Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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MELLOTT, Thomas W. b-28 December 1959; d-28 July 2015  Thelma R (Truax) and Fred E. Mellott  
PECK, CATHERINE LOUISE "CATHY" b-14 Sep 1939 d-29 July 2015 Age 75yh-Donald L. "Butch" Peckp-Fred M. & Gladys L. Milani 
WELLER, Lewis Henry B-July 24 1939;D-Aug 3, 2015 Bonnie M. Younker weller Leo and marie shaw weller  
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM H. "BILL" b-? d-3 Aug 2015 Age 85yw-Mary Ellen Shimerp-Lewis & Evelyn "Muzz" (McLaughlin) CunninghamKorean Conflict (Engineer)
CARMACK, Robert O. b-4 March 1929 d- 17 September 2015Carmack, Arlene QuerryScott and Ethel Sipes Carmack 
GLENN, Sheila K. B-23 July 1946;D-15 September 2015 David R. GlennHarry and Marion (Tulloch) Moore 
RUBECK, John Charles b- 18 March 1960; d- 15 September 2015 p-Luther Rubeck; Mildred Rubeck 
MATTHEWS, Thomas B. B- june 14, 1940;D-sep 12, 2015 Age75Y Rosetta L. (Lininger)MatthewsEdna (matthews) and charles Matthews 
HARTLE, Robert A. "Bobby" B-27 July 1962; d-7 September 2015 Anna HartleRobert Lynn and Judy Ann Hoover Hartle 
GREEN, Sue Ellen b- 9 December 1960; d- 21 September2015Green II, RobertEric Eberhart; Eleanor West JayUnited States Army
HOCK, Ruth M.  b- 2 September 1943;d-23 Sept 2015h=Paul Hock JrRuth (Keck) and Ralph Morrison 
CROUSE, Morris E. B: 14 December 1936; D: 1 October 2015Crouse, Charlotte R. Alta G. Crouse, Donald J. CrouseUnited States Army
CADLWALADER, Margaret A. d-5 October 2015 Age-71 p- Willian Leslie Laird Sr., Chatherine Amanda McKenney Laird 
SEVILLE, Nellie M. B: 22 July 1935; D: 10 October 2015 John Seville, Lottie Bathalow Seville 
GLUNT, Alda K. B: 6 Nov, 1934; D: 7 October, 2015Richard C. GluntGilbert Rosenberry, Janet Foreman Rosenberry 
ZEIGLER, Norma Ellen B: Unknown; D: 28 Oct 2015 Donald Allen Zeigler, Ingrid Zeigler 
MELLOTT, Lena Larue B: 27 October 1924; D: 27 October2015 Denver MellottJohn Mellott, Lillian Buterbaugh Mellott 
KREPPS, Rochelle Ann B: 22 Feb 1966; D: 28 Oct 2015Michael J. KreppsPatricia Dohms Gauthier, William R. Gauthier 
ROHM, William h. "bill" B-July 14, 1952;D-Oct 29, 2015 age 63YW- Dianna L. Rohm Melvin Rohm and mary RohmVietnam war army
FIX, Frances G. "Boots" B: 13 Sep 1933; D: 20 Oct 2015 Gerald E. and Ava Hershey Fix 
MUNCH, Robert Garland D-21 October 2015 age 78w-Patricia Ann Munchp-Edgar and Joyce Carnell MunchUS air force
SIPES, J Nelson  B-April 23, 1837;age 78Y 6M 8D; D- nov 3, 1915W- Minerva sipes  
DIEHL, Edgar A.  b- 7 May 1949 d-23 Nov 2015w-Debbie Reed Diehlp-Frances Kathern Munson and Allen Crown Diehl 
POWELL, Timothy Lee b- 7 Sep 2015 d- 9 Nov 2015   
EVERTS, Jeffery Wade b- 1 March 1972; d- 26 Nov 2015w- Becky Flemingp- Boyd E.Everts and Linda Crouse Everts Ramsey 
HOWELL, Kenneth W. b-25 October 1966;d-11 December 2015w-Vicki Howellp-LInda D. (Hinckle) Howell, Hancock, Md., and Elwood Arlo Howell 
BLACK, Charles Eugene "Tater" b-4 January 1959; d-13 December 2015w-Linda Hildebrandp-James and Dorothy (Divelbliss) Black 
KERSHAW, Tracie Sue b- 28 May 1969; d-23 January 2016 p-Loren Chaney and Marjourie (Naugle) Heckman 
BIDDINGER, Margaret b-2 July 1945: d-14 Jan 2016h- Ramond R. Johnsp- Robert Lee and Dorothy Elle Frye Biddinger 
CREAGER, Anna Louise b-13 June 1927 d-25 March 2015h- Chester James Creagerp- Albert and Elizabeth Faust Gayman 
CADWALADER, Margaret Ann d-5 October 2015, age 71 p-William Leslie Sr. and Catherine Amanda McKenney Laird 
KREPS, Rochelle Ann b-22 February 1966; d-28 October 2015h-Michael J. Krepsp-William R. and Patricia Dohms Gauthier 
SHEFFIELD, Jeffery E. b-14 August 1963; d-31 January 2016w-Odette Plessingerp-Andra L. and Stanley E. Sheffield 
RAY, Harold Richard b- 12 July 1939; d- 25 March 2015w- Dorothy Waters Rayp- Walter and Beulah Bishop Ray 
LANEHART, Alton Elwood b-27 June 1925;d-5 February 2016 p-Charles and Bessie (Mills) LanehartWWII
SAMPLE, Robert L. b- 30 June 1945; d- 30 March 2015w- Shirley A. SampleEsther Sample and Harold Sample 
SWOPE, Blanche Ashcom b-27 March 1891; d-22 June 1985 p-Dr. Lorenzo W. and Sara Forsythe Swope 
BIDDINGER, Margaret Lee b-2 July 1945;d-14 January 2016 p-Robert Lee and Dorothy Ellen Frye Biddinger 
McGINNES, Nancy R. b-21 September 1938; d-1 February 2016 p-Lorreta Mae (Spade) and Thomas Leslie Robinson 
STONE, Myron D. Sr. b- 15 July 1942; d- 24 March 2015w- Wanda C. StoneEvelyn Odessa and Myron O. Stonearmy
TROUT, Dr. Clarence  w- Mary BighamDr. William F. and Matilda Bokor Trout 
TRUAX, Dawson Jefferson b- 19 May 1887; d- 3 November 1957w- Loretta M. MunsonWilliam J. and Tabitha Mellott Tuax 
TRUAX, G. Edward  w- Glen Echo  
TRUAX, Leah Ellen b- 6 November 1859; d- 3 February 1924 Jonathan and Elizabeth Garland Truax 
TRUAX, Shirley A. b- 6 February 1945; d- 27 March 2015h- John N. TruaxEdna V. and Charles G. Matthews 
TRUAX, Thomas R. b- 28 April 1877; d- 18 February 1958w- Nellie A. MellottJohnson and Tabitha Truax 
Valentine, John George b- 3 January 1882; d- 27 May 1950   
VANCE, Joseph Guy d- 10 November 1959w- Rhoda Belle Vancep- C. Clarence and Rhoda Vance 
WIBLE, James E. b- 7 August 1878; d- 26 Septemberw- Dottie L. WibleReuben S. and Sarah M. Deshong Wible 
WIBLE, Katie Belle b- 10 February 1878; d- 22 January 1955h- Orlando Wiblep- Jeremiah and Charlotte Gladfelter 

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