Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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AKERS, Mary A.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-3 August 1856; d-7 Dec. 1916h-Henry C. Akers  
AKERS, Mary Alice BartonAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-31 May 1867; d-16 Dec. 1937h-T. Hazelett  
AKERS, Mary E.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb- 2 April 1900 d- 11 July 1980 Age 80yh- Charles W. AkersAndrew and Alice Gordon Kagarise 
AKERS, Mary E. TruaxAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-3 August 1859; d-18 April 1943h-Dr. Edwin Akersp-George M. and Jemima Mellott Truax 
AKERS, Matilda PalmerSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-23 October 1844; d-18 April 1929h-James H. Akersp-Joel and Martha Palmer 
AKERS, Maude M.McKENDREEb-7 Dec. 1902; d-14 Dec. 1996; age-94h-Clyde Hendershot; Earl M. Akersp-Christian W. and Margaret Welsh Spade 
AKERS, Mildred G.CEDAR GROVEb-6 Sept. 1914; d-20 Nov. 1985h-Hyson H. Akersp-Roy & Fanny Gates Orndorff 
AKERS, Myrtle AliceAKERSVILLE METHODISTd:25 Jan. 1986; Age 89yh-Clyde Walter Akersp-A. W. & Angeline Wink Duvall 
AKERS, NancyAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-4 Oct. 1769; d-17 June 1835h-Robert Akers  
AKERS, NancyAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-1 Jan. 1831; d-20 Dec. 1848   
AKERS, NancyAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-1834; d-1906h-West A. Akers  
AKERS, Nora LynchCEDAR GROVEb-12 Mar. 1870; d:1 April 1930h-Elloit H. Akers  
AKERS, Osa A.McKENDREEb-25 Dec. 1851; d-1 Sept. 1863 p-John H. & Rhoda Akers 
AKERS, Paul D. b- 15 February 1956; d- 5 January 2016 p- Reynolds H. and Louise J. Akers 
AKERS, PeninahAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-19 Feb. 1841; d-10 July 1842 p-E. & M. Akers 
AKERS, Priscilla M.McKENDREEb-14 Feb. 1859; d-14 Sept. 1863 p-John V. & Rhoda Akers 
AKERS, RachelAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-11 Dec. 1761; d-1 April 1842h-E. Akers  
AKERS, Rachel BartonAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-22 Mar. 1843; d-9 May 1875h-Ephriam E. Akersp-Joel Barton 
AKERS, Rachel J.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-6 Dec. 1837; d-14 Jan. 1838 p-E. & M. Akers 
AKERS, RalphAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-1778; d-12 Jan. 1854   
AKERS, Ralph S. (Dr.)AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-18 Dec. 1898; d-14 Nov. 1961;w-1) Thelma Stevens, 2) Mary Lordp-Dr. Edwin & Mary E. Truax Akers 
AKERS, Rebecca HanksAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-6 Jan. 1849; d-21 June 1900h-George W. Akers  
AKERS, Rhoda HixsonAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-1829; d-21 June 1923h-John H. Akers  
AKERS, RobertAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-1776; d-1838   
AKERS, Russell B.UNIONb-28 Aug. 1892; d-22 July 1964w-Mary F. Akersp-Ellis and Edith Jackson Akers 
AKERS, RuthAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-18 Nov. 1892; d-24 Oct. 1894 p-Edwin & Mary Akers 
AKERS, SarahAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-6 August 1783; d-29 July 1860h-Ralph Akers  
AKERS, Sarah AliceCEDAR GROVEb-5 Jan. 1873; d-2 Sept. 1927   
AKERS, Simon W.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-17 August 1854; d-14 Oct. 1855 p-W. A. & N. Akers 
AKERS, Stanley D. b-3,October 1937, d-24 October 2020w-Barbara K.(Fluke)Akersp-Mary (Kagerise) &Charles Aker 
AKERS, T. HazelettAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-3 Dec. 1863; d-20 June 1923   
AKERS, ThelmaAKERSVILLEd-23 May 1961h-Dr. Ralph Akers  
AKERS, Thomas J.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-10 June 1845; d-20 April 1863 p-Amariah & Anna Akers 
AKERS, Vernon C.CEDAR GROVEb-23 August 1900; d-2 April 1913 p-Elliot & Nora Akers 
AKERS, Walter ClydeAKERSVILLEb-23 March 1883; d-30 July (year?)w-Mertle Duvall Akersp-Edwin D. & Mary Truax Akers 
AKERS, West AsaAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-1828; d-28 September 1900   
AKERS, Zillah A.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-1852; d-1854 p-Azariah & Mary Akers 
ALBERT, George S.UNIONb-11 July 1910; d-22 Feb. 1979w-Virginia Sipesp-Samuel Albert 
ALBERT, Sharon E.UNIONd-20 July 1966; Age 19y5m16d p-Agnes Kukendall Gress 
ALBERT, Virginia SipesUNIONb-5 March 1924; d-3 May 1998;age-74h-George Albertp-William B. Sipes and Zelda Seville Sipes 
ALDEN, Janet P. b-2 Nov. 1936; d-17 May 2017h- Raymond C. Aldenp-Sig Owen and Mildred C. (Pulver) Owen 
ALEXANDER, AlexanderALEXANDER HOMESTEADd-Nov. 8, 1815  Revolutionary War
ALEXANDER, AlvinUNIONd-5 Dec. 1914; Age 68y5m20d   
ALEXANDER, AndrewUNIONReinterred: Feb. 1893   
ALEXANDER, CatherineMcCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-2 August 1850; Age 18y3m3dh-Samuel Alexander  
ALEXANDER, CatherineGREEN HILL PRESBYTERIANb-1800; d-28 December 1880   
ALEXANDER, Catherine BradleyWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd- 22 Feb 1838; Age- 61yh-John  
ALEXANDER, D. L.UNIONd-12 February 1939, age 64y1m3dw-Elizabeth Clevenger Alexanderp-Alvin K. and Susan Buterbaugh Alexander 
ALEXANDER, Doris M.UNIONb-29 April 1917; d-2 March 2001; age-83h-J. Frank Alexanderp-Howard A. and Edna M. Lloyd McKenzie 
ALEXANDER, ElizaUNIONd-3 November 1901; Age 75y5m22d   

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