Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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DESHONG, James R.SILOAMd-24 December 1950   
DESHONG, James (Mrs.)WAGNERd-21 February 1903, age 80y7m28d   
DIVELBISS, PollyThompson Twpd-8 January 1890, age 60 years   
DOUGLAS, John W.DAMASCUSD019 October 1912w-Effamy Winters  
GEISIER, Paul E.BETHELb-7 February 1912; d-6 January 1996  PFC World War II
MASON, Bever B.BETHELb-16 April 1915; d-16 August 1996  US Army, World War II
HARVEY, James HolgateBETHELb-1910; d-1973  Capt 4062 QM World War II
FISHER, John V.K.BETHELb-22 July 1906; d-10 September 1977  World War II
FISHER, Charles Z.BETHELb-1934; d-10 March 1975  Vietnam
SHAUF, Marsha Mae Fitch-Rigard?b-17 March 1962; d-30 December 2010   
KEEBAUGH, Miriam Grace?d-8 February 2011, age 81h-Warren Keebaugh  
EVERSOLE, Cora EllenBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANd-20 July 1961h-Jacob Eversole  
GOES, ElizabethUNIONb-6 April 1896; d-17 January 1964   
GRESS, Margaret AnnLUTHERANb-5 May 1854; d-1 January 1942h-Adam Gress  
HANN, Carrie AliceUNIONb-25 February 1897; d-14 November 1953   
HILL, Alice LynchCEDAR GROVEb-19 September 1867; d-17 October ?   
HIXSON, Ora DeShongAKERSVILLEb-24 January 1891; d-10 April 1959h-Blaine C. Hixson  
MELLOTT, FloraSIDELING HILLd-28 June 1940   
OTT, George AndrewUNIONb-30 July 1886; d-9 March ?, age 36y7m9dunmarried  
PITTMAN, Amanda S.DAMASCUSb-1858; d-1863   
PITTMAN, Sarah Ellen d-1919   
SIPE, Annie D.WELLS METHODISTb-30 May 1860; d-25 January 1937h-George W. Sipe  
SOWDERS, MaggieUNIONb-4 February 1866; d-15 July 1900   
STILWELL, SarahTONOLOWAYd-16 March 1888, age 81y8m6dh-Johnson Stilwell  
WALTERS, Ina WayneAKERSVILLEb-10 November 1881; d-20 February 1943   
HANN, Ricky L.PLEASANT RIDGEd-20 February 2011, age 51   
EICHELBERNER, Sarah(Webster Mills)d-31 March 1886, age 50y4m12d   
AKERS, ThelmaAKERSVILLEd-23 May 1961h-Dr. Ralph Akers  
NEWMAN, ElizabethSILOAM (Waterfall)b-14 June 1838; d-18 August 1920h-Geo. W. Newman  
FIGARD, Richard Eugene?d-29 March 2011, age 73   
WOODAL, Mae BumfordUNIONb-28 December 1912; d-23 March 2011, age 98h-Walter W. Woodal  
CAMPBELL, Charles W.PLEASANT HILLd-3 July 1935; age 80y2m12d   
EARLY, ElizabethWELLS METHODISTd-23 September 1855, age 29y9m23dh-John Early (1st wife?)  
PEIFFER, Helen M. b-26 Nov. 1942; d-17 July 2011   
BRADSHAW, Marshall R.PLEASANT GROVEb-14 April 1909; d-9 May 1973   
SMARTT, Jesse EarlSIDELING HILL BAPTISTb-27 May 1928; d-11 March 1966   
SCHOOLEY, Margaret EvelynSIDELING HILL BAPTISTb-5 November 1931; d-26 July 1986   
BARD, Merril LeeSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-20 December 1909; d-12 May 1986   
LAYTON, Kathryn E.EBENEZERd-28 November 1983; age 38y11m13d   
DECKER, Chester A.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-16 August 1887; d-7 December 1965   
DECKER, Ellis RaySIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-8 July 1899; d-18 June 1971   
CLEVENGER, Mary AnnEBENEZERb-10 February 1984; d-24 April 1984   
CROUSE, Lydia M. UNIONd-18 December 1911; age 79y10m15d   
SIPES, Dennis B.WELLS METHODISTb-4 March 1826; d-11 July 1911w-Maria Clippinger Sipes Co. H, 158th Regt, PA Infantry
GIFFIN, DavidWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-10 July 1802; d-14 June 1890w-Sarah Ann Swope  
MELLOTT, Peter (Mrs.)AMARANTH BRETHRENd-10 April 1919, age about 70 yrs   
SMITH, Beverly Irene McElrath?b-4 March 1929; d-19 February 2012h-Walter G. Smith  
CLEVENGER, JonathanSIDELING HILL BAPTISTd-29 October 1900, aged about 72y   

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