Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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ZILCH, Herbert R.UNIONd-25 May 1969; Age 62y12dw-Margaret Steelep-Earnest & Amelia Cable Zilch 
ZILCH, Margaret SteeleUNIONd-5 July 1964; Age 56y22dh-Herbert R. Zilch  
ZILER, J. JuneBUCK VALLEY METHODISTd-Age 44yh-Glen W. Zilerp-Amos A. & Ora E. Scriever Ward 
ZIMMERMAN, Anna E.CEDAR GROVEb-23 Jan. 1885; d-10 Jan. 1948h-Jacob Scott Zimmermanp-Palmer Barnhart & France Bailey 
ZIMMERMAN, Bessie E.REHOBETHd-28 Oct. 1983; Age 91yh-Frank E. Zimmermanp-Lewis & Clara Secrist Weller 
ZIMMERMAN, Clempson R.McCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd-13 April 1858; Age 5y2m5d p-J. L. & M. J. Zimmerman 
ZIMMERMAN, Dorothy V.FAIRVIEWb-1 Mar. 1915; d-6 July 1978h-Charles S. Zimmermanp-Alton & Lydia Mumma Price 
ZIMMERMAN, Etta MaeZION LUTHd-18 Feb. 1976; Age 71y p-Ira & Lily May Carl Zimmerman 
ZIMMERMAN, Ettie MayFULTON CO.d-18 Nov. 1890; age-15y7d p-Jacob Zimmerman 
ZIMMERMAN, Frank ErnestREHOBETHb-1892: d-27 April 1975w-Bessie E. Weller Zimmermanp-Ira and Lillian Zimmerman 
ZIMMERMAN, Ira W.ZIONb-14 Oct. 1860; d-12 Mar. 1935w-Lillie May Carlp-Jacob & Amy Zimmerman 
ZIMMERMAN, Kathleen J.CEDAR GROVEb-21 May 1922: d-23 November 2013h-Royce T. Zimmermanp-Clyde S. and Estella O. Everts Mellott 
ZIMMERMAN, Louie E.DAMASCUSb-1860; d-1885   
ZIMMERMAN, Nathaniel E.DAMASCUSb-1831; d-21 ? 1882, in his 52nd year   
ZIMMERMAN, Royce T.CEDAR GROVEd-13 June 1993; Age 74yw-Kathleen J. Mellottp-Jacob Scott & Anna Ethel Barnhart Zimmerman 
ZIMMERMAN, SarahUNION CHRISTIANb-25 Nov. 1816; d-25 May 1855   
ZIMMERMAN, Susan PittmanDAMASCUSb-1835; d-13 August 1879h-Nathaniel Zimmerman  
ZIMMERMAN, WilsonREHOBOTHage- 36w- Rhoda Wellerp- Mr. and Mrs. Ira Zimmerman 
ZINN, Edith D.ANTIOCHb-06 Nov. 1947;d-18 Jan. 2007h-William Zinnp-John & Stella Clark Barthalow 
ZUCK, JohnMcCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd-15 May 1867; Age 64y   
ZUCK, Mary AnnMcCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd-29 Mar. 1875; Age 67y   

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