Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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HEMMINGER, JacobWHIPS COVEb-1851; d-1926   
HEMMINGER, Roscoe J.WHIPS COVEb-1884; d-1940  WW I
HEMMINGER, Susan J.WHIPS COVEb-1848; d-1924h-Jacob Hemminger  
HENDERSHOT, Claude WyllisWHIPS COVEb-3 June 1924; d-2 March 1996; age-71w-Myra Ethel Mellott Hendershotp-Jackson A. & Dora Means Hendershot 
HIXON, Sosie G.WHIPS COVEd-23 Dec. 1888; Age 28y16dh-Philip D. Hixon  
HOLLY, GeorgeWHIPS COVEd-18 Oct. 1901; Age 21y8m12d p-Silas & C. Holly 
HOLLY, EleanorWHIPS COVEd-10 Feb. 1898 aged 75yh-George Holly  
HOLLY, GeorgeWHIPS COVEd-28 March 1901; Age 75y5m5dw-Eleanor Smith Holly  
HOLLY, SilasWHIPS COVEb-30 May 1847; d-3 Dec. 1915w-Catherine Garland Holly  
HOOPENGARDNER, DentonWHIPS COVEd-18 July 1911; Age 74y11m14d   
HOOPENGARDNER, Elijah AmbroseWHIPS COVEb-1874; d-24 Dec. 1950w-Rose A.p-Denton & Elizabeth Hoopengardner 
HOOPENGARDNER, ElizabethWHIPS COVEd-18 Mar. 1922; Age 74y10m20dh-Denton Hoopengardner  
HOOPENGARDNER, Rose A.WHIPS COVEb-1880h-E. Ambrose Hoopengardner  
HOOPENGARDNER, Rose MellottWHIPS COVE h-Elijah Hoopengardner  
HOOPENGARDNER, S. BruceWHIPS COVEd-15 April 1912; Age 5y8m2d p-E. A. & R. A. Hoopengardner 
KEARNEY, Angela R.WHIPS COVEb-26 Jan. 1925; d-6 July 1995h-Roger Kearneyp-John F. & Annabelle Callahan 
LAYTON, Bertha C.WHIPS COVEb-1880; d-1944h-Robert E. Layton  
LAYTON, Edith M.WHIPS COVEb-1 Nov. 1882; d-6 Jan. 1969h-Howard Laytonp-Jacob Hemminger 
LAYTON, Howard HenryWHIPS COVEb-7 Mar. 1876; d-9 Jan. 1941w-Edith May Hemmingerp-William & Nancy Clark Layton 
LAYTON, Lewis C.WHIPS COVEb-9 Jan. 1878; d-29 Mar. 1951   
LAYTON, NancyWHIPS COVEb-11 August 1855; d-14 Feb. 1937h-William Laytonp-Joseph & Mahala Truax Clark 
LAYTON, RebeccaWHIPS COVEd:24 April 1891; Age 44y2m5dh-J.J.Layton  
LAYTON, William J.WHIPS COVEb-27 Nov. 1851; d-27 Feb. 1909   
LEASURE, RussellWHIPS COVEb-10 June 1886; d-22 May 1961w-Ethel V. Smithp-Silas & Margaret Barns Leasure 
LETCHER, Caroline EllenWHIPS COVEb-29 June 1891; d-23 Mar. 1951   
MAY, Mary E.WHIPS COVEb-28 June 1869; d-21 Feb. 1958h-1) John Miller Truax, 2) William Mayp-William Swope & Sarah Hockenberry 
MCKEE, Mary C.WHIPS COVEb-5 Dec. 1903; d-28 Jan. 1999; age-95h-?p-Frank P. and Alice R. Hart Plessinger 
McKEE, Mary Catherine PlessingerWHIPS COVEb-1903h-James K. McKee  
McKEE, Sarah DiehlWHIPS COVEb-1831; d-1899h-John McKee  
MELLOTT, AsaWHIPS COVEb-3 Dec. 1847; d-Nov. 1913   
MELLOTT, Caleb G.WHIPS COVEb-23 May 1847; d-4 June 1925   
MELLOTT, ChristinaWHIPS COVEb-11 April 1844; d-22 May 1921   
MELLOTT, David Carl (D.C.)WHIPS COVEb-21 Mar. 1879; d-23 Dec. 1953w-L. Blanche Mellottp-Riley & Amanda Bard Mellott 
MELLOTT, Florence WertzWHIPS COVEb-1906h-Wallace  
MELLOTT, Fred RWHIPS COVEd-2 July 1988; Age 79yw-Inez Leasure Mellottp-Daniel Carl & Blanche Mellott MellottWW II
MELLOTT, Jane GarlandWHIPS COVEb-1857; d-1950h-Nathan W. Mellott  
MELLOTT, L. BlancheWHIPS COVEb-1882; d-1950h-D. Carl Mellott  
MELLOTT, Lillian M.WHIPS COVEb-1877; d-1957h-M. Vernon Mellott  
MELLOTT, MariahWHIPS COVEb-19 Dec. 1846; d-4 April 1930h-Caleb G. Mellott  
MELLOTT, Nathan W.WHIPS COVEb-1849; d-1921   
MELLOTT, Samuel J.WHIPS COVEb-15 August 1877; d-26 Dec. 1904   
MELLOTT, Sarah R.WHIPS COVEd-22 Jan. 1882; Age 19y9m7d p-Samuel S. & Rachel Mellott 
MELLOTT, SatchiaWHIPS COVEb-10 Nov. 1839; d-27 Dec. 1895   
MELLOTT, SchychaWHIPS COVEd-27 Dec. 1895; Age 56y1m17dh-Asa Mellott (same as Mellott, Satchia?)  
PLESSINGER, Alice RosettaWHIPS COVEb-7 Jan. 1875; d-1951h-Franklin Pierce Plessingerp-Abner & Louisa Hart 
PLESSINGER, Clyde BartonWHIPS COVEb-2 June 1914   
PLESSINGER, FloraWHIPS COVEb-1876; d-1922h-Watson Pleassinger  
PLESSINGER, WatsonWHIPS COVEb-1883; d-1929   
SKIEVER, Ronald LeeWHIPS COVEb-14 August 1947; d-15 August 1947   
SMITH, Jessica D.WHIPS COVEb-5 Nov. 1986; d-14 Oct. 2001; age-14 p-David D. and Karen Smith Diehl 

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