Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WISHART, Harlan L.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-2 Feb 1874; d-8 Mar 1934 p- Harry & Rebecca Wishart 
WISHART, Infant DaughterWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd- 1870 p- H. &. R. Wishart 
WISHART, Janette Belle Horton AndersonWELLS METHODISTb-2 Oct. 1876; d-5 Sept. 1961h- (1) W. R. Anderson; (2) H. L. Wishartp-Z. P. and Matilda Sharrer Horton 
WISHART, John AlexanderWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1847; d-1913w- Louise Grove  
WISHART, Louise GroveWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1856; d-1934h-John Alexander Wishart  
WISHART, Rachel PheobeWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-10 June 1876; Age- 6y7m22d p- H. & R. Wishart 
WISHART, Rebecca PiperWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-11 Nov 1835; d-8 June 1930h- Harvey Wishart  
WISHART, Sarah KatherineWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-12 Jan 1845; d-13 Nov 1916 p- John & Rachel Wishart 
WISHART; GeorgeWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd- 11 Mar 1837; Age- 6y8m p- R. & J. Wishart 
WISNER, Helen Jane?b-3 May 1930; d-24 May 1986h-Kenneth Fowler Wisnerp-Charlie and Gertie Quinley Couch 
WITESIDE, Jeremy Page "J.P." b- 8 July 1979 d 13 Sept. 2013 p-William Curtis and Sharon Louise Stahle Whiteside 
WITMER, Donald Glen Sr.UNIONb-29 May 1932; 8 April 2013w-Evangeline Mellott Witmerp-Franklin L. and Thelma M. Lindsay Witmer 
Witmer, Glen C. Jr. b - 27 Sep. 1937; d - 31 Mar. 2018w - Karen (Kohler) Witmerp - Glenn C. and Rose (Crull) Witmer 
WITT, James E.(DR)BURNT CABINSb-13 June 1938; d-19 Oct. 1999; age-61w-Judith R. Mathias Wittp-James E. Witt and Virginia I. Newcomer Witt 
WITT, James E., Sr.BURNT CABINSb-9 Feb. 1911; d-14 May 1989w-Virginia Newcomerp-James & Ellen Shaffer WittWW II
WITTER, A. N.CENTERb-1854; d-1917w-Mary B.  
WITTER, AbrahamCENTERb-1786; d-27 Jan. 1882w-Catherine A. Pipers  
WITTER, Boles RutherfordCENTERb-25 Feb. 1905; d-22 August 1905 p-R. H. & M. A. Witter 
WITTER, Catharine A.CENTERd-8 Jan. 1888; Age 82y9m21d   
WITTER, Charley StedmanCENTERd-3 Nov. 1878, age 0y2m5dp-Josiah and Peniuah Witter  
WITTER, Freda M.CENTERb-15 July 1892; d-23 Mar. 1977h-Roy W. Witterp-Newton & Alice Witter Alloway 
WITTER, George C. (Infant)CENTERd-6 Sept. 1884 p-J. & P. Witter 
WITTER, Irvin R.NEW GRENADAd-28 August 1885; Age 7m28d p-A. N. & M. B. Witter 
WITTER, JosiahCENTERb-31 May 1838; d-24 Nov. 1922w-Peninah  
WITTER, Lucy HildaCENTERb-15 Sept. 1898; d-3 Jan. 1921   
WITTER, Mary B.CENTERb-1857; d-1943   
WITTER, PeninahCENTERd:7 July 1903;Age 60y11m9dh-Josiah Witter  
WITTER, R. DaleCENTERb-29 May 1919; d-21 May 2001; age-81w-Violet V. Longp-Roy W. and Freda Maude Alloway Witter 
WITTER, Rachel L.CENTERd-5 Nov. 1899; Age 38y10m12dh-William Witter  
WITTER, Roy W.CENTERb-23 Sept. 1890; d-5 July 1980w-Freda Allowayp-Andrew N. & Mary Bell Bergstresser Witter 
WITTER, SarahCENTERd-2 Mar. 1890; Age 60y1m8d   
WITTER, Stephen W. B.CENTERd-27 Feb. 1906; Age 82y3m9dw-Sarah  
WITTER, Violet VonaleeCENTERb-2 July 1928; d-16 December 2010h-R. Dale Witterp-Clifford L. and Fannie M. Wible Long 
WITTER, W. H.CENTERd-25 Dec. 1906; Age 47y9m20dw-Rachel  
WOLF, Ann?d-April 1903   
WOLF, David F.MT. TABORd-5 June 1900; Age 81y9m17dw-Isabel  
WOLF, Francis S.BETHLEHEMd-11 May 1874; Age 4y7m28d p-Henry & M. Jane Wolf 
WOLF, Henry (Rev.)BETHLEHEMb-25 February 1846; d-26 March 1923; Age 82y1m1dw-(1)Mary Jane Scott; (2) Mrs. Rebecca A. Peightelp-John and Margetta E. Reg WolfCo. J, 3rd PA Heavy Artillery
WOLF, InfantUNIONd-19 Dec. 1942 p-William Wolf 
WOLF, InfantUNIONd-14 Oct. 1945 p-William Wolf 
WOLF, IsabelMT. TABORd-21 June 1882; Age 43y4d   
WOLF, LemuelUNIONd-18 July 1915; Age 45y   
WOLF, Margaret E.BETHLEHEMd-18 April 1858; Age 56y17d   
WOLF, Margaret G.BUCK VALLEYb-29 Sept. 1919; d-13 May 1996; age-76h-Ralph R. Wolf Sr.p-George A. and Blanche Wallace Shank 
WOLF, Martin A.UNIONd-2 Mar. 1918; Age 44y6m3d p-Rev. Simon Wolf 
WOLF, Mary I.MT. TABORb-7 May 1866; d-14 Nov. 1951   
WOLF, Mary JaneBETHLEHEMd-20 Nov. 1894; Age 62y7m15dh-Rev. Henry Wolf  

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