Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WORTHINGTON, Pearl Alice b- 30 May 1905; 26 May 1951h- Thomas WorthingtonEli and Anna Peck 
YEWDELL, Laura M. b- 27 December 1882; d- 15 May 1957h- Harry Yewdellp- Jacob and Eliza Cutshall 
McQUAIT, Madeline M. b-13 March 1915; d-24 January 2016h-Blem C. McQuaitp-George and Myra Mills Bolinger 
MARSHALL, John E. b-18 November 1944;d-25 January 2009 p-Joseph and Anna (Bombara) Marshall 
SHAW, Madeline F. b- 2 November 1932; d- 15 February 2016h- Allison L. Shawp- Henry P. and Georgia Mae Cody 
MILLS, Randi Lee b- 24 August 1988; d- 9 Ffebruary 2016 p- Randy Edward Mills and Sandra Lee Mills 
AKERS, Paul D. b- 15 February 1956; d- 5 January 2016 p- Reynolds H. and Louise J. Akers 
FRANKHOUSER, Dolores B. b- 19 January 1936; d- 18 February 2016 p- Robert Nhyle and Emma Bivens 
KAPLAN, Arnon Dr. b-15 February 1922; d-4 March 2016w-Eda Gordan Kaplanp- Harry and Jeanette (Zabrowski) KaplanPearl Harbor
JOHNSTON, Harry D. Dr. b-19 September 1936; d-15 March 2016w-Darlene Pierce Johnstonp-Harry M. an Helen (Daniels) Johnston 
KELLER, Patricia J. b-29 August 1935; d-29 March 2016h-Jack Parker Kellerp-Roy Michael Sr. and Isabelle Bernice (Taylor) Pine 
GREEN, Andre P. b-21 March 1967; d-5 April 2016w- Gloria M. Talbertp-George Thomas and Juanita Ruth Green 
MURRAY, John A. b-1 June 1986; d-30 March 2016 p-Trixy Ann (Younker) Murray and John Marshall Murray 
RICHARDS, Cathy J. b-13 September 1959; d-16 April 2016 p-Harold B. Richards and Anna M. (Waugh) Richards 
SMITH, Gerald L. b-31 March 1948; d-2 April 2016w-Trudy L. (Keefer) Smithp-Hope Louema (Mellott) and Glenn Franklin Smith 
SIPES, Earl d-17 March 1923; Age 19 months and a few days Benjamin F. and Myrtle Sipes Deshong 
EDDY, Inez S. b- 18 March 1939; d- 27 April 2016h- Merwyn Eddyp- Robert A. and Margaret P. Smith 
LYNCH, Dora I. b- 12 June 1935; d- 22 April 2016h- Willard Glendon Lynchp- James V. and Dora Ankrom 
MUMMA, Deborah Eddy b- 10 February 1964; d- 5 May 2016h- Ronald E. Mummap- Merwyn P. and Inez S. Eddy 
WOOLDRIDGE, Gay J. b- 23 July 1941; d- 17 May 2016h- Bob Wooldridgep- Fred Hewett and Marguerite Young 
HEDGE, Herbert H. b- 16 August 1935; d- 17 May 2016w- Ruth A. Hedgep- Shannon and Grace Hedgearmy
HARNESS, Katherine Kendall b- 14 January 1912; d- 6 July 1954h- George Harnessp- Jas. H. and Myra Nelson 
MELLOTT, Franklin D. b- 5 November 1944; d- 21 May 2016 p- Beulah E. and Samuel E. MellottNavy
NORTHCRAFT, Willard E. b- 1930; d- 18 May 2016w- Jeanne Fischerp- Ada Smith and Leo NorthcraftAirforce
WEIKEL, Barton L. Jr. b-9 November 1979; d-30 May 2016 p-Barton L. Weikel Sr. and Kathy I. Edwards Latherow 
YOUNG, Lucia A. b-29 December 1985; d-18 June 2016 p-Deborah Hornick and Artrell Hawkins Sr. 
BRANCHE-ARNOLD, Sharece S. b-16 June 1992; d-21 July 2016h-Darrick Arnoldp-Preston L. Branche &Juliette Powell 
WEICHT, Marvin W. b- 6 December 1945 d-12 July 2016 p-Calvin G and Elsie O Bishop Weicht 
SHIMER, Ann Maria d-16 July 1895h-Samuel ShimerDaniel Metzler 
SEBURN, Marilyn E. b-29 December 1946; d-24 July 2016 Floyd Anderson & Rosella Mellot 
LAKE, Wayne E. Jr. b-20 May 1962; d-18 July 2016 Eugene and Myrtle Lake 
FIGARD, James M. b-27 October 1953;d-18 August 2016w-Lisa G. BeardFigardClinton &Pearl Corrie-Figard 
SIPES, Allen L. b-22 January 1945; d-30 August 2001w-Susan Shetron SipesHarold A. & Ruby Mae Deshong Sipes 
KENDALL, James G. d-5 Dec 1902w-Margaret Morrow  
FLEMING, Fred N. b- 23 Apr. 1949 d- 13 Sep. 2016w- Susan D. Norris Flemingp- Neva M Black and Wayne E. Fleming 
RAY, Doris J. b-21 Jun 1925 d- 14 oct 2016h- Donal f Rayp-Richard Roscoe and Bertha Trittle Ott 
HARRIS, Janet D.  b- 26 May 1932; d- 25 Dec. 2016h- Harry H. Harris Sr.p- Lloyd McGill & Florence Spriggs 
HARR, Teneil C. b- 13 Aug. 1981; d- 16 Dec. 2016h-David L. Harrp- Fredrick J. Mellott & Kimberly R. Waters 
FOSTER, Laurie L. b- 1 Mar. 1962; d- 11 Dec. 2016h- Gerald E. Fosterp- Charles Mathew King and Linda Bell 
AKERS, Christine N. b- 25 Dec. 1948; d- 6 Dec. 2016 p- Hazel A. Clevenger 
HIXSON, Ronald V. b- 17 Sept. 1945; d- 13 Jan. 2017 p- W. Veryl & Mary Blanche Hixson 
Peck, Ruby F. b- 18 March 1913; d- 26 February, 2017 h- Jobe Peckp- Bundy and Cathrine Golden Crist  
MELLOTT, Cynthia A. b-30 March 1957; d-20 February 2017 p-Norman A. and Alice E. DeShong Mellott 
REMSBURG, Leone b-28 January 1919; d-17 February 2017h-John Remsburgp-Bruce and Edith Mellott Barton 
Robenolt, Mandy L. b- 26 November 1985; d- 10 March 2017; h- Justin P. Robenolt p- Cindy Kelly and Dean Headly 
BAUM, Betty J. b-7 October 1928; d-26 January 2017h-Charles Baump-John George and Irene Josenhans Milke 
Preston, Linda C. b- 18 December, 1943; d- 20 February, 2017; h- William E. Prestonp- Gid and Delphine Crooke  
Baum, Charles H. JR,  b- 3 October 1923; d- 5 March 2017;w- Betty J. Baump-Florence A. BaumU.S Army Air Corps,
SMALLEY, Dearl E. b-29 April 1935; d-3 March 2017w-Ora M. Johnson Smalleyp-Bessie M. Gindlesperger and Dearl L. SmalleyU.S. Army
Paylor, Eston H. b- 15 March 1926; d- 1 October 2002w- Beulah Bivens Paylorp- George Maynard Paylor and Lois Ott PaylorU.S Army

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