Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WINK, Judge Samuel LogueSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-1 Jan. 1876; d-12 Dec. 1947w-Tempie Snyderp-Amos J. & Effy Layton Wink 
PECK, William HartTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-17 May 1853; d-5 August 1930w-Temperance Masonp-Daniel & Ann Hart Peck 
BRASWELL, John L. Jr.Unionb- 4 Febuary 1960 d-23 December 2014 w-Tanya R.(Harr) Braswellp-John L. Braswell Sr. and Gladys (Hoilman) Braswell Braswell 
CLONCH, Philip P.PLEASANT RIDGE NAZARENEb-15 March 1962; d-3 Jan 2004; Age 41,w-Tammy Runyon (fiancée)p-David & Evelyn Swope ClonchVeteran
Unger, Michael Allen TONOLOWAYb-20 July 1962: d-14 Nov 1995w-Tammy E. Kingp-Donald L. and Vivian I. Iden UngerAir National Guard
TRUAX, William JohnsonSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-7 Sept. 1849; d-23 June 1911w-Tabitha Mellott  
LOCKARD, Harold P.NEW GRENADAb-11 Jan 1901 d-29 Oct 1982 Age 81yw-Sylvia Viola Lockardp-William & Rose Keith Lockard 
PECK, Malcolm (Mac) ChalmerPLEASANT RIDGE NAZARENEb-20 July 1933; d-6 November 1995w-Sylvia Spade Peckp-Chalmer E. and Charlotte Sharpe Peck 
POWELL, John K.AMARANTHb-14 Apr. 1933; d-15 Mar. 2006w-Sylvia P. Rohm Powellp-John & Lillie Beatty PowellU.S. Air Force Korean Conflict
MILLS, Theron S.CENTERb-24 Feb. 1912; d-7 August 1950w-Sylvia O. Blackp-John & Florence Snyder Mills 
CULLER, Lloyd BensonREHOBETHb-26 Nov. 1907; d-30 July 1981w-Sylvia Mellottp-Isaac & Elizabeth Bishop Culler 
TRUAX, Thurman CliffordPLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENb-12 August 1921; d-17 Mar. 1988w-Sylvia Mellottp-Clem B. & Georgia DeShong Truax 
PECK, Carl H. "Howdy"UNIONb-16 April 1936; d-26 June 2010w-Sylvia M. Rotz Peckp-Howard C. and Mary E. Culler Peck 
WERTZ, Ray H.UNIONb-27 Sept. 1928; d-09 Aug. 2008w-Sylvia M. Mellott Wertzp-William G. & Bessie Keefer Wertz 
FRAKER, Max T.FT. LITTLETONb-28 July 1905; d-7 June 1997; age-91w-Sylvia L. Miller Frakerp-George C. and Alice Eby Orth Fraker 
COVALT, Jacob Mark (Dr.)ANTIOCHb-6 June 1915; d-3 Nov. 1939w-Sylvia Jean Wellerp-Elmer & Nellie Covalt 
HILES, William G.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-4 March 1868; d-5 Sept 1942w-Sylvia Cristp-George and Delilah Hiles 
CULLER, IsaacREHOBETHd-5 April 1916, age 52y9m23dw-Suvannah Bishop Culler  
BISHOP, EdwardREHOBETHd-8 Mar 1982 Age 79yw-Susie Virginia Younker Bishopp-Andrew and Marie Booth BishopUS Navy, WWI and WWII
STEACH, George WashingtonSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-30 January 1870; d-4 April 1938w-Susie Pittmanp-Mr. and Mrs. James Steach 
WEAVER, William L.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-4 Sept. 1900; d-15 April 1988w-Susie Fisherp-Abner & Anna Shives Weaver 
CORBIN, Joseph FrankCorbind-18 August 1880, age 30-5-25w-Susie Corbinp-William and Rebecca Brown Corbin 
LEWIS, Matthew Sr.UNIONb-3 May 1872; d-10 Jan. 1953; Age 80y8m7dw-Susie Black Lewis  
ANDERSON, A. H.WELLS METHODISTb-1834; d-1917w-Susannah Ferree  
HOUP, GeorgeNEW GRENADAd-2 Sept. 1887; Age 84yw-Susannah  
PRICE, G. W.FAIRVIEWd-13 August 1896; Age 72y5m21dw-Susannah  
TRUAX, BenjaminANTIOCHd-26 Mar. 1897; Age 84y3m1dw-Susannah  
CLYMANS, RobertBURNT CABINSb-9 Oct. 1809; d-13 April 1884w-Susanna  
KELSO, Lewis B.KNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-1871; d-1937w-Susanna  
PYM, WilliamBURNT CABINSb-27 April 1775; d-1 Feb. 1854w-Susanna  
CONN, James WilsonWELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-18 Dec. 1905; d-27 June 1992w-Susan Wirickp-James A. & Tillie Sheller Conn 
SHAW, A. LeslieCENTERb-1861; d-1922w-Susan V.  
McELHANEY, WilliamHUSTONTOWNb-30 May 1833; d-30 Jan. 1908w-Susan Spicer Civil War
HENDERSHOT, Raymond LeeBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-05 Sept. 1876; d-19 May 1967w-Susan Smithp-Alfred & Catharine A. Schriever Hendershot 
McKEE, Amos WesleyPLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENb-20 Nov. 1852; d-19 Feb. 1930w-Susan Shivesp-Robert & Sally Peck McKee 
SIPES, Allen L. b-22 January 1945; d-30 August 2001w-Susan Shetron SipesHarold A. & Ruby Mae Deshong Sipes 
SEIDERS, Stephen CarlUNIONb-24 April 1953; d-7 May 2014w-Susan Seidersp-Carl R.Seiders and Marian Seiders 
CHARLTON, William LeeWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-1875; d-27 Jun e1952w-Susan Nora Charltonp-William and Margaret McKoven Charlton 
MOORE, Charles EphraimUNIONd-8 Oct. 1987; Age 71yw-Susan Nelsonp-John E. & Sarah Belle Ensley MooreWW II
HOCKENSMITH, Leonard JeffersonSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-30 March 1870; d-6 March 1953w-Susan Mellott Hockensmithp-Samuel and Elizabeth Hockensmith 
ROMIG, John V.WELLS VALLEY UNITED METHODISTb-02 June 1923; d-15 Aug. 1988w-Susan M. Guyerp-Murray & Mercy Brunner Romig 
MILLER, Clarence M.STONE BRIDGE BRETHRENb-21 Sept. 1872; d-20 April 1949w-Susan M. Egulfp-John K. & Christina Bivens Miller 
SHORE, James Sr.BURNT CABINSb-31 Oct. 1866; d-aged 71y1m29dw-Susan Locke Shorep-John W. & Rachel Ramsey Shore 
TRUAX, Levi H.WELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-1846; d-1921w-Susan J.  
THOMAS, WilliamUNIONb-1856; d-1940; Age 84y5m9dw-Susan I. Motter  
GLUNT, ElmerKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-24 July 1872; d-1959w-Susan H.  
HORTON, Edwin A.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1856; d-1936,w-Susan Gloverp-Nathan W. & Rosanna Miller Horton 
BRIZIUS, Jack A.?b-9 Dec. 1946; d-19 Feb. 1995w-Susan Fosterp-Jack A., Sr., & Sue McBride Brizius 
HELSEL, AlbertWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-27 Apr. 1852; d-17 July 1943w-Susan Fordp-Henry Helsel 
FIX, James B.UNIONb-??; d-04 Jan. 2010 age 60yw-Susan Fixp-Howard & Mary Fix 

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