Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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CROUSE, Charles CalvinUNIONd-18 December 1917; Age 43Mazie Houpt  
Lynch, Wesley Age 72   
HARDING, Walter Rev. d-17 Aug 2017 age 76   
Smith Kenneth C. b- 23 June 1920; d- 12 Oct. 2017w- Marilyn US Navy
HENDERSHOT, SHARON E.Jerusalem Christian    
WAGGONER, Peggy d-4 December 1894, age 79y10m20d   
ANDERSON, EdwardANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1795; d-28 August 1862, age 63y11m13d   
ZIEGLER, ElizabethANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1812; d-11 February 1835, age 23y9mh-Joseph Ziegler  
HAMMAN, CatharineANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1805; d-23 January 1957, age 52y2m7dh-Peter Hamman  
ZIEGLER, Isaac Sr.ANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1760; d-15 June 1836, age 76y4m   
ZIEGLER, SusanANDERSON BURNT CABINSb-1756; d-25 October 1831, age 75 yearsh-Isaac Ziegler Sr  
FIX, Grant (Mrs.) d-13 July 1921, age about 48h-Grant Fix  
BOWMAN, G. WilliamANTIOCH w-Clara Bowman  
ENSLEY, Christopher Christian PvtENSLEYb-27 May 1759; d-November 1824  Revolutionary War
FISHER, Penelope VanderBogartEBENEZER METHODIST h- Elijah Fisher  
PETERS, Irma A.ARLINGTON NATIONALd- 29 June 1994h- John D. Peters  
MILLER, J. Allen b- 1910;d-7 March 2005w- Dorothy Miller  
WAGNER, Mary d-12 April 1916h-Adam Wagner  
SNYDER, Jesse B.TONOLOWAYb-19 August 1852;d-24 February 1929w- Anna Elizabeth  
COMERER, J. Calvin b-;d-25 April 1923   
VALLANCE, William A.ASBURYb-1834;d-13 July 1918w-Mary Mellott  
FIX, Grant N.BETHLEHEMb-1869;d-1918   
JONES, MargaretMCCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANb-;d-20 February 1919   

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