Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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BIDLEMAN, William?d-4 April 1879, age about 72y   
BUTTS, Harry?d-1 February 1883, age about 23y   
BOWMAN, Wilson?d-February 1877, age 69y5m18d   
BOWERS, Mary Elizabeth?d-17 March 1875, age 71y5m11dh-Peter Bowers  
BOWERS, Mattie?d-5 July 1878, age 28y11m1d   
BUTTS, Rebecca?d-13 March 1877, age 71y   
WINTER, Iva June StraitPLEASANT GROVE CHRISTIANb-4 October 1938; d-7 August 2004   
MELLOTT, Catherine HessHILLS CHAPELb-16 May 1863; d-5 May 1964h-Andrew Mellott  
SMITH, Clem Garland Jr.JERUSALEMb-1 June 1934; d-29 Sept 1984   
MELLOTT, Emma C, "Emmaline" Garland b-14 July 1858; d-9 November 1941   
LEGGETT, Jack H. Sr.?b-16 April 1945; d-4 October 2012   
APPLE, George EugeneCedar Groveb-18 Feb 1930; d-10 Mar 1999   
APPLE, Sumiko FurukawaCedar Groveb-1928, d-8 June 1984   
RANKIN, Charles S., Sr.CEDAR GROVEb- 26 Sep 1895; d-17 Apr 1960w-Hazel V. Carnell  
KEEFER, William HowardREHOBETHd-11 August 1955, age 68w-Nellie May Eshelman Keefer  
SEVILLE, Howard (Mrs.)UNIONd-1899, age 28y3m2dh-Howard Seville  
CHESNUT, Cleo?d-14 December 1899, age 22y10m14d   
SPECK, Susanna Oliver?d-21 May 1899, age 19y7m21d   
ENSLEY, ErnestMcKENDREEnewspaper 14 May 1903   
PAYLOR, Jesse?d-8 December 1908, age 73y4m3d   
WINEGARDNER, Emma?d-17 December 1898, age 20y10m1d   
MILLER, Blanche E.?b-30 August 1919; d-12 January 2013   
HEWETT, Jacob C. REHOBETHb-8 June 1842; d-3 November 1906  Co G, 205th PA Vol.
MILLER, Jacob A.?d-14 November 1899, age 84y11m7d   
RUSS, Newton?d-17 April 1903, age 22y   
FRAKER, Bessie G.FT. LITTLETONb-20 December 1885; d-1 January 1963   
HAMIL, John IrvinKNOBSVILLEb-1838; d-3 March 1908, age 70y3m13d   
CLINE, Emma McDowellFT. LITTLETONage 64y5m   
WAGNER, Maria JaneKNOBSVILLEb-18 January 1846; d-3 September 1923h-G. W. Wagner  
JONG, AbramBURNT CABINS   149th Inf. Civil War marker
FISHER, Martha JaneHILLS CHAPELd-19 March 1886, age 33 (or 83?)h-William C. Fisher  
FISHER, William C.HILLS CHAPELd-2 February 1882, age 33 (or 83?)w-Martha Jane Fisher  
GROVE, EmanuelWELLS METHODISTb-1834; d-5 June 1863  Co. B, 126th PA Infantry
MELLOTT, Sarah StillwellTONOLOWAYd-4 April 1812h-John M. Mellott  
CARBAUGH, Rebecca?b-1821; d-19 September 1902, age 81y7m4dh-James Carbaugh  
RAMESY, Charles E.Sideling Hill Christianb- 6 April 1909 w-Bertha Mellott Ramsey  
BARTON, Henry N.Akersville Methodistd- 11 January; Age 59 yearsw- Mrs. Barton  
KEITH, Mary FosterWells Valley Chapel b- 8 Feb. 1841 d- 12 July 1932h- Wilson R. Keith  
ALEXANDER, Joseph CreathWELLS VALLEY METHODISTd-22 August 1902, age 58y9m27d   
BARTON, Charles UNION w-Edith Barton  
BOOTH, Elizabeth CowanClear Ridgeb- 12 January 1867 d-6 August 1939h-Jehu Booth  
BROWN, Ambrose (Mrs.)CLEAR RIDGEd-16 November 1918, age 37 h-Ambrose Brown  
BAUMGARDNER, Rebecca Francis CorrellSIDELING HILL BAPTISTd-10 April 1921, age 64y10m10dh-(1) George Correll (2) Scott Baumgardner  
CULLER, IsaacREHOBETHd-5 April 1916, age 52y9m23dw-Suvannah Bishop Culler  
BOWMAN, Mattie d-5 July 1878, age 29y11m1d   
KNAUFF, Michael.UNION w-Elizabeth Bermond  
McCLAIN, Isaac C.CENTERb-1864: d-1938w- Laura Heck McClain  
REGI, George B.KNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-3 February 1860: d- 10 January 1937w- Miss Cora Edith Kerlin  
FEGLEY, EmmaHILLS CHAPELd-24 October 1925h-E. L. Fegley  
CONRAD, DanUNION w-Rebecca Peoples Conrad  

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