Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WOLF, David F.MT. TABORd-5 June 1900; Age 81y9m17dw-Isabel  
WOLF, Francis S.BETHLEHEMd-11 May 1874; Age 4y7m28d p-Henry & M. Jane Wolf 
WOLF, Henry (Rev.)BETHLEHEMb-25 February 1846; d-26 March 1923; Age 82y1m1dw-(1)Mary Jane Scott; (2) Mrs. Rebecca A. Peightelp-John and Margetta E. Reg WolfCo. J, 3rd PA Heavy Artillery
WOLF, InfantUNIONd-19 Dec. 1942 p-William Wolf 
WOLF, InfantUNIONd-14 Oct. 1945 p-William Wolf 
WOLF, IsabelMT. TABORd-21 June 1882; Age 43y4d   
WOLF, LemuelUNIONd-18 July 1915; Age 45y   
WOLF, Margaret E.BETHLEHEMd-18 April 1858; Age 56y17d   
WOLF, Margaret G.BUCK VALLEYb-29 Sept. 1919; d-13 May 1996; age-76h-Ralph R. Wolf Sr.p-George A. and Blanche Wallace Shank 
WOLF, Martin A.UNIONd-2 Mar. 1918; Age 44y6m3d p-Rev. Simon Wolf 
WOLF, Mary I.MT. TABORb-7 May 1866; d-14 Nov. 1951   
WOLF, Mary JaneBETHLEHEMd-20 Nov. 1894; Age 62y7m15dh-Rev. Henry Wolf  
WOLF, Ray C.BLACK OAKb- 1917; d- 1988   
WOLF, Rebecca PeightelUNIONd-5 Mar. 1936; Age 83y10m25dh-Rev. Henry Wolf  
WOLF, Scott D.MT. TABORb-13 June 1861; d-24 Nov. 1936w-Mary I.  
WOLF, Simon (Rev.)UNIONd-20 Dec. 1890; Age 75y10m1d   
WOLF, VictoriaUNIONb-17 Oct. 1838; d-25 Apr. 1909h-1)Henry S. Frey; 2)Simon Wolfp-Morton 
WOLFE, Alla Maude (Infant)CENTERd-2 Sept. 1886 p-E. H. & Annie M. Wolfe 
WOLFE, Charles O.FAIRVIEWd-Age 37y6m4dw-Amy Blackp-Charles E. & Anna McAfee Wolfe 
WOLFE, Judith L.UNIONd-Jan. 1946; Age 7d p-William Wolfe 
WOLFE, Judy Louise UNIONd- 29 December 1946 7 months old d- William Wolfe  
WOLFE, Lenore M.Union Cemeteryb-7 Mar,1924;d-27 Jan,2020William E. Wolfep-Elmira (Summers) and Conrad DeShong 
WOLFE, William E.UNIONb-15 June 1923; d-22 Mar 2005w-Lenore M. Wolfep-Elmer and Anna Burral WolfeWW II
WOLLERTON, Jacob C.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-5 May 1858; Age 2y2m21d p-Charles H. & Charlotte S. Wollerton 
WOLLETT, Sylvester B.UNIONb-21 Dec. 1837; d-19 Jan. 1924w-Elizabeth Richardsonp-Benjamin and Catherine Barnhart Wollett 
WOLOD, William A.?b-15 Oct. 1929; d-8 Nov. 2000; age-71w-Clare Chicoine Wolodp-Florence M. Christmas Wolod and Paul S. Rhodes 
WOLVERTON, Ezetta BishopWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-26 June 1891; d-23 Dec. 1958   
WOOD, Dennis Nelson?b-25 November 1957; d-6 May 2011 p-Emory and Dorothy Howell Peck 
WOODAL, Ada TruaxUNIONd-11 Feb. 1933; Age 57y1mh-James Woodal  
WOODAL, Annie DaisyUNIONd-14 Dec. 1991; Age 94yh-Chester H. Woodalp-John & Martha Wolff Oyler 
WOODAL, Chester H.UNIONb-19 March 1900: d-4 May 1965w-Annie Daisy Oyler  
WOODAL, David AndrewUNIONb-02 Mar. 1888; d-11 Jan. 1935w-Alice Longp-James & Elizabeth Butts Woodal 
WOODAL, David LeeTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-21 Feb. 1986; Age 32yw-Patricia Ann Thompsonp-Harold & June Yohn Woodal 
WOODAL, Ethel MayUNIONd-13 August 1900; Age 10m15d p-William Woodall 
WOODAL, Frank D.UNIONb-27 Dec. 1925; d-25 Dec. 2008w-Rhoda Belle Spade Woodalp-Frank D. Sr. & Edith Mae Peck WoodalU.S. Air Force WWll
WOODAL, Frank DavidUNIONb-27 Oct. 1902; d-28 Dec. 1945w-Edith Mae Peckp-William H. & Maude Bailey Woodal 
WOODAL, GoldieUNIONb-20 July 1899; d-12 July 1989h-Thomas H. Woodalp-Charles & Winifred Helman Tritle 
WOODAL, GraceMcCONNELLSBURGb-30 Oct. 1870; d-30 Aug. 1891; age-20 p-H.H. and Sarah Woodal 
WOODAL, Harold R.NEEDMOREb-11 Feb. 1924; d-07 Apr. 2008w-June Woodalp-Frank & Edith Peck Woodal 
WOODAL, Ida M.UNIONd-6 April 1902; Age 25y7m6d   
WOODAL, John A b- 7 August 1894; d- 13 June 1955w- Emma Grabbe AndrewsWoodal, James & Ada Truax 
WOODAL, June Y.NEEDMORE BIBLEb-29 April 1924; d-14 Aug. 2001; age-77h-Harold Woodalp-William and Mildred Burge Yohn 
WOODAL, Mae BumfordUNIONb-28 December 1912; d-23 March 2011, age 98h-Walter W. Woodal  
WOODAL, MaudeUNIONd-22 August 1950; Age 73y3m11dh-William Woodall  
WOODAL, Rhoda B.UNIONb-23 December 1935; d-11 May 2011h-Frank D. Woodal, Jr.p-Harold C. and Rhoda Ellen Bishop Spade 
WOODAL, Thomas H.UNIONb-7 Jan. 1899; d-13 Dec. 1980w-Goldie Tritlep-James & Ada Truax Woodal 
WOODAL, Walter WilsonUNIONb-30 October 1912; d-25 May 1998w-Mae Bumford Woodal   
WOODAL, Wilbur H.UNIONd-12 Jan. 1948   
WOODAL, William HarryUNIONb-28 October 1871; d-25 Jan. 1943; Age 71y4mw-Maude Agnes Baileyp-James and Eliza Woodal 
WOODALL, Alice MariaUNIONb-13 November 1870; d-16 July 1960h-David Andrew Woodalp-Adam and Jane Glunt Long 

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