Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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RICHARD, George LeonardUNIONb-21 July 1908: d-1957 p-Harvey and Elizabeth Jane Hann RichardWWII
RICHARDS, Aaron MorgretUNIONd-28 February. 1918; Age 43y10dw-Minnie Washabaugh Richardsp-Joseph L. and Margaret Richards 
RICHARDS, Anna M.UNIONb- 9 Aug. 1928 d- 15 Aug. 2016h- Harlod B "tom" Richardsp- William and Loal Henry Waugh 
RICHARDS, Annie JaneWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-25 Dec. 1867; Age 2y10m9d p-John & Martha Richards 
RICHARDS, BessieUNIONb-23 Mar. 1894; d-8 Feb. 1981h-George Bivens Richardsp-Casper & Rhoda Sipes Gress 
RICHARDS, Blanche E.UNIONb-30 Oct. 1922; d-2 July 1994h-(1) Harold Hann, 2) Huston Richardsp-George & Mabel Sipes Deshong 
RICHARDS, BruceUNIONd-12 Sept. 1911 p-James Richards 
RICHARDS, CatherineDAMASCUSb-1837; d-1910 aged 78y h-James J. Richards  
RICHARDS, CatherineDENEEN FAMILYb-1877; d-1879; beside David & Melinda Richards p-David and Melinda Richards 
RICHARDS, Cathy J. b-13 September 1959; d-16 April 2016 p-Harold B. Richards and Anna M. (Waugh) Richards 
RICHARDS, Charles LeonardUNIONd-28 August 1932; Age 9d p-George B. Richards 
RICHARDS, CurtisUNIONd-15 May 1965; Age 87y8m16d   
RICHARDS, DavidDENEEN FAMILYb-14 May 1840; d-4 July 1888w- Melinda Co. K, PA Inf
RICHARDS, David E.UNIONd-18 Dec. 1962; Age 59y3m   
RICHARDS, Davis NeeperWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-13 Dec. 1889; d-12 Oct. 1918  Veteran
RICHARDS, DonaldUNIONb- ?; d- 18 Oct 2004w-Mary Gordon Richardsp- Hayes and olive Mellott Richards 
RICHARDS, DonaldUNIONb-3 December 1907: d-13 October 1939 p- Mr. and Mrs. James Richards 
RICHARDS, DotUNIONd-27 August 1921; Age 21y   
RICHARDS, E. HayesUNIONb-1 Mar. 1890; d-7 Feb. 1968w-Rhoda Olive Mellottp-Edward H. & Martha Jane Bivens Richards 
RICHARDS, Edna I.UNIONb-12 April 1915: d-23 May 1965; Age 50y1m11d p-Curtis A. and Minerva Peck Richards 
RICHARDS, Edna R.UNIONb-12 Sept. 1928; d-5 June 2002; age-73h-Merrill Eugene Richardsp-George Morton and Eliza Mellott Wink 
RICHARDS, Edward H.UNIONd-20 April 1931; Age 73y10m3d   
RICHARDS, Eliza J.DAMASCUSb-1871; d-1894   
RICHARDS, ElizabethUNIONd-14 Sept. 1909; Age 9m3d p-Curtis Richards 
RICHARDS, Elizabeth JaneUNIONb-12 Feb. 1881; d-17 Mar. 1955h-Harvey Richardsp-Eli & Sadie Strait Hann 
RICHARDS, Emma DiehlUNIONb-4 March 1883; d-18 November 1944h-James Richards  
RICHARDS, Etta EngleUNIONb-7 August 1902; d-21 Sept. 1936; Age 34y1m15dh-Herman Richards  
RICHARDS, GeorgeUNIONd-31 May 1958; Age 49y10m10d   
RICHARDS, George BivensUNIONb-12 June 1894; d-2 July 1975w-Bessie Gressp-Edward H. & Martha Jane Bivens Richards 
RICHARDS, GladysUNIONb-17 Nov 1917 d-28 Feb 1982 Age 64yh-Luther R. Richardsp-Harry and Lucinda Grubby Grant 
RICHARDS, Goldie B.AMARANTH BRETHRENd-9 April 1980; Age 78yh-J.D.Richards  
RICHARDS, Harold Blaine "Tom"UNIONb-24 Jan. 1926; d-4 Mar. 1990w-Anna M. Waughp-George B. & Bessie Gress Richards 
RICHARDS, HarveyUNIONd-25 June 1940   
RICHARDS, Harvey E.UNIONb-29 April 1915; d-31 Dec. 1973w-Lena Brantp-George B. & Bessie Gress Richards 
RICHARDS, Herman SylvesterUNIONd-14 Feb. 1945; Age 43yw-Etta Englep-Ida Richards Gordon 
RICHARDS, HomerUNIONb- 20 January 1922; d-12 May 1941; Age 19y p-James Richards 
RICHARDS, Huston J.UNIONb-23 July 1919: d-1 Feb. 1964; Age 44y6m9dw-Blanche Deshong p-James and Emma Diehl Richards 
RICHARDS, InfantUNIONd-6 August 1910; Age 22d p-Curtis Richards 
RICHARDS, InfantUNIONd-11 Mar. 1905; Age 14d p-Curtis Richards 
RICHARDS, InfantUNIONd-27 Feb. 1904; Age 2m p-Curtis Richards 
RICHARDS, InfantUNIONd-1 Nov. 1952 p-Harold & Marie Richards 
RICHARDS, InfantUNIONd-5 Mar. 1927; Age 3d p-Herman Richards 
RICHARDS, InfantUNIONd-30 Dec. 1961 p-Reed Richards 
RICHARDS, Infant TwinsUNIONd-18 April 1914; Age 1d & 2d p-Hayes Richards 
RICHARDS, J. HarveyUNIONd-4 Dec. 1908; Age 2y2m17d p-Edward Richards 
RICHARDS, James (Mrs.)UNIONd 17 Nov. 1944; Age 61y8m14d   
RICHARDS, James D.AMARANTH BRETHRENd-28 July 1974; Age 74yw-Goldie Belle Plessingerp-L. A. & Mina Hoffman Richards 
RICHARDS, James ParkerUNIONb-18 Sept. 1879; d-19 July 1950   
RICHARDS, John T.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-27 Jan. 1907; Age 83y1m21dw-Martha  

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