Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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YOUNKERS, Stephen B. d- 1 November; 2014; Bettie (Kramer)Jeffrey and Arlene 
OTT, James D. b- 13 August; 1950; d- 26 October; 2014; Carl W. and Bertha H. Ott 
SIMMONS, Dylan J. b- 11 April; 1992; d- 4 November; 2014; Eric and Jessica Hazle Simmons 
CULLER, John H. b- 8 April; 1982; d- 17 November; 2014;Leah CullerJohn and Deborah (Seville) 
WOODCOCK, Vera b- December 28, 1919 d- October 29, 2014Everett WoodcockChester and Mary Mellot 
TRUE, Herman D. Jr. b-19 November 1950 d-20 september 2014w- p-Herman Delay True Sr. and Charlotte A. Mulligan Ture 
GELVIN, Chad M. b- March 25, 1987 d- December 26, 2014 Timothy K. and Kathy J. Woy Gelvin 
LANEHART, Harry T. "Jay" b-16 December 1955 d-18 December 2014w-Lynn Richards Lanehartp-Harry and Betty (Divelbliss) Lanehart 
ZAWACKY, Linda Mae b-29 September 1943 d-12 November 2014h-William Joseph Zawackyp-Robert Morrow and Carrie Hilda Carbaugh Kendall 
RASP, Walter A. b- February 5, 1977 d- November 16, 2014 Monte L. and Tessa Rasp 
COVERT, Vivian J. b-12 August 1926 d-27 December 2014h-Lloyd Covert p-Edgar and Jennie Berkstresser 
Pollock, Barbara Ann b-13 May 1947 d-23 January 2015h-p-Vivian and Goldie Mae Miller 
REMSBURG, Hazel V. b-27 Febuary 1917 d-31 January 2015 p-Gayle and Margaret M. Lanehart Remsburg  
Everts, Lloyd W. b-9 January 1945 d-3 Febuary 2015w-Betty Smithp-Ira Lloyd and Naomi (Byers) Everts 
McBEATH, Kathryn P. b- February 14, 1921; d- February 7, 2015Walker McBeathRobert and Eleanor Cross PorterWW2
SMITH, Rudolph J. "Rudy" b-10 January 1933 d-15 January 2015w-Dorothy Ann (Hann) Smithp-Ralph N. and Dora (Dicken) Smith 
BOHN, Harry E. d- December 22, 1946 Roy G. Bohn and Minnie P. Fields Bohn 
WIREMAN, Gary L. Sr. b- September 12, 1941 d- January 11, 2015Linda M. CutchallDonald and Naomi Carbaugh 
LAMBERT, Leroy b- 7 May 1933 d- 30 March, 2015Sherry L. Kendall LambertMabel Goff RAy and Ashby LambertU.S. Army, Korean War
TROIA, Corbin J. b-January 19, 2008 d- March 14, 2015 James and Winter Amsley Troia 
SCHRIEVER, Paul W.  b-21 Febuary 1937 d-13 March 2015s-Elizabeth A. Casper Schrieverp-Ellis and Mary Barnhart Schriever 
THURBER, Heather Dawn Lynch b- October 31, 1969 d-April 9, 2015Anthony ThurberJames K. and Deborah K. Lynch 
GOLDSTEIN, Jack Lewenberg b: May 12, 1941 d: April 18, 2015 GOLDSTEIN, Abraham and Ruth 
BURKE, Rebecca Lynn b- October 4, 1968 d- April 30, 2015 Raymond Russell and Margaret Lee Biddinger Johns 
BAIN, Harry L. b- September 1, 1931 d- April 24, 2015Doris Jean Souders BainJohn and Bessie Seiders BainUS ARMY
MCCARTY, Sarah Victoria b- 23 Jul. 1993 d-17 May 2015 age 21 p- Justin W. and Margaret Ann Weicht McCarty 
HOLLENSHEAD, Laura Lynn b-14 Feb. 1976 d-15 May 2015 Age 39 p-Gerald & Victoria (Herrington) Gyorkos 
HELMAN, John E. b-2 Aug. 1941 d-9 May, 2015 Age 73yw- Norma J. (DeShong) Helmanp-Norman & Anna L. (Seville) HelmanVietnam War-Army Medic
WEED, Jaedi Rae b-29 Dec. 1995 d-5 May 2015 Age 19y p- Laura Lynn Hollenshead 
BROWN, John Ralph b-7 oct 1932 d- 9 jun 2015w- Sylvia L. BrownClair and Pearl (Greenland) Brown 
FOUST, Kathy L. b- 22 Oct. 1962 d-4 June 2015 p- Robert and Patrica (Ferguson) Faust 
STRAIT, Alice Elizabeth b- 20 May 1943 d-10 June 2015h- Jackie R. Straitp-Claude B. and Goldie (Cooper) Souders 
LONGNECKER, Kristie Ann b-? d-5 June 2015 Age 40 p-Wendall and Patricia Longnecker 
FISCHER, Donald M. III b-20 Feb. 1976 d-19 May 2015 Age 39yw- Rebecca (Feathers) FischerDonald M. and Linda L (Clement) Fisher Jr. 
TREML, Raymond Francis B- jan 10, 1940 D- may 15, 2015 age 75Millie (Yurchik) Tremi Charels Wilbur and priscilla(kovach) treml 
PECK, Saundra F. b- 21 July 1951 d- 6 May 2015 Age 63yh- Sammie Peck Jr.p- Dean P. and Helen (Jarrett) Johnston 
DIVENS, John Roy b-20 Apr 1935 d-18 July 2015 Aged 80yw-Dixie Brant Divensp-John H. and Kathryn (Pittman) Divens 
LAKE, Bruce Richard b-11 Feb. 1943 d-19 July 2015 Age-72yw-Kathleen Bombasay Lakep-Paul and Hope (Sipes) LakeAir Force during Vietnam
CUTCHALL, Janis Lee b-5 April 1960 d-27 July 2015 Age 55h- Douglas A. Palmerp-Walter and Carole (Bingham) Grissinger 
MELLOTT, Wilhelmina S. b-august 22, 1912; D-nov. 7, 1982H- walter Mellottcharles S.and Grace peterson wilson 
LISTER, Marcella M. b-18 Oct. 1924 d-6 Aug 2015 Age 90yh- Clinton Listerp- Paul and Hester (Cisney) Hampton 
ISBAN, Henry P. b-3 Sep 1940 d-7 Aug 2015 Age 74yw-Linda Walters Isbanp-Henry and Marjorie (Snow) IsbanUS Army
SEBURN, Howard L. Sr. B-july18,1946 D-aug 18, 2015 age 69Y Lawrence"bunny" and Arlene Hann Seburn Kuykendall 
STRAIT, M. Regina B- Oct 16, 1929; D- Aug 29, 2015 age 85yRobert John and Maye Bishop Michael 
HOUDERSHELDT, Joan Ann b-1 May 1940 d-29 Aug 2015 Age 75y p-Waloy and Evelyn Talbot Machen 
THORPE, Robert S.  D- Aug 15, 1979 age 86yTHORPE, Sarah L. "Sadie"Edwin and Rebecca Walton Thorpe 
KEEBAUGH, Dale Leroy b-4 May 1941 d-5 Sept 2015 Age 74yw-Nancy J. (Moore) Keebaughp-F. Chalmer & Mary (Mock) KeebaughUS Army
RAY, Dolores A. b-10 July 1937 d-3 Sept 2015 Age 78y p-Guy & Gladys Powell Ritz 
JACINTO, Danilo L. "Bobby" b-28 May 1961 d-11 Aug 2015 Age 54yw-Donna S. Lanehart Jacintop-Alfonzo and Martina Llerena Jacinto 

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