor 
KELLY, Dolores J. b-29 October 1953; d-26 February 2018 p-Glenn "Bud" and Helen Taylor Barnett 
FAUNCE, Benjamin F. III b-24 November 1933; d-19 February 2018w-Betty Gail Wickerham Fauncep-Ethel (Ferree) and Benjamin Faunce Jr.US Army, Korea
GLUNT, Richard C. b-25 February 1931; d-20 February 2018w-Alda "Addie" Rosenberry Gluntp-Paul and Agnes Kernes Glunt 
PITTMAN, Donald P. b-21 February 1930; d-20 February 2018w-Ann Elizabeth Edwards Divensp-John Harold and Kathryn Cecelia Pittman DivensUS Army, Korea
STRAIT, Richard K. b-10 April 1936; d-21 February 2018w-(1) Nancy J. Schooley Strait; (2) Alberta Jean Shaner Straitp-Gordon Kenneth and Sara Malinda StraitUS Air Force
WASHABAUGH, George Henry d-(newspaper 14 Dec 1894, age 7 weeks 3 days p- Andrew Washabaugh 
WAGGONER, Peggy d-4 December 1894, age 79y10m20d   
FOREMAN, Ronald D. b-28 January 1935; d-11 March 2018w-Edith Mae Knepper Foremanp-John Russell and Marjorie Wagner Foreman 
LANE, George Calvin Wilson d-31 December 1913, age 18 months p-Mann Lane (colored) 
KEEFER. Helen L. b-26 October 1930; d-19 May 2018h-Clarence Loyd Keeferp-William C. and Dessie DeShong Welsh 
SHAFER, Judith L.  b-23 August 1951; d-8 May 2018h-Barry W. Shaferp-Nhyle and Mary Ellen Spangler Helman 
KELLER, Jack P. b-28 July 1942; d-26 May 2018w-Patricia J. Pine Kellerp-John Henry and Helen Gertrude Parker Keller 
HOCKENSMITH, John M. b-16 September 1918; d-1 June 2018w-Juanita M. Melius Hockensmithp-John and Helen DeShong Hockensmith 
SMITH, Ruth E. b-20 December 1946; d-18 June 2018h-John R. Smithp-Robert George and Fairy Luttie VanGosen Kirk 
MOFFAT, Billie b-9 March 1936; d-4 February 2018w-Polly Fork Moffatp-William and Faye Dahlstrom MoffatUS Navy
MELLOTT, Claude R. b-24 March 1935; d-12 June 2018w-Janet L. Truax Mellottp-Claude L. and Elena V. Mellott MellottUS Air Force
JOHNSTON, Mary C. b-8 November 1932; d-26 June 2018h-Richard H. "Dick" Johnstonp-Mahlon and Ada Crouse Cline 
HOLLEY, Barbara L. b-24 October 1945; d-26 June 2018h-Kenneth R. Holleyp-Robert J. and Louella Rosenberry Locke 
DESHONG, Norma J. b-3 April 1951; d-25 June 2018h-Thomas "Ed" DeShong Sr.p-Chalmer Leroy and Janet E. Hockensmith Hann 
MCMULLEN, Harold I. b-16 December 1950; d-29 June 2018 p-Raymond and Annis McMullen 
SCHOOLEY, Theodore L. b-18 February 1936; d-16 July 2018w-Charlotte Souders Schooleyp-William and Maye Sipes Schooley 
CARROLL, John P. b-16 June 1947; d-6 July 2018 p-Mary Elizabeth MacCaulty  
CARROLL, John P. b-16 June 1947; d-6 July 2018 p-Mary Elizabeth MacCaulty Smith US First Army Band
CULLER, Marjory B. b-21 August 1932; d-15 August 2018h-Donald N. "Pete" Cullerp-Alva and Mabel Jackson Bailey 
FIELDS, Robert H. d-22 February 1945, age 23 p-Goldie FieldsArmy Air Corps, killed in Italy
ALVAREZ, Walter b-4 May 1972; d-24 July 2018p-Harold Gressp-Letecia Reider 
McGARVEY, Chauncey J. Jr. b-10 December 1938; d-6 August 2018w-Paulette "Polly" McGarveyp-Chauncey J. Sr. and Anna Williams McGarvey 
SHIELDS, Zella L. b-11 May 1963; d-21 August 2018finance Curtis L. Schetrompfp-Helen Marie (Barthalow) and Roy Barnhart 
CHRISTIE, Mildred G. d-11 April 1987, age 97h-Seba Laurie Christiep-Lillian Horton 

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