Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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YINGLING, Shirley M. BizubCENTERb-17 July 1929; d-05 Nov 2004h-Harold H. Yinglingp-Joseph and Mabel Bizub 
YINGLING, Thelma LaRueCENTERd-18 Sept. 1988; Age 84yh-Harvey E. Yinglingp-Naomi Wible Benson 
YINGLING, Valoris W.CENTERb-14 Nov. 1933; d-4 May 2000; age-66w-Wanda M. Drenningp-Ralph J. and Gladys L. Secrist Yingling 
YONKER, AlbertCEDAR GROVEd-18 August 1870; Age 15y4m23d   
YONKER, BarbaraCEDAR GROVEd-25 Jan. 1871; Age 85y2m20d   
YONKER, Child?d-8 January 1880 p-Edward A. Yonker 
YONKER, Eliza RanckWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-1869; d-1964h-William P. Yonker  
YONKER, ElizabethCEDAR GROVEb-13 Mar. 1852; d-19 Jan. 1935h-Lewis Yonkerp-George & Anna Shecham Belsinger 
YONKER, Franklin GlenWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-1892 p-William & Eliza Yonker 
YONKER, Guy EdwardREHOBETHd-15 Mar. 1979; Age 71yw-Cleo Kathryn Hannp-Willis E. & Lucretia B. Myers Yonker 
YONKER, Hazel R.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-1897; d-1910 p-William & Eliza Yonker 
YONKER, InfantDAMASCUSd-1895   
YONKER, Infant SonCEDAR GROVEd-5 August 1872; Age 5d p-M. V. & M. A. Yonker 
YONKER, JacobTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-18 June 1862; Age 61y3m21d   
YONKER, JacobCEDAR GROVEd-30 Sept. 1870; Age 19y6m5d   
YONKER, Jacob H.CEDAR GROVEd-2 Sept. 1870; Age 52y10m15d   
YONKER, John (infant son)?d-9 February 1889, age 5m p-William and Sarah Yonker 
YONKER, LeviCEDAR GROVEd-12 July 1870; Age 25y   
YONKER, LewisCEDAR GROVEb-14 Nov. 1847; d-28 Mar. 1929w-Elizabeth Belsingerp-Jacob & Rachel Hendershot Yonker 
YONKER, Lucretia BlancheREHOBETHd-13 August 1975; Age 88yh-Willis E. Yonker, Sr.p-Emory & Emily Shives Myers 
YONKER, Margaret L.BUCK VALLEY METHODISTb-1916; d-1946   
YONKER, RachelCEDAR GROVEd-16 Sept. 1870; Age 48yh-Jacob Yonker  
YONKER, RebeccaTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-27 Sept. 1881; Age 73y7m5d   
YONKER, RebeccaCEDAR GROVEd-25 Dec. 1902; Age 81y4dh-John Yonker  
YONKER, William P.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-1867; d-1944w-Eliza  
YOST, Charles R.CEDAR GROVEb-? d-3 Nov 1982 Age 91y p- Frederick and Mary YostWWI
YOST, Danielle Genette  b- 20 February, d- 21 June 2014 p- Gregg and Marry Ann (Orbett) Yost 
YOST, ElisahWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-9 Mar. 1863; Age 8y2m10d p-John & L. Yost 
YOST, Esther A.UNIONd-2 Apr 2004; Age 86h-Frank W. Yostp-Sanner Ray & Blanche Keyser Ray 
YOST, Frank W.UNIONd-22 Oct. 1986; Age 75yw-Esther Rayp-John & Theresa Wagoner Yost 
YOST, Gertie PleasantCEDAR GROVEd-17 Jan. 1972; Age 70yh-Charles R. Yostp-William Thomas & Martha Hiles Divelbiss 
YOST, Gwendolyn L.UNIONd-28 May 1978; Age 47yh-Leonard F. Yostp-Edwin Wallace & Mary Gertrude Booth Murray 
YOST, John WilliamBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb- 28 Sept. 1926; d- 13 July 1975w-Laura Ella Shaw Yosp-Charles Yost & Rosa RobinetteWWII US Navy
YOST, Joseph "Joey"MT. TABORb-10 April 1950; d-18 Jan. 1985 p-Guy Raymond & Sarah Palmer Yost 
YOST, Lawrence EdwardMAYS CHAPELb-28 Dec. 1947; d-22 Feb. 2006w-Dolly M. Peck Yostp-Guy & Sara Palmer Yost 
YOST, RebeccaWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-19 Mar. 1863; Age 10y11m p-John H. & L. Yost 
YOUNG, David H.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-27 Nov. 1921; d-23 April 2001; age-79w-Florence Fordp-Frank S. and Edna Dean Young 
YOUNG, Florence M.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-16 Jan 1914; d-?h- David Young  
YOUNG, Gary L.TROUGH CREEKb- 25 August 1940; d- 7 June 2002w- Judy Rinkerp- Robert D. and Freda Grace Youngarmy
YOUNG, Lucia A. b-29 December 1985; d-18 June 2016 p-Deborah Hornick and Artrell Hawkins Sr. 
YOUNG, Mrs. SeibertUNIONd-14 Dec. 1955; Age 70y8m28d   
YOUNG, Shannon B.UNIONd-21 Sept. 1965; Age 46y7m7d   
YOUNGBLOOD, Lucas D. b-24 Sept. 1994 d- 6 Sept. 2013 Chris and Sharon Youngblood 
YOUNKER, Barbara EllenREHOBETHb-11 September 1911;d-16 November 1927 p-Reasen and Dora Younker 
YOUNKER, BessieDAMASCUSb-1915; d-1960   
YOUNKER, Brenda A.DAMASCUSb- January13,1956 d- September 19, 2014 Edward and Genevieve Snyder Younker 
YOUNKER, Calvin Dennis b-22 Sept 1954; d-9 Feb 2000w-Christine Marie Wilt Younkerp-LeRoy Divelbliss and Janet YounkerU.S. Army
YOUNKER, CatharineTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-28 Mar. 1854; Age 74y11m1dh-John Younker  
YOUNKER, Claude (Infant)DAMASCUSd-1893   

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