Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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YOUNKER, Lena TruaxREHOBETHd-Age 35yh-Guy E. Younker  
YOUNKER, Lois HopeDAMASCUSb-27 October 1923; d-5 June 2011h-Eldon P. Younkerp-Joseph Charles and Ida Bella Robinson LandersUS Navy Nurse Corps, WWII
YOUNKER, Lola ChelivaCEDAR GROVEb-16 Feb. 1881; d-13 Dec. 1957h-Riley H. Younkerp-William & Martha Lake Griffin 
YOUNKER, LouieDAMASCUSb-1899; d-1900   
YOUNKER, Olive M. J.DAMASCUSb- 10 March 1933; d- 21 June 2019h- Guy A. Younkerp- Etta M. Miller and Virgil W. Pittman 
YOUNKER, PleasantDAMASCUSb-1884; d-1886   
YOUNKER, Reason R.REHOBETHb- 8 September 1869; d- 8 September 1933w- Dora Belle Thompsonp- Adam and Susan Suffecool Younker 
YOUNKER, Rhoda BelleDAMASCUSb-1886; d-17 June 1955h-William Younkerp-Philip and Hannah Shives Gordon 
YOUNKER, Sarah AnnPLEASANT GROVEb-7 May 1947; d-16 Jan. 2000; age-52h-Ray E. Younkerp-Elizabeth Gallion Morris and Ernest Morris 
YOUNKER, Sarah E.DAMASCUSb-1860; d-1903   
YOUNKER, Sarah EllenDAMASCUSb-1919; d-1921   
YOUNKER, SusannahREHOBETHd-18 May 1901; age-54y11m8dh-Adam E. Younkerp-Isaac Sufficool 
YOUNKER, Wayne A.?b-23 August 1936; d-7 June 2012w-Alice I. Mills Younkerp-Edgar and Bessie Younker Shives 
YOUNKER, William C.DAMASCUSb-1851; d-15 June 1925   
YOUNKER, William P.DAMASCUSb-1883; d-1952   
YOUNKER, Willis EdwardREHOBETHd-Age 77yw-Marie B. Myersp-Adam & Susan Suffacool Younker 
YOUNKERS, Stephen B. d- 1 November; 2014; Bettie (Kramer)Jeffrey and Arlene 
YOUSE, Bessie M.UNIONb-11 Dec. 1902; d-27 Nov. 1977h-Emory Yousep-Daniel & Emma Suders McQuade 
YOUSE, EmoryUNIONb-4 June 1904; d-9 May 1982w-Bessie McQuadep-William Adam & Laura Lake Youse 
YOUSE, Ira JamesUNIONb-10 Jan. 1910; d-25 Sept. 1983w-Minniep-William & Laura Lake YouseVeteran
YOUSE, JamesUNIONd-23 Jan. 1924; Age 83y  Civil War
YOUSE, Laura F.*UNIONb-8 June 1866; d-16 Jan. 1961; Age 94y7m8dh-Lewis A. Yousep-Adam and Martha Valence 
YOUSE, Lloyd CarlUNIONb-30 Mar. 1935; d-28 Mar. 1981 p-Ira & Minnie Deshong Youse 
YOUSE, LouisUNIONd-20 Oct. 1936; Age 67y11m18d   
YOUSE, Minnie AmeliaUNIONb-25 April 1913; d-13 August 1987h-Ira Yousep-Harry N. & Arishia Everts Deshong 
Youse, Sarah HilbertUNIONb-3 September 1845: d-15 Oct. 1923; Age 78yh-James Youse  
YOUSE, WilliamUNIONb-01 July 1878; d-04 August 1935; Age 57y1m7dw-Laura Lakep-James & Sarah Youse 
ZAHM, Charles GordonDAMASCUSb-14 Oct 1942; d-12 April 2018w-Sharon Ann Churchill Zahmp-Harold E. and Doris Weaver ZahmUS Marine Corps
ZAHM, Sharon A.DAMASCUSb-13 Feb. 1953; d-09 Dec. 2007h-Charles G. Zahm Sr.p-William G. & Grace Marachich Churchill 
ZAWACKY, Linda Mae b-29 September 1943 d-12 November 2014h-William Joseph Zawackyp-Robert Morrow and Carrie Hilda Carbaugh Kendall 
ZEIGLER, Margaret ClymansBURNT CABINSb-1853; d-1934   
ZEIGLER, Norma Ellen B: Unknown; D: 28 Oct 2015 Donald Allen Zeigler, Ingrid Zeigler 
ZELLERS, Charles (jr)WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-25 May 1929; d-2 Oct. 2001; age-72w-Betty L. Reedp-Charles Sr. and Lola Sprowl Zellers 
ZELLERS, Lola Pauline SprowlWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-11 Feb. 1909; d-28 Nov. 1983 p-George E. & Bessie Johnson Sprowl 
ZERN, Alverda M.WELLS METHODISTb-1869; d-1923h-Harry J. Zern  
ZIEGLER, ElizabethANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1812; d-11 February 1835, age 23y9mh-Joseph Ziegler  
ZIEGLER, Isaac Sr.ANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1760; d-15 June 1836, age 76y4m   
ZIEGLER, SusanANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1756; d-25 October 1831, age 75 yearsh-Isaac Ziegler Sr  
ZILCH, Herbert R.UNIONd-25 May 1969; Age 62y12dw-Margaret Steelep-Earnest & Amelia Cable Zilch 
ZILCH, Margaret SteeleUNIONd-5 July 1964; Age 56y22dh-Herbert R. Zilch  
ZILER, J. JuneBUCK VALLEY METHODISTd-Age 44yh-Glen W. Zilerp-Amos A. & Ora E. Scriever Ward 
ZIMMERMAN, Anna E.CEDAR GROVEb-23 Jan. 1885; d-10 Jan. 1948h-Jacob Scott Zimmermanp-Palmer Barnhart & France Bailey 
ZIMMERMAN, Bessie E.REHOBETHd-28 Oct. 1983; Age 91yh-Frank E. Zimmermanp-Lewis & Clara Secrist Weller 
ZIMMERMAN, Clempson R.McCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd-13 April 1858; Age 5y2m5d p-J. L. & M. J. Zimmerman 
ZIMMERMAN, Dorothy V.FAIRVIEWb-1 Mar. 1915; d-6 July 1978h-Charles S. Zimmermanp-Alton & Lydia Mumma Price 
ZIMMERMAN, Etta MaeZION LUTHd-18 Feb. 1976; Age 71y p-Ira & Lily May Carl Zimmerman 
ZIMMERMAN, Ettie MayFULTON CO.d-18 Nov. 1890; age-15y7d p-Jacob Zimmerman 
ZIMMERMAN, Frank ErnestREHOBETHb-1892: d-27 April 1975w-Bessie E. Weller Zimmermanp-Ira and Lillian Zimmerman 
ZIMMERMAN, Ira W.ZIONb-14 Oct. 1860; d-12 Mar. 1935w-Lillie May Carlp-Jacob & Amy Zimmerman 

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