Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WINEGARDNER, Infant DaughterWINEGARDNERd-1833 p-J. & E. Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, IsaacWINEGARDNERd-20 Feb. 1898; Age 55y28d   
WINEGARDNER, JacobWINEGARDNERb-1800; d-5 March 1879   
WINEGARDNER, LouisaWINEGARDNERb-1864; d-22 December 1937h-John Winegardnerp-Miller 
WINEGARDNER, MaryWINEGARDNERb-1838; d-1896h-Isaac Winegardner  
SHAW, Infant sonWINEGARDNERd-1 December 1880 p-Joseph Andrew & Rose Anna Shaw 
WIBLE, AdamWIBLEd-31 Dec. 1850; Age 75yw-Jane Longp-Frederick Wible 
WIBLE, Jane LongWIBLEd-7 Mar. 1881; Age 85y4m18dh-Adam Wible  
WIBLE, JosephWIBLEd-7 Sept. 1854; Age 18y6m8d p-Adam & Jane Wible 
WIBLE, Lewis D.WIBLEd-13 Nov. 1905; Age 73y6m11d p-Adam and Jane Long Wible 
HENDERSHOT, Fred Martin LeeWHIPS COVE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRISTd-11 March 1980 Age 27yw-Sandi Knepperp-Claude "Bee" and Myra Mellott Hendershot 
SPADE, Alvin A.WHIPS COVE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRISTb-22 July 1915 d-20 Oct 1980 Age 65yw- Myrtle P. Clarkp-Chester and Achsah (Plessinger) Spade 
MELLOTT, Inez O.WHIPS COVE UNITEDb-7 May 1912; d-2 feb 2004; Age 91h-Fred R. Mellottp- Russell & Ethel Smith Leasure 
FISCHER, Barbara A.WHIPS COVE UCCb-16 January 1947; d-7 April 2013h-Kenneth M. Fischerp-George and Kathleen Shaffer Sprowl 
BEALE, Ella JamesWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-16 June 1871; d-12 August 1949h-Rev. J.Robert Bealep-Compton & Sarah James 
BEALE, Evelyn EngleWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-1912 p-Rev. Joseph & Ella Beale 
BEALE, Joseph KingstonWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-10 May 1909; 09 July 2005w-Evelyn Engle Bealep-Joseph Robert and Ella James Beale 
FISCHER, Barbara L.WHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-3 Nov. 1950; d-16 April 1994 p-Roy & Helen Roupe Fisher 
HAMMOND, Hilda HopeWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANd-10 Oct. 1993; Age 83yh-1) Curtis A. Diehl 2) John H. Hammondp-W. J. & Laura Booth Deneen 
MALLOTT, Florence E.WHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-6 Feb. 1906; d-17 May 1994h-Wallace Mallottp-Alvy & Julia Mellott Wertz 
McKEE, James KennethWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-26 Dec. 1897; d-13 Feb. 1954w-Mary Catherine Plessingerp-S. Edward & Jessie I. McKibbin McKeeWW I
MELLOTT, M. VernonWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-6 Mar. 1878; d-23 Jan. 1954w-Lillian Parsonp-Nathan & Jane Garland Mellott 
MELLOTT, Rebecca JaneWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANd-17 Jan. 1950; Age 92yh-Mason Mellott  
MELLOTT, Wallace EdwardWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-4 Mar. 1903; d-1 Sept. 1957w-Florence E. Wertzp-Daniel Carl & L. Blanche Mellott 
MORRIS, Benjamin W.WHIPS COVE CHRISTIANd-Age 73y p-Oliver & Belle Layton Morris 
NEBEL, John J.WHIPS COVE CHRISTIANd-15 Mar. 1987; Age 69yw-1) Edith M., 2) Violet Prattp-John G. & Emma Kroll NebelWW II
SMITH, Allen LeeWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-23 April 1937; d-31 Dec. 1962w-Joan C. Clarkp-Clem G. & Anna H. Lee Smith 
SPADE, Chester A.WHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-1888; d-1938   
TRUAX, Mary R.WHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-16 Feb. 1895; d-5 Sept. 1966h-Sherman G. Truaxp-John Deshong & Margaret Pittman Deshong Golden 
WHITESIDE, Rintha M.WHIPS COVE CHRISTIANd-9 Oct. 1989; Age 84yh-David M. Whitesidep-Edgar A. & Dela Jane Layton Diehl 
WINTER, CatharineWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-7 Sept. 1850; d-24 June 1905h-Levi Winter  
WINTER, LeviWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-19 Dec. 1861; d-2 Feb. 1924   
RUTHERFORD, Leidon C. (Cliff Possom)WHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-18 September 1948; d-16 October 2010 p-Richard C. and Jonnie Bean Rutherford 
FISCHER, Helen L.WHIPS COVE CHRISTIANB- August 2, 1923 D- January 7, 2015Roy H. FischerJacob E. and Bessie Elizabeth Phillips Roupe 
BAKER, George Leonard IIIWHIPS COVE CHRISTb-22 Feb. 1930; d-18 Jan. 1994w-Augustine P. Countrymanp-George L., II & Elizabeth H. Bender BakerKorea
BEALE, Joseph Robert (Rev.)WHIPS COVE CHRISTd-6 June 1940; Age 70y7m23dw-Ella Jamesp-George & Mary Dickinson Beale 
HOLLY, Catharine GarlandWHIPS COVE CHRISTb-22 Mar. 1851; d-21 July 1933h-Silas Holly  
McMONIGAL, George R."Mac"WHIPS COVE CHRISTd-4 Jan. 1989; Age 73yw-Wilma Lasurep-William & Mabel Walk McMonigal 
MELLOTT, Lillian BlancheWHIPS COVE CHRISTb-8 May 1882; d-18 Feb. 1950h-Daniel Carl Mellottp-Nathan W. & Rebecca Jane Mellott 
ALLISON, MissouriaWHIPS COVEd-5 May 1906; Age 64y4m17dh-N. Allison  
BEALE , Evelyn B.WHIPS COVEb-17 Nov. 1912; d-5 Nov. 2002; age-89h-Joseph K. Bealep-William and Mary Everts Engle 
BEALE, Paul L.WHIPS COVEb-16 Dec. 1912; d-2 May 2003; age-90w-Lucille Kates Bealep-Rev. J.Robert and Ella Compton James Beale 
CRAWFORD, Goldie M.WHIPS COVEd-31 May 1981; Age 64yh-Howard C. Crawfordp-Earl & Tennie Stottler Walls 
CRAWFORD, Margaret JoanWHIPS COVEb-Oct. 1951; d-Mar. 1952 p-H. & G. Crawford 
DAVISON, A. GustWHIPS COVEb-11 Oct. 1867; d-20 July 1926   
DAVISON, Mary A.WHIPS COVEd-23 Oct. 1892; Age 25y13dh-A. Gust Davison  
DAVISON, WalterWHIPS COVEd-27 Sept. 1889; Age 2m27d p-A. G. & M. A. Davison 
DIEHL, A. CrownWHIPS COVEd:12 Mar. 1993; Age 69yw-Frances Munsonp-Marshall H. & Edna Fletcher Diehl 
DIEHL, Annie M.WHIPS COVEb-1873; d-1909   

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