Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WOODCOCK, S. Kate d-2 December 1866, age 29   
HALL, Peter T. b-11 January 1901: d-1977w-(1) Gertrude Booher Hall (2) Jessie M. Hallp-Albert J. and Lena Adolphson Hall 
CUNNINGHAM, LaRhue H. b-4 January 1942: d-20 March 2014h-Fred L. Cunninghamp-Lucius and Mildred Gress hann 
STAFFORD, Virgil L. b-3 March 1927: d-17 April 2014w-Genaiavie Staffordp-Jesse and Alyce McNelly Stafford 
KENDALL, Patricia Anne b-4 March 1934: d-20 April 2014h-William Logan Kendallp-Edward Samuel Kriner and Ethel Mae Hartman Shockey 
RICHARDS, Kenneth George b-22 June 1921; d-10 April 2014w-Pauline Grissinger Richardsp-George and Bessie Richards 
MILLER, Leslie A. b-4 September 1959: d-11 April 2014 p-Richard and Doris Drexel Miller 
WEIMER, Clarence C. b-31 January 1924: d-27 April 2014w-Patricia Weimerp-Clarence and Elva Lyons WeimerWW II
SISK, Lydia K. Shives age 53h-Albert Siskp-Howard S. and Anna B. (Fittery) Mellott 
YOUNKER, Calvin Dennis b-22 Sept 1954; d-9 Feb 2000w-Christine Marie Wilt Younkerp-LeRoy Divelbliss and Janet YounkerU.S. Army
WOOLEY, Frederick O. b-6 June 1917: d-14 August 2000w-Margaret White Wooleyp-Frederick E. and Florence S. WooleyMerchant Marine and U.S. Coast Guard
WOODAL, John A b- 7 August 1894; d- 13 June 1955w- Emma Grabbe AndrewsWoodal, James & Ada Truax 
WILSON, Susanna d-13 November 1893 64y 6m 9d   
WATERS, Jacob Esq. d-January 1874, age about 79 years   
WALKER, infant son d-11 February 1909 p-Harry Walker 
MERRELL, Edwin d-19 June 1962, age 37w-Joy Ann Merrell  
THOMAS, Harry T. d-25 February 1890, age 15y6m3d p-Joseph Thomas 
TROIS, Leon d-11 Jan 1989w-Annie  
SCAVONE, Joseph Anthony b-27 Sept 1941; d-6 Dec 2013 p-Salvatore and Marianna Medona Scavone 
YOST, Danielle Genette  b- 20 February, d- 21 June 2014 p- Gregg and Marry Ann (Orbett) Yost 
SWISHER, Mary Elizabeth     
RICHARDS, Nancy Ann Morton b- 6 September 1862; d- 15 April 1952h-Walker RichardsJohn J. and Susan (Myers) Morton 
RUNK, Harry Samuel (Jr.) b-8 July 1958; d-6 June 2014w-Karen S. (Garland) Everts Runkp-Harry N. and Mae R. (Johnson) Runk 
DESHONG, Gerald N.  d-28 June 2014, age 69 p-Carl E. and Rosalie V. Mellott DeShong 
DISHONG, Ralph J. b-1 June 1966; d-16 May 2014w-Jenny C. Burkett Dishongp-Ray Dishong and Suzanne (Pollock) Everts 
GREENLAND, Barbara d-19 November 1918, age 71y7m19dh-Allison Greenlandp-Levi and Sarah Mellott 
FRAKER, J. Ronald b-6 Aug 1931; 5 June 2014w-Joy Newman Frakerp-Hilda A. Fraker 
HILL, Matthew McCauley b-23 Nov 1986; d-11 May 2014 p-Michele L.(Deshong) and Mike m. Hill 
FISCHER, Nora Emmaline Garland d-20 May 1973 85y p-Simon N. and Bell Garland 
HANN, Ruth M.  b- 18 August 1907; d-1 August 1950h-William HannHiram & Bessie Hampton Laidig 
ORR, Derwood T. b- 3 March 1939, 21 September 1964w- Joyce A. Waters OrrDerwood W. & Evelyn P. Orr 
DOWNS, Elizabeth B.  Age- 82yrsh-George C. DownsAbslum & Mary Barker Bishop 
FRANCIS, Gertha Olga b-13 June 1946; d-6 Sept 2014h-Steve Donald Francisp-John Henry and Gertha Malina Daniels Sauter 
HAMIL, J. Marvin b-10 June 1907; d-22 January 1965 p-John A. and Clara Myers Hamil 
BAILEY, Mabel b-8 March 1905; d-6 August 1964h-Alva I. Baileyp-Chas. W. and Mary E. Price Jackson 
MELLOTT, Simon A. b-29 May 1930; d-14 July 2014 p-Ira "Buck" and Clara Daniels Mellott 
SHIVES, David W. Jr. b-8 March 1947; d-30 July 2014 p-David and Helen Miller Shives; adopted mother Alma G. ShivesUS Air Force, Vietnam
SCHREIBER, Michael A. "Poke" b-7 May 1956; d-26 July 2014w-Nancy J. Dicken Schreiberp-Melvin and Madolyn Ritchey Schreiber 
BARD, Audrey Joanne b-3 July 1941; d-17 July 2014 p-Arnold Paul and Julia Elnora Batdorff Bard 
KELSO, Anna d-29 December 1889, age 61y8m6dh-S. M. Kelso  
GORDON, G. Edward d-5 December 1951, age 85y8m4dw-Alberta Remsburg Goldenp-Jeremiah and Catherine Carl Golden 
JAMES, Mary Spriggs age 59   
ROTZ, Laura C. b-26 June 1918; d-1 September 2014h-J. Russell "Bunny" Rotzp-Preston and Linnie Grove 
SHIVES, Brian E. b-2 June 1964; d-28 June 2014 p-James (Fred) and Patricia Shatzer ShivesUS Army
STUBBS, Lauren P. b-11 June 1929; d-2 September 2014w-Esther Wilson Stubbsp-Joseph and Esther Prickett StubbsKorean War
TAYLOR, Dawn W. d-21 October 2014, age 88h-Robert M. "Bob" Taylorp-Calvin J. and Marguerite McGough Whitehead 
DIEHL, Daniel D. b-8 January 1952 d-24 September 2014w-Augustine P. (Countryman) Baker Diehlp-Allen Crown Diehl and Frances Kathern (Munson) 
FOGAL, Peyton Olivia d-28 September 2014 Adam and Brandi (Smith) Fogal 
FUNK, Nancy Jane Mellott b-2 Apr 1956, d-10 Oct 2014h-Charles Michael Funkp-Boyd & Margaret Mellott 
LAYTON, Gary, W. b- 23 October; 1946; d- 16 November; 2014; Collean LaytonLionel and Mary Susan (Johnson) LaytonU.S. Army

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