Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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HILL, Frances I.ZION LUTHERANb-14 March 1914; d-12 June 2000; age-86h-Lester Booth Hillp-Walter Rush and Anna Ruth Wertz Ritz 
ROHM, James BrooksAMARANTHb-11 May 1962; d-age 2 p-Walter Rohm 
SLOAN, Thomas F.UNIONb-1 Oct. 1914; d-2 July 1998; age-83w-Sarah I. Viehdorferp-Walter Reed and Mabel Leon Trout Sloan 
SEVILLE, Vickie L.PLEASANT RIDGE NAZARENEb-26 July 1960; d-19 Nov. 2009h-Dave Sevillep-Walter R. Jr. & Faye Bard 
BARD, Walter Raymond (jr)PLEASANT RIDGE NAZARENEb-1 Sept. 1930; d-22 March 1998; age-67w-Faye McQuade Bardp-Walter R. Bard Sr. and Amy M. Sipes Bard 
MORTON, Herman W.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-23 Oct. 1923; d-22 May 2007w-Mona E. Schooley Mortonp-Walter R. & Grace Schetrompf MortonU.S. Army
PECK, Walter CliftonUNIONd-20 Feb. 1910; Age 4m23d p-Walter Peck 
BROWN, Charles WalterPLEASANT GROVEb-29 May 1943; d-30 Nov. 1994w-Barbara J. Gamblep-Walter Ney & Wilma Peters Brown 
BENDER, Helen IreneUNIONb-31 August 1921; d-19 Sept. 1988h-Clarence M. Benderp-Walter N. & Mary Ross Taylor 
BENSON, Ila QueenWELLS VALLEY UNITED METHODISTb-9 July 1895 d-12 Dec 1979 Age 84yh-Otto A. Bensonp-Walter McKenzie Houck and Sarah Elizabeth McClain Houck 
COMERER, Paul A.BURNT CABINSb-20 May 1907; d-6 April 1954; p-Walter M.and Nellie Maude Comerer 
ELVEY, Jack Randal Sr.?b-24 May 1940; d-27 January 1995w-Myreta Hann Elveyp-Walter M. and Esther Thomas Elvey 
ELVEY, Calvin DanielBETHLEHEMb-1917; d-1917; age 1m13d p-Walter M. & Esther Elvey 
FIX, Dennis RayFAIRVIEWb-15 April 1951; d-23 Dec. 1955 p-Walter L. & Francis Gracey Fix 
HILL, Walter CarlPLEASANT GROVEb-30 June 1927: d-18 February 2014w-Alma M. Truax Hillp-Walter J. and Mamie F Mellott Hill 
DeSHONG, L. Emogene (Jean)SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-22 August 1926;d-28 Oct. 1991h-Walter H. DeShongp-Walter J. & Laura Booth Deneen 
FISCHER, RosalieMcKENDREEb-25 Oct. 1950; d-29 August 1971h-William R. Fischer, Jr.p-Walter J. & Amy L. Barton Barton 
PALMER, Harold A.CEDAR GROVEb-27 Nov. 1911; d-9 Feb. 2000; age-88w-Lola Reihl, Maude Holmesp-Walter Howard and Opal Ella Sharpe Palmer 
KENDALL, Margaret EllenUNIONb-30 Sept. 1944; d-6 April 1954; Age 4y6m7d (error) p-Walter Harvey Kendall & Elsi Allison Kendall 
SPRIGGS, Mabel L. J.UNIONb-21 June 1925; d-18 Oct. 1997; age-72h-?p-Walter H. Jefferson and Jabel Brown 
SMITH, Glen F.UNIONb-23 Nov. 1922; d-26 Jan. 2001; age-78w-Hope Mellott Smithp-Walter G. & Sarah Mann Smith 
BLOCK, Walter Jr.DAMASCUSd-26 Sept. 1990; Age 66w-M. Eileen Caddiep-Walter G. & Edna Mae Block, Sr.WW II
KLINE, Harry J.Asburyb-18 October 1935;d-26 January 2019w- Carolyn Deshongp-Walter Floyd and Beatrice Marie Hill Kline 
CLIPPINGER, Betty JeanCROMWELLb-07 Mar. 1941; d-04 Jan. 2008h-Robert S. Clippingerp-Walter E. & Ruth I. Rhodes Cromwell 
RHODES, Margaret ElizabethUNIONb-12 Mar. 1921; d-6 Jan. 1992h-Robert H. Rhodesp-Walter E. & Elsie Thomas Gordon 
SEVILLE, Mildred E.DAMASCUSb-21 Sept 1919; d-12 Mar 2004; Age 84h-William G. Sevillep-Walter Culp Sr. & Margret Florence Kelley Culp 
PECK, Walter MerrillUNIONd-28 Dec. 1982; Age 67yw-Martha G. Narhood Peckp-Walter C. Peck & Lula Hazel Bishop 
FEGLEY, Alice RevemmaBIG COVE TANNERY LUTHERANd-1915; Age 1m p-Walter C. & B. L. Fegley 
BLACK, Evelyn MarieUNIONd-1 Nov. 1915; Age 4m; p-Walter Black 
KARCZEWSKI, Joan D.UNIONb-19 March 1934; d-31 January 2012h-Edward Karczewskip-Walter and Stella Narczewse Pletruszka 
SIPES, Mary K.UNIONb-13 April 1931; d-6 March 2011h-Lawrence Sipesp-Walter and Sarah Mann Smith 
DESHONG, Mary E.UNIONb-22 July 1926; d-8 August 2013h-James Lee DeShongp-Walter and Ruth Souders Gress 
CHAMBERLAIN, Erma R.UNIONb-24 Nov. 1933 d-20 July 2015 Aged-81yh-James Mont Chamberlainp-Walter and Ruth (Souders) Gress 
RESSLER, Irene F.St. Peter's Catholicb-5 Jan. 1924; d-14 Oct. 1999; age-75h-Dale L. Resslerp-Walter and Rose Jachimiak Konop 
MELLON, James EstonUNIONb-4 December 1929: d-14 March 2014w-Linda Johnston Mellonp-Walter and Rachel Deshong Mellon 
PALMER, Floyd S.CEDAR GROVEb-17 April 1918; d-15 April 2014w-Adrienne Mae Clevenger Palmerp-Walter and Opal Sharpe Palmer 
SMITH, Wilma MayTONOLOWAYb-11 April 1930; d-30 July 2010h-Ray E. Smithp-Walter and Margaret Waltz Adelsberger 
BRATTON, Thelma K.?b-17 March 1921; d-21 June 2011h-Robert Samuel Brattonp-Walter and Margaret Brinkley Black 
PECK, William R.UNIONb-18 Apr 1922; d- 14 Sept 2004w-Norma A. Cromer Peckp-Walter and Lula Bishop PeckWWII
APPLE, Ambrose N. (Sr)CEDAR GROVEb-5 Feb. 1912; d-24 March 1999; age-87w-Margaret E. Powell Applep-Walter and Eunice Norris Apple 
HELMICK, Bertha L.ANTIOCHb-4 Sept, 1937; d-4 May 2003; age-65h-Franklin R. Helmickp-Walter and Ethel Barnhart Bowers 
CUTCHALL, Janis Lee b-5 April 1960 d-27 July 2015 Age 55h- Douglas A. Palmerp-Walter and Carole (Bingham) Grissinger 
FORD, Leon W.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-1 Feb. 1929; d-2 May 1964w-Janet Bentz Fordp-Walter and Blanche Clark FordVeteran
BIVENS, Audrey L.UNIONb-5 April 1930; d-6 July 2019h-Lawrence "Ike" Bivensp-Walter and Beulah Bishop Ray 
CLEVER, RandallUNIONb-22 September 1932: d-26 April 1957; Age 24y7m4dw-Patsy Snyderp-Walter and Ada Hornbaker Clever 
SCHWARTZ, Wayne H.CLEAR RIDGEb-21 Aug. 1923; d-11 May 2001; age-77w-Mary Ruth Wallace Schwartzp-Walter A. and Jessie M. Wagner Schwartz 
MORTON, Infant DaughterSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd-1928 p-Walter & Thelma Morton 
ROTZ, Blanche J.KNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-12 July 1882; d:15 Mar. 1971h-Edward Rotzp-Walter & Savina Anderson 
LAKE, Edith E.UNIONd-11 Jan. 1992; Age 63yh-Gerald L. Lakep-Walter & Sarah Mann Smith 
SMITH, Jobie D.MAYS CHAPELb-?; d-30 Apr. 1989w-1)Evelyn Viola Minnich Smith; 2)Irene B. Kerns Smithp-Walter & Sarah Catherine Mann Smith 

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