Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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ANDERSON, AndellaANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1795; d-15 May 1802, age 7 years p-S. J. Anderson 
ANDERSON, Arthur Wayne "Andy"SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-2 August 1931; d-22 June 2010w-Erma M. Mellott Andersonp-John M. and Edna G. Orr AndersonUS National Guard, Korean Conflict
ANDERSON, Betty R.FAIRVIEWb-28 Janurary 1935; d-16 September 2017h-William R. Anderson Sr.p-George and Goldie Mumma 
ANDERSON, D. P.CENTERd:15 Mar. 1906; Age: 67y2m3dw-Elizabeth  
ANDERSON, Doffield D.ANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1861; d-10 July 1862, age 1y6m15d p-S. J. Anderson 
ANDERSON, Douglas M.WELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-1937; d-1940 p-R.E. & A.M.Anderson 
ANDERSON, EdwardANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1795; d-28 August 1862, age 63y11m13d   
ANDERSON, Eleanor Mary OlewineHUSTONTOWNb-9 Oct. 1908; d-29 June 1988h-1) Bob Olewine; 2) Harold F. Andersonp-John I.and Eva Wink Duvall 
ANDERSON, ElizabethCENTERd-17 Sept. 1911; Age: 75y7m3dh-Porter Andersonp-Rev.Charles Griffith 
ANDERSON, Ethel G.New Grenadab-Sept. 23, 1900 d- April 25 , 1966h- Hartman Anderson Frank and Marry (Duvall) Thomas 
ANDERSON, Fanny GroveCLEAR RIDGEd-17 Sept. 1895; Age 91y22dh-J. Anderson  
ANDERSON, FredWELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-28 April 1913; d-13 July 1913 p-J. E. & O. A. Anderson 
ANDERSON, Gary Lee?b-17 Apr 1942; d-16Aug2003w-Kay Sandra Koontz Andersonp-Leo Brown & Betty Bernice Anderson 
ANDERSON, Glenn K.WELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-11 May 1903; d:2 Oct. 1959w-Ethel M.  
ANDERSON, GlenolaNEW GRENADAb-1900; d-1966h-Hartman Anderson  
ANDERSON, Grace C.UNIONb-13 Feb. 1909; d-22 July 2001; age-92h-Thomas W. Andersonp-Albert and Virgie Colledge 
ANDERSON, Harold S.HUSTONTOWN METHODISTb-13 June 1905; d-5 Nov. 1993w-1)Rhuie Zeise Walters, 2)Eleanor Duvallp-Elihue & Julia Cutchall Anderson 
ANDERSON, HartmanNEW GRENADAb-1896; d-1939w-Glenola  
ANDERSON, JamesCLEAR RIDGEd-23 June 1881; Age: 84y7m6d   
ANDERSON, JaneKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-1836; d-1920h-Henry Anderson  
ANDERSON, Janice A.?b-30 May 1947 d-2 August 2001h- William Andersonp- Russell & Bertha Roher Shehan 
ANDERSON, John ShermanCENTERd-23 Jan. 1900; Age: 34y2m20d p-Mr. & Mrs. David Porter Anderson 
ANDERSON, John A.WELLS METHODISTd-1 Dec. 1913 p-W.R. & B.Anderson 
ANDERSON, John E. WELLS VALLEY UNITED BRETHRENb- 8 December 1879. d- 16 January 1946w- Orval Lockard AndersonAbram & Emma Rotz Anderson 
ANDERSON, JonathanCLEAR RIDGEd-8 Nov. 1900; Age: 68y8m5d  Co. H., 143 Regt. PA Volunteers
ANDERSON, Joy J.Knobsvilleb-January 8, 1945 : d-January 30,2018Joseph Calhoun Murdock : A. Ray AndersonWayne H. "Pete" and Mary Ruth (Wallace) Schwartz 
ANDERSON, Judith AnnSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-1 Oct. 1963; d-5 Jan. 1965 p-A. N. & Erma Anderson 
ANDERSON, Linda JoanSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-2 Oct 1964; d-16 Nov 1964 p-Wanye and Erma (Mellott) Anderson 
ANDERSON, Lottie L.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-2 Oct. 1909; d-4 Oct. 1994h-W. Lee Andersonp-A. Theron & May Keith Griffith 
ANDERSON, Louella N.WELLS VALLEYb-26 Jan. 1926; d-12 Oct. 1993h-Archie Doak Andersonp-Harry & Alice Gumbert Jaymes 
ANDERSON, Louie V.CLEAR RIDGEd-28 Sept. 1887; Age: 8m20d p-E.and S. C. Anderson 
ANDERSON, M. ChristineWELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-1911; d-1977h-John A. Anderson  
ANDERSON, M. LeslieWELLS METHODISTb-1879; d-1959h-S. Warren Anderson  
ANDERSON, Mabel RaeFAIRVIEWb-30 June 1901; d-22 June 1977h-William P. Andersonp-John & Annie Chestnut Laidig 
ANDERSON, MargaretWINEGARDNERd-20 June 1875; Age 77y5m25dh-Samuel Anderson  
ANDERSON, Margaret L.WELLS VALLEYb-17 August 1879; d-31 August 1959h-S. Warren Andersonp-William L. & Margaret Clippinger Mosebey 
ANDERSON, MaryNEW GRENADAb-1923; d-1925 p-Hartman & Glenola Anderson 
ANDERSON, Mary JaneCLEAR RIDGEd-8 Feb. 1916; Age: 81y5m4dh-Jonathan Anderson  
ANDERSON, Mary LoganUNIONb-1906; d-6 May 1999; age-93h-Norman H. Andersonp-Merill and Alice Dickson Nace 
ANDERSON, Norma GaleWELLS VALLEYb-07 Feb. 1929; d-29 Jan. 2008h-Ray Andersonp-John R. & Rhoda Black Grissinger Trego 
ANDERSON, Otis L.CLEAR RIDGEd-24 Dec. 1891 p-E.and S.C.Anderson 
ANDERSON, Robert ElmerWELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-1909; d-1960   
ANDERSON, SamuelWINEGARDNERd-7 Nov. 1855; Age 70y1m1d   
ANDERSON, Samuel WarrenWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-16 June 1879; d-11 Nov. 1935w-Margaret Leslie Mosebyp-A. H. & S. T. Trout Anderson 
ANDERSON, Sarah E.WARFORDSBURG METHODISTd-20 April 1863; Age: 25y6m13dh-Silas Anderson  
ANDERSON, Savina GriffithKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-1860; d-1957h-Walter Anderson  
ANDERSON, SeptamusCLEAR RIDGEd-27 April 1866; Age 43y5m5d   
ANDERSON, Sonja K.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb- 1 Oct. 1946; d- 21 July 2011h- William E. Andersonp- Clifford M. & I. Elizabeth (Treece) Croft 
ANDERSON, Susan C.ANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1834; d-21 November 1861, age 25y2m13d p-E. S. Anderson 

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