Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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BRAKEALL, J. MarhallTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd:28 Mar. 1897; Age 5m10d p-A. M. & S. Brakeall 
LAYTON, Infant DaughterJERUSALEMd:27 Oct. 1887 p-Aaron & Mary Layron 
APPLEBY, John EllisCLEAR RIDGEd:27 Nov. 1986; Age 83yw-May Millerp-James & Mary Jane Henry Appleby 
KING, Infant Son Paul LutherFAIRVIEWd:27 Nov. 1934 p-Estella Blanch King 
ALLER, AnnaENGLERT FARMd:27 Mar. 1883; Age 63y10dh-George Aller  
BOYLE, Robert J.BURNT CABINSd:27 July 1864; Age 23y11m11d p-William & M. S. BoyleCo.K, 22nd Regt., PA Cav.
CARBAUGH, Nancy (Infant)CORNERd:27 Jan. 1882; p-George & N.Carbaugh 
HOHMAN, Tillie Viola SowersUNIONd:26 May 1954; Age 73y8m27dh-H.P.Hohman  
SUDERS, Rosa HelenUNIONd:26 June 1894; Age 1y2m3d p-George Suders 
TRUAX, Annie L.UNIONd:26 July 1954; Age 79y21dh-James H.Truax  
GLENN, InfantUNIONd:26 July 1945 p-Charles & Nellie Glenn 
CHESNUT, AnnieHUSTONTOWNd:26 July 1869; Age 1y3m26d p-A. W. & E. Chesnut 
MORTON, Peter McE.UNIONd:26 Jan. 1916; Age 6m11d p-E.B.Morton 
SEVILLE, Sarah CarbaughUNIONd:26 Jan. 1906; Age 53yh-John Seville  
DIVEN, ChristinaMcCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd:26 Jan. 1854; Age 73yh-George Diven  
BENDER, Lillian SowersUNIONd:26 Dec. 1939; Age 65y2m15dh-Robert Bender  
BIVENS, Infant SonWELLS METHODISTd:26 August 1897; p-Hayes & Alice Bivens 
COOPER, Gertrude BrubakerUNIONd:25 Sept. 1953; Age 54y7m12dh-Albert Cooper  
PITTMAN, Sarah FisherUNIONd:25 Mar. 1947; Age 86y2mh-A.J.Pittman  
BAKER, George E.CLEAR RIDGEd:25 June 1890; Age 3y10m; p-C.and L.Baker 
TRUAX, Mary ClugstonUNIONd:25 July 1960;Age 69y11m5dh-John H. Truax  
LAIDIG, DavidHUSTONTOWNd:25 July 1867; Age 66y1m28d; beside Lydia   
AKERS, Myrtle AliceAKERSVILLE METHODISTd:25 Jan. 1986; Age 89yh-Clyde Walter Akersp-A. W. & Angeline Wink Duvall 
COMERER, John Jr.McCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd:25 Jan. 1865; Age 59y17d   
GREEN, DavidWELLS VALLEY CHAPELd:25 Dec. 1904; Age 65y1m29dw-1)Mary J., 2) Susan Co. F, 77th Regt. PA Vol.
BAKER, Clarence M.KNOBSVILLE METHODISTd:25 Dec. 1891; Age 6m21d p-Grant & Mary Baker 
MELLOTT, SarahFAIRVIEWd:24 June 1891;Age 70y9m2dh-Levi Mellott  
WELLER, Bruce H. "Bill"UNIONd:24 Feb. 1986; Age 61yw-Jean Cullerp-Bruce E. & Nancy Shives WellerWW II
LAYTON, RebeccaWHIPS COVEd:24 April 1891; Age 44y2m5dh-J.J.Layton  
BERNHART, Charles A.ANTIOCHd:23 Sept. 1914; Age 4m p-H. & Ettie Bernhart 
CAPLE, Lucy M.PLEASANT GROVEd:23 Oct. 1986; Age 52yh-Robert C. Caple, Sr.p-Harry & Margaret Nelson Sowers 
MARTIN, RuamyCEDAR GROVEd:23 Jan. 1849; Age 58yh-Jacob Martin  
OTT, Walters A.McCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd:23 Feb. 1893; Age 11d p-G.and M.Ott 
CHAMBERS, Mary AnnBIG COVE TANNERY LUTHERANd:22 Sept. 1893; Age 50y10m5dh-J. W. Chambers  
BARNEY, FannyCEDAR GROVEd:22 Oct. 1887; Age 72y8m22dh-Charles Barney  
BRADY, Annie LynchUNIONd:22 Mar. 1987; Age 73h-Granville Bradyp-Mack & Ella Deshong Lynch 
MELLOTT, Evelyn EstelleUNIONd:22 July 1984; Age 74yh-Harold Mellottp-Richard & Estelle Dawson Johnson 
LYNN, Infant DaughterMcCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd:22 Feb. 1851(1854) p-David & Mary Lynn 
PITTMAN, Horace Nelson, Sr.UNIONd:22 April 1976; Age 73yw-Catherine Wertp-Matthew & Daisy Sipes PittmanWW II
BARNETT, Z. BlandCENTERd:22 April 1922; Age 71y4m7dw-Elizabeth  
HEGE, Eliza A.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANd:22 April 1871; Age 58y4m13dw-Valentine Hege  
CONRAD, Sarah LouisaUNIONd:21 Mar. 1941; Age 84y1m27dh-J.Johnson Conrad  
BARNETT, InfantHUSTONTOWNd:21 Mar. 1926; p-George & Nora Barnett 
MELLOTT, Nettie F.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTd:21 Mar. 1884;Age 1d p-J.and B.Mellott 
DAVIS, IsabellaMcCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANd:21 Jan. 1833; Age 46yh-William Davis  
DOYLE, Esther LillieUNIONd:21 August 1916; Age 4m8d p-Edward Doyle 
SHARPE, RuthSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd:20 Nov. 1877; Age 39yh-John Sharpe  
ROTZ, RebeccaMcCONNELLSDALE BRETHRENd:20 May 1903; Age 80y1m20dh-Samuel Rotz  
HANN, Della PearleSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd:20 July 1980; Age 80yh-Reuben C. Hannp-Alfred & Anna Belle Brady Schetrompf 
KIRK, James J.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANd:20 Jan. 1885; Age 78y11m26dw-Sarah  

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