Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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DIEHL, BerthaWHIPS COVEb-10 Feb. 1880; d-4 Mar. 1944h-Robert Diehlp-William & Nancy Layton 
DIEHL, BostonWHIPS COVEb-27 Sept. 1836; d-26 Dec. 1904   
DIEHL, CatherineWHIPS COVEd:1 Oct. 1864; Age 18y p-S.and H.Diehl 
DIEHL, CorneliusWHIPS COVEb-17 Jan. 1833; d-2 Feb. 1907   
DIEHL, Curtis A.WHIPS COVEd-22 Sept. 1941; Age 35y10m2dw-Hope Deneenp-William Deihl 
DIEHL, Curtis LeeWHIPS COVEb-30 Oct. 1905; d-22 Sept. 1941   
DIEHL, David D.WHIPS COVEb-15 Apr 1961; d-5 Jan 2004; Age 42w- Karen Smith Diehl  
DIEHL, DellaWHIPS COVEb-13 Mar. 1873; d-22 Mar. 1939h-Edgar A. Diehlp-Denton & Ester Smith Layton 
DIEHL, Dwayne DerrickWHIPS COVEb-30 May 1957; d-2 August 1957 p-A. C. & F. K. Diehl 
DIEHL, Edgar AllenWHIPS COVEb-19 Mar. 1868; d-1 Oct. 1950 p-Boston & Emeline Truax Diehl 
DIEHL, Edna FrancesWHIPS COVEb-11 Nov. 1900; d-10 August 1993h-Marshall Harris Diehlp-Theodore & Clara Barnes Fletcher 
DIEHL, Edna N.WHIPS COVEb-24 Oct. 1895; d-24 Feb. 1978 p-George B. & Stella Winter Diehl 
DIEHL, Effamy CatherineWHIPS COVEd-16 Jan. 1962; Age 77yh-George F. Diehlp-William & Nancy Clark Layton 
DIEHL, EmalineWHIPS COVEb-16 Feb. 1845; d-24 Sept. 1915h-Boston Diehl  
DIEHL, Emory A., Sr.WHIPS COVEb-12 August 1879; d-19 Nov. 1947w-Irene Doudsp-Samuel & Fannie Hess Diehl 
DIEHL, FannyWHIPS COVEb-1850; d-1912h-Samuel Diehl  
DIEHL, Frances K.WHIPS COVEb-6 April 1928; d-9 March 2002; age-78h-Allen Crown Diehlp-Bernard C. and Pleasant Landis Munson 
DIEHL, George FranklinWHIPS COVEb-18 Dec. 1874; d-31 May 1955w-Effamyp-Samuel & Fanney Hess Diehl 
DIEHL, HannahWHIPS COVEd-25 May 1888; Age 86yh-Solomon Diehl  
DIEHL, Hope DeneenWHIPS COVEb-1 Sept. 1910h-Curtis Lee Diehl  
DIEHL, Infant DaughterWHIPS COVEd-14 Feb. 1896 p-E. A. & D. Diehl 
DIEHL, Ira WilliamWHIPS COVEd-4 Jan. 1940; Age 59yw-Goldie Richards  
DIEHL, IreneWHIPS COVEb-16 Nov. 1879; d-12 Mar. 1948h-Emory A. Diehl, Sr.p-Frank & Margaret Fulton Douds 
DIEHL, Jeanette FisherWHIPS COVEb-1889; d-1961   
DIEHL, Marshall GrantWHIPS COVEb-15 Feb. 1922; d-1 Sept. 1933   
DIEHL, Marshall HarrisWHIPS COVEb-19 July 1899; d-4 July 1960w-Edna Fletcherp-Edgar A. & Della Layton Diehl 
DIEHL, Mary EdnaWHIPS COVEb-11 Jan. 1941; d-7 July 1942   
DIEHL, Robert E. LeeWHIPS COVEb-16 April 1866; d:Dec. 1948w-Bertha Laytonp-Boston & Emaline Diehl 
DIEHL, SamuelWHIPS COVEb-1841; d-1914   
DIEHL, Sarah AnnWHIPS COVEb-2 Jan. 1830; d-2 Feb. 1907h-Cornelius Diehl  
DIEHL, Sarah E.WHIPS COVEd-8 April 1993; Age 88yh-Harper F. Diehlp-George & Cordelia Smith Carson 
DIEHL, SolomonWHIPS COVEd-3 August 1878; Age 75y   
DIEHL, Stella J.WHIPS COVEb-28 Jan. 1867; d-16 Apil 1904h-M. C. Diehl  
DIEHL, UriahWHIPS COVEd-19 Feb. 1916; Age 86y   
DIEHL, William S.WHIPS COVEb-1874; d-1914   
DINGLEY, Ellie V.WHIPS COVEd-11 Nov. 1901; Age 18y8m18dh-J. H. Dingleyp-S. & D. Holly 
EVERITT, Maxine L.WHIPS COVEb-23 Feb. 1920; d-30 July 2002; age-82h-Wilbur B. Everittp-Luther and Ella Smith Hoopengardner 
FARNDELL, Dorothy L.WHIPS COVEb-29 May 1935; d-9 Jan. 1993h-George J.Farndellp-Leo & Kathleen Cassidy Whelan 
FISCHER, Roy H.WHIPS COVEb-22 Sept. 1918; d-24 Jan 2003; age-84w-Helen L. Roupe Fischerp-George M. Fischer Sr. and Nora E. Garland Fischer 
FLETCHER, Alvin D.WHIPS COVEd-13 Nov. 1978; Age 76yw-Minnie Diehlp-Theodore & Clara Barnes Fletcher 
FLETCHER, Minnie EvelynWHIPS COVEd-6 April 1979; Age 76yh-Alvin D. Fletcherp-Robert & Bertha Layton Biehl 
GARLAND, BessieWHIPS COVEb-9 May 1879; d-10 July 1933h-1) John Clevenger, 2) Jobe Garlandp-Lewis & Annie Hess Sipes 
GEARHART, Daniel M.WHIPS COVEb-13 Mar. 1867; d-28 Jan. 1944w-Mary Hosep-Robert & Rhoda Mellott Gearhart 
GEARHART, Elizabeth C.WHIPS COVEb-1898; d-1915 p-Daniel & Mary Gearhart 
GEHRHART, Mary C.WHIPS COVEb-1875; d-1916h-Daniel M. Gehrhart  
GEREHART, R. R.WHIPS COVEd-13 Sept. 1896; Age 20y6m18d   
GOOD, Annie O.WHIPS COVEb-23 March 1893; d-5 December 1963h-David Stutzman Goodp-William J. and Martha Lake Griffin 
GOOD, David S.WHIPS COVEb-1865; d-1941   
HART, AmandaWHIPS COVEb-25 Sept. 1860; d-8 July 1945h-1) Harbine Hixson, 2) William Vincent Hartp-Charles & Sophia Winter Welsh 
HART, William VincentWHIPS COVEb-8 May 1859; d-3 Nov. 1929   

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