Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WELLER, LewisREHOBETHage52y 2m 12d   
YEAKLE, LutherLUTHERAN CEMETERYAge 56 y 8m 1d   
TRUAX, Lillian JanetteUnion b- 7 June 1868 d-11 December 1925   
WILSON, Susanna d-13 November 1893 64y 6m 9d   
WATERS, Jacob Esq. d-January 1874, age about 79 years   
MERRELL, Edwin d-19 June 1962, age 37w-Joy Ann Merrell  
YEAKEL, Jacob (Mrs.)REHOBETHd-25 August 1902, age about 50Jacob Yeakel  
TROIS, Leon d-11 Jan 1989w-Annie  
WOODAL, James H.UNIONd- 7 April 1919   
SWOPE, LydiaEBENEZER METHODISTb- 1835. d- 22 September 1909h- William Swope  
SWISHER, Mary Elizabeth     
WIBKE, EmmaKNOBSVILLEd- 6 September 1942; age 78h-(1 William Kegries) (2 Harvey Wible)  
MELLOTT, Rhoda EvansSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-21 July 1832; d-12 April 1901h-Theodore Mellott  
HENDERSHOT, SamuelHendershot Cemeteryb-April 13, 1860 d-January 1, 1942   
DESHONG, Clarence CusicANTIOCHb-14 November 1889; d-11 March 1966w-Elizabeth Jane Everts Deshong  
BARNHARDT, Alexander T.HILLS CHAPELd-5 May 1934, age 89   
KELSO, Anna d-29 December 1889, age 61y8m6dh-S. M. Kelso  
BURK, JohnUNIONobit: 18 June 1913; age 58   
JAMES, Mary Spriggs age 59   
RICHARDS, Emma DiehlUNIONb-4 March 1883; d-18 November 1944h-James Richards  
TROUT, Dorothea C.UNIONb- January 10, 1918 d- September 6, 2014Daniel Fore Trout Jr. WW2
WIBLE, Mary BellKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb- November 30, 1874 d- August 10, 1947Harvey Wible  
CARNELL, Lillie MayAMARANTHd- June 12 1966 Age 83h- William H Carnell   
CAMPBELL, John ElderKNOBSVILLEb- December 29, 1832 d- December 12, 1911   
WATERS, Harvey DalePleasant Hillb- 18 March 1919; d- 20 May 1960  WWII
HECKMAN, BelleWELLS VALLEYd- 1926 (likely) Age 75yWilliam Heckman  
EDWARDS, Max H.sideing hill baptistb- feb 7 1979;D-jan 7,1979W-Reba m WWII veteran
MAR, FrankTONOLOWAY BAPTIST b-? d-23 June 1981 Age 73y   
BIVENS, EmmaUNIONb-? d-26 Aug 2015 Age 98yh-Nhyle   
PECK, Mildred M.MAYS CHAPELb-1925; d-2006h-Fred M. Peck  
PECK, Fred M.MAYS CHAPELb-1915; d-1966w-Mildred M. Peck  
SIPES, J Nelson  B-April 23, 1837;age 78Y 6M 8D; D- nov 3, 1915W- Minerva sipes  
FINIFF, Philip HenryKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-? d- 29 Sep 1934, age 70  United States Army
POWELL, Timothy Lee b- 7 Sep 2015 d- 9 Nov 2015   
TRUAX, G. Edward  w- Glen Echo  
Valentine, John George b- 3 January 1882; d- 27 May 1950   
WOODALL, Eliza AnnUNION CEMETARYd- 27 December 1915h- James Woodall  
MINNICH, Gerald N.UNIONb-16 December 1932; d-4 June 2016  Korean war
KENDALL, James G. d-5 Dec 1902w-Margaret Morrow  
SHAFFER, Lula BernhardWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANd- 22 May. 1953h- David L Shaffer  
CARNELL, WilliamAMARANTH CHURCH OF THE BRETHRENd- 16 May 1953w- Lillian Divel Carnell  
RAMSEY, Duane LSILOAMb-7 Feb 1948 d- 25 Oct 2016w- Patti J. Pittman Ramsey  
PORTER, William W. b-1 October 1957; d-13 April 2017w-Mitzi Daughtery  
MELLOTT, AhimaazS.H. PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-10 April 1835 d- 13 Janurary 1917   
MELLOTT, CatherineS.H. PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-4 August 1838 d-21 March 1915h-Ahimaaz Mellott  
REESE, David S. UNIONb-;d-1 January 1919w-Susan Everts  
KERLIN, Mary Jane b-;d-24 August 1918h- Samuel Kerlin  
SIPES, Emmanuel H. HUSTONTOWNb-;d-21 September 1918w-Jane Vallance  

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