Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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LOHR, John?d-February 1877, age 72y4m23d   
LANEHART, Joseph?d-3 December 1885, age about 80y   
TAYLOR, Erven Hunter?d-29 April 1882, age 15y1m16d   
TURNER, George?d-19 April 1879, age 80   
TROUT, Jacob S. (Dr.)?d-15 March 1883, age 41y9m19d   
TICE, Elizabeth?d-27 December 1880, age 34h-John Tice  
TRITLE, Amelia H.?d-8 January 1873, age 32h-William H. Tritle  
THOMAS, Mary A.?d-28 May , age 52y21d   
THOMAS, Mrs. Peter?d-14 March 1878, age 88h-Peter Thomas  
LAKE, James L. (Mrs.)?d-11 September 1891, age 58y5m20dh-James L. Lake  
SULLIVAN, Nancy RunyanUNIONd-14 July 2002   
LONG, Reuben T.REHOBETHb-September 1909; d-January 1973w-Margaret Hess Long  
GARLAND, Virginia Cordelia ForebackCEDAR GROVEb-15 November 1892; d-23 February 1975h-Raymond Edward Garland  
McCORMICK, Hannah (Miss)?d-13 September 1875, age about 92   
McKEE, Reily?d-31 - , 1882, age between 1y - 2yp-John McKee  
JONES, Annie?d-3 September 1880, age 41y6m10dh-Jas. Jones  
SNARE, Lavino?d-2 June 1899, age 68y10m28d   
SHORE, Belle?b-10 July 1856; d-31 July 1903h-Simeon Shore  
NEWMAN, Nancy Agnes?d-19 April 1883, age 67y5m18d   
VALLANCE, Adam?d-10 January 1866, age 62y9m21d   
PITTMAN, Hannah?d-29 September 1875, age about 95y   
PITTMAN, Samuel?d-6 February 1883, age 86   
PEFFER, Catharine?d-10 January 1876, age 86y1m16d   
PARSONS, James H.?d-17 February 1885, age 76 (?)y9m1d   
PECK, Benjamin Conrad?d-7 October 1877, age 23y4m28d   
PAYLOR, John Sr.?d-8 November 1883, age 82y6m   
YOUNKER, John L.?d-12 July 1883, age 64y   
STEVENS, Jamison K. (Mrs.)?d-1 May 1889, about age 40yh-Jamison K. Stevens  
STRAIT, Jacob?d-1 July 1881, age 76y4m14d   
SHOEMAKER, Hattie?d-5 September 1865, age 27y   
SCHIDEMANTLE, Emma?d-24 April 1885, age 27y4m22dh-Peter Schidemantle  
SNIDER, Christiana?d-13 January 1873, age ?y9m   
SLAUGHTER, Louisa?d-11 November 1883, age 47y   
TRUAX, a see also TRUEAX     
ROHM, Jake C.McKENDREEb-1819; d-1897   
ROHM, Sara Elizabeth McKENDREEb-1870; d-1929   
LYNCH, George Oliver IIMcKENDREEb-1907; d-1961   
LYNCH, William MarshallMcKENDREEb-1894; d-1960   
MILLER, Margaret?d-7 December 1875, age about 75y   
MILLER, Charlota JaneMcCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd-29 March 1879, age 49y1m17dh-Philip Miller  
MOCK, Margaret Agnes?d-28 June 1883, age 27y2d   
MILLER, Mary?d-12 July 1881, age 74y9m29d   
MANN, Mary?d-age 67h-David Mann  
MARKLEY, Emor?d-13 February 1882, age about 80   
MAXWELL, Clara?d-17 March 1886, age 18y   
BREAKALL, Susie ManningTONOLOWAYd-27 July 1917, age 53h-Asa Breakall  
BOLINGER, Martha?d-6 December 1881, age about 40y   
BUMGARDNER, Isaac?d-7 March 1885, age 72y11m29d   
BIDLEMAN, Elizabeth?d-12 February 1886, age 90y   
BRADY, Sallie?d-16 June 1882, age 84y   

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