Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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SPADE, Achsah I.WHIPS COVEd-25 Jan. 1978; Age 86yh-Chester Spadep-Albert & Mary Hess Pleffinger 
SPADE, Eugene AlvinWHIPS COVEb-10 June 1940; d-3 Nov. 1942 p-Alvin & Myrtle Spade 
SPADE, Infant SonWHIPS COVEd-11 Mar. 1914 p-Chester A. & Achsah I. Spade 
STARR, Esta GraceWHIPS COVEd-15 July 1910; Age 9m8d p-T. R. & R. H. Starr 
STARR, FlorenceWHIPS COVEb-22 Feb. 1896; d-16 August 1899 p-T. R. & R. H. Starr 
TRUAX, John M.WHIPS COVEb-1848; d-1921   
TRUAX, Mary MayWHIPS COVEb-28 June 1869; d-21 Feb. 1958   
TRUAX, RebeccaWHIPS COVEd-24 Mar. 1886; Age 37y9m24dh-John M.  
TRUAX, Roger EugeneWHIPS COVEd-15 Dec. 1983; Age 43y p-Arthur & Edna Wertz Truax 
TRUAX, Sherman G.WHIPS COVEb-16 July 1891; d-28 Mar. 1956   
TRUAX, Wilmer C.WHIPS COVEd-14 Dec. 1888; Age 2y8m26d p-John M. & Rebecca Truax 
VANCLIEF, ElizabethWHIPS COVEb-1934   
VANCLIEF, Henry P.WHIPS COVEd-26 Oct. 1904; Age 66y5m15d   
VINCILL, James WilliamWHIPS COVEd-26 Sept. 1990; Age 70yw-Anna Jo Bishopp-John Henry & Mary Josie Butterworth VincillWW II
WAGNER, Celia E.WHIPS COVEb-1878; d-1958 p-Caleb & Maria Mellott 
WHITESIDE, Edward M.WHIPS COVEb-5 Oct. 1953; d-8 May 2003; age-49w-Kathleen Ann Wilson Whitesidep-William Edward & Betty Louise Means Whiteside 
WINK, AmosWHIPS COVEb-30 Dec. 1838; d-20 July 1903w-Oseep-Jacob A. & Sarah Wink 
WINTER, Elizabeth AgnesWHIPS COVEb-4 Mar. 1873NOTE: brother Ross Winter listed on same tombstone  
WINTER, Emma IreneWHIPS COVEb-7 Feb. 1877; d-23 Mar. 1947 p-Levi & Catherine Billisinger Winter 
WINTER, George R.WHIPS COVEb-25 Feb. 1868; d-27 Mar. 1953 p-Morgan & Mary Robinson Winter 
WINTER, Howard L.WHIPS COVEb-4 April 1870; d-25 Jan. 1893   
WINTER, Laura A.WHIPS COVEb-15 July 1872; d-6 July 1936   
WINTER, Martha J.WHIPS COVEb-9 August 1866; d-10 July 1935h-George R. Winter  
WINTER, MaryWHIPS COVEb-2 July 1835; d-2 May 1913h-Morgan Winter  
WINTER, MorganWHIPS COVEb-31 Oct. 1833; d-15 Dec. 1903w-Mary Robinson Winter  
WINTER, RossWHIPS COVEb-5 Oct. 1879; d 19 April 1963 p-Ezra & Rachel Lake Winter 
WINTERS, Catharine DeckerWHIPS COVEb-25 Nov. 1802; d-7 Oct. 1887   
WINTERS, EzraWHIPS COVEb-9 August 1839; d-17 April 1886   
WINTERS, RachelWHIPS COVEb-2 Sept. 1843; d-13 August 1884h-Ezra Winters  
WINTERS, William Mc.WHIPS COVEb-16 Nov. 1877; d-25 Nov. 1902   
MCMONIGAL, Wilma R. (Billie)WHIPS COVEb- 17 mar 1916; d- 27 Sept 2004h- George R. McMonigalp- Russell and Ethel Smith Leasure 
NEBEL, Violet I.WHIPS COVEb-14 Oct. 1931; d-24 June 2005h-John Nebelp-William and Gladys Hyde Pratt 
FARNDELL, George J.WHIPS COVEb-28 Jan. 1926; d-15 Dec. 2001w-1)Dorothy Whelan; 2)B.Maureen Bittmanp-John & Genevieve Beckley FarndellU.S. Navy & Reserves
DIEHL, Deborah D.WHIPS COVEb-06 Nov. 1953; d-01 May 2006 p-Alan C. & Francis K. Munson Diehl 
DIEHL, Harper F.WHIPS COVEd-16 Dec. 1987; aged 82yw-Sarah E. Carson Diehlp-George & Effamy Layton Diehl 
FLETCHER, Clyde R.WHIPS COVEb-26 July 1922; d-21 July 1970w-Dorthula Mellott Fletcherp-Mr. & Mrs. Alvin FletcherWWII
HUFHAM, Delilah B.WHIPS COVE b-19 Mar. 1956; d-08 Sept. 2008h-Henry C. Hufhamp-Allen Crown & Frances Katherine Munson Diehl 
FLETCHER, Dorthula R.WHIPS COVEb-25 October 1928; d-14 May 2010h-Clyde R. Fletcherp-Calvin and Myrtle Mellott Mellott 
SPADE, Bernard LewisWHIPS COVEb-21 April 1931; d-17 November 2010w-Edna Mae Twigg Spadep-Leslie Randolph and Beatrice Georgia Truax SpadeUS Air Force, Korean War
SPADE, Edna MaeWHIPS COVEb-12 August 1931; d-11 December 2010h-Bernard Lewis Spadep-Eugene Preston and Edith Twigg Snyder 
SPADE, Myrtle P.WHIPS COVEb-4 August 1918; 13 October 2011h-Alvin A. Spadep-Emory W. and Stella Campbell Clark 
McKEE, Donald R.WHIPS COVEd-29 November 2011, age 83w-Ruby McKeep-James Kenneth and Mary Catherine McKeeKorean War
LEASURE, McKinley R. "Mack"WHIPS COVEb-1 August 1924; d-22 April 2012w-Norma J. Clark Leasurep-Russell and Ethel Smith LeasureUS Army WWII
DIEHL, Arthur AbnerWHIPS COVEd-13 January 1921, age 16y2m2d p-G. B. McC. Diehl 
MELLOTT, Daniel CarlWHIPS COVEb-21 March 1879; d-23 December 1953w-L. Blanche Mellottp-Riley and Amanda Bard Mallott 
MELLOTT, HermanWhips Coveb- Sept. 27, 1913 d- Nov. 1, 1966 p-Daniel Carl and Lillie Blanche Mellott 
WHITESIDE, Jeremy Page (J. P.)WHIPS COVEb-8 July 1979; d-13 September 2013 p-William Curtis and Sharon Louise Stahle Whiteside 
MCKEE, Ruby R. WHIPS COVEd- 2 October 2014; Age 86h-Donald McKeep- Alfred & Mae Mellot 
RIVERA, Scarlett M.WHIPS COVEb-2 Oct 2012 d-12 July 2015 Age 2y p-Edwin I. Rivera and Mary E. (Diehl) 
KELLOGG, Lorna L.WHIPS COVEb-21 Nov. 1981 d-18 July 2015 Age 33yh- Earl R. Kelloggp-Leldon Clifford Rutherford and Anna A. (Seburn) Diehl 

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