Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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SHIVES, Ella MaeSHIVESd-27 Nov. 1986; Age 81yh-Phillip Elwood Shivesp-William P. & Rhoda Belle Gordon Younker 
ANDERSON, WIlliam R. Sr.FAIRVIEWb-19 Aug. 1933 d-12 May 2015 Age 81s- Betty R. (Mumma) Andersonp-William P. & Mabel R. (Laidig) Anderson 
LASHLEY, Lillie EllenZION LUTHd-4 Feb. 1976; Age 87y p-William P. & Harriet Northcraft Lashley 
TAYLOR, Clara V. OttUNIONd-23 Dec. 1950; Age 55y3m10dh-Walter Taylorp-William Ott and Mary Ellen Bivens Ott 
OTT, Emmert MarshallUNIONd-18 Mar. 1909; Age 11m p-William Ott 
MORNINGSTAR, Charles Oscar "Ted"SILOAMb-9 Feb. 1915; d-17 July 1994w-Dorothy Corbinp-William Oscar & Ada Lowery MorningstarWW II
WAUGH, Susan LidaWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-13 April 1970 (age 50) P-william Oliver and Ella Nora Booth Waugh 
DOUGLAS, Melvin O.DAMASCUSb-1916; d-29 May 1968 p-William O. and Mattie Winters Douglas 
HERBERT, James W.?b-16 November 1941; d-11 March 2010w-Barbara Bowman Herbertp-William Norman and Ethel Victoria Knode HerbertUSMC
FINNEY, Anna F.DAMASCUSb-3 July 1916; d-11 Jan. 1999; age-82h-Dave Finneyp-William N. and Olive E. Peck Seville 
WELCH, Jonathan A.BURNT CABINSd-26 May 1881; Age 34y p-William N. & Sarah J. Welch 
MORTON, GeorgeSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-1823; d-27 Dec. 1904w-Elizabeth Pittmanp-William Morton 
KENDALL, Infant DaughterUNIONd-8 Feb. 1902 p-William Milton Kendall and Mary Miller Johnston Kendall 
KENDALL, Infant DaughterUNIONd-25 June 1909 p-William Milton Kendall and Mary Miller Johnston Kendall 
GINGRICH, Esther Walker KendallUNIONb-23 July 1896; d-12 July 1959h-Raymond L. Gingrichp-William Milton Kendall & Mary Miller Johnston Kendall 
KENDALL, John RichardUNIONb-10 May 1898; d-28 July 1898; Age 2m21d p-William Milton Kendall & Mary Miller Johnston Kendall 
DeSHONG, Nettie J.UNIONb-10 February 1914; d-7 October 2010h-Howard M. DeShongp-William McKinley and Minnie Foster Edwards, Jr. 
COURTNEY, Marion L.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-18 Aug. 1920; d-20 Jan. 2001; age-80w-Betty A. Boden Courtneyp-William McKinley and Martha Alderton Courtney 
CHARLTON, Margaret L. McKibbenWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-10 June 1841; d-17 Jan. 1903h-William H. Charltonp-William McKibbin 
LODGE, Martha StonerUNIONb-10 Dec. 1910; d-20 Oct. 1980 p-William Mark & Myrtle Stoner Lodge 
WHEELER, CathrynBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb- 29 Nov. 1879; d- 12 Nov. 1949h-John L. Wheelerp-William M. Woodall & Susan Rolls 
EDWARDS, David C.CENTERd-1920 p-William M. Edwards 
EDWARDS, Robert RayCENTERb-1911; d-1934 p-William M. Edwards 
HAMIL, John C.UNIONb-11 April 1907; d-18 July 1996; age-89w-Leota Divens Hamilp-William M. and L. Etta Polk Hamil 
FISHER, Homer E.AMARANTH BRETHRENb-19 Januaey 1926; d-28 Feb. 1994w-Helen L. Wilsonp-William M. & Zoe Pearl Northcraft FischerWW II
SEBURN, Albert ElwoodSTONE BRIDGE BRETHRENb-24 Nov. 1975; Age 81yw-Viola Keeferp-William M. & Mohale May Keefer Seburn 
WRIGHT, Wealthy C.CENTERb-18 July 1905; d-13 Nov. 1985h-Ivan M. Wrightp-William M. & Minnie Foster Edwards 
CLAMPA, Bessie L.FAIRVIEWb-28 Nov. 1916; d-01 July 2008h-Andy Clampap-William M. & Jennie M. Park Watkin 
CLARK, Edna L.WELLS TANNERY METHODISTb-17 May 1895; d-14 Dec. 1984h-Ernest Clarkp-William M. & Ellen Clippinger 
LARSEN, Helen M.UNIONb-17 Mar. 1913; d-18 Feb. 1993h-Albert M. Larsenp-William M. & Caddie S. Sipes Kennedy 
MOSEBEY, William Lyle Jr.?b-23 March 1938; d-22 November 2010w-Carolyn J. Mosebeyp-William Lyle and Edyth Knepper MosebeyUS Army
MCKEE, Clarence J.JERUSALEM CHRISTIANb-15 Nov. 1916; d-25 May 2003; age-86w-Mary J. Hill McKeep-William Logue and Wilda F. Truax McKee 
ENGLE, MarieJERUSALEMb-30 August 1901; d-19 Mar. 1974h-Clarence Englep-William Logue & Mary Alice Plessinger McKee 
MELLOTT, Carrie C.PLEASANT GROVEb-14 Sept. 1904; d-10 Oct. 1993h-Wayne W. Mellottp-William Lewis & Della Mary Bedford Spade 
CADWALADER, Margaret Ann d-5 October 2015, age 71 p-William Leslie Sr. and Catherine Amanda McKenney Laird 
SHIVES, Paul D.PLEASANT GROVEb-12 July 1944: d-1 November 2013w-Doris Marlene Clingerman Shivesp-William Leroy and Mary Virginia Kelly Shives 
SCHAFER, William J.BUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-1920; d-27 April 1987; Age 67yw-Orintha A. Norrisp-William Leonard & Louise Langer Schafer 
SHAW, Maurice Edward (Bud)TONOLOWAYd-27 April (age 86)w-Nancy Ellen Weaver Shawp-William Lemon and Sarah Ellen Shives Shaw 
HILL, Bertha EllenREHOBETHb-22 December 1893;d-21 Sept. 1972h-Job H. Hillp-William Lemon & Sarah Ellen Shives Shaw 
CHARLTON, Fred L.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-22 April 1968; age-56w-Gula Cutchallp-William Lee Mora Younker Charlton 
DeSHONG, Georgia J.UNIONb-10 September 1931; d-21 January 2011h-Robert "Bob" Lee DeShongp-William Lee and Ruth Knable Kuhn 
BERKSTRESSER, Ralph EugeneFAIRVIEWb-18 August 1899; d-12 October 1965w-(1) Maye Ada Knepper Berkstresser (2) Anna Woodall Berkstresserp-William Lee and Mary Ellen Laidig Berkstresser 
HENDERSHOT, Ralph E.BUCK VALLEY METHODISTb-2 April 1915; d-7 Dec. 2000; age-85w-Wilhelmina C. Shank Hendershotp-William Lee and Mary E. Brady Hendershot 
CHARLTON, Lewiston WilliamWARFORDS PRESBYTERIANd-17 Oct. 1973; Age 69yw-Helen Jessie Spikerp-William Lee & Nora Younker Charlton 
CHARLTON, Harriet L.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-6 Sept. 1906; d-24 August 1907 p-William Lee & Nora Charlton 
BERKSTRESSER, Edgar JesseHUSTONTOWNd-19 Mar. 1978; Age 81yw-Junie Sipesp-William Lee & Mary Laidig Berkstresser 
CHESNUT, Grace L.HUSTONTOWNd-4 Sept. 1989; Age 96yh-DeKalb Chesnutp-William Lee & Mary Ellen Laidig Berkstresser 
McKIBBIN, Sarah IsabelleBUCK VALLEY METHODISTb-1812; d-13 Nov. 1890h-William McKibbinp-William Lee & Elizabeth Thompson 
LANE, Benjamin S.FAIRVIEWb-13 May 1924; d-8 Sept 2003; Age 79w-Gladysp-William Lane & Verna Park Lane 
ROMAN, Beverly L.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb- 28 Oct 1942; d-14 Aug 2003; Age 60h-Charles R. “Bob” Romanp-William L. Vance & Louise Hann Vance 

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