Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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DAVIS, EllenWELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-25 January 1865; d-10 January 1910 p-John F. Davis 
BARNETT, Sarah LouWELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-6 April 1939; d-28 October 2012h-Meade J. Barnettp-Edna Dean and Frank Young 
KEITH, Mary FosterWells Valley Chapel b- 8 Feb. 1841 d- 12 July 1932h- Wilson R. Keith  
FOSTER, William RolandWELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-24 October 1871:d-12 October 1941w-Jeanetta Chamberlainp-Septimus and Elizabeth (Stevens) Foster 
APPLEBY, Lois E.WELLS VALLEY BRETHRENb-13 Dec. 1913; d:10 May 1995h-Bruce Applebyp-John & Laura Foster Rider 
FOSTER, Christopher ColumbusWELLS VALLEY BRETHRENb-18 Sept. 1897; d-13 Oct. 1981w-Marjorie Buckleyp-W. R. & Jeanette Chamberlain Foster 
FOSTER, Clifton ArthurWELLS VALLEY BRETHRENb-7 April 1909; d-17 Sept. 1984w-Mildred Baughmanp-William R. & Jeanette Chamberlin Foster 
FOSTER, Ethel M.WELLS VALLEY BRETHRENb-3 August 1906; d-5 Jan. 1987h-Glenn K. Fosterp-William & Jenny Watkins 
SHAW, Wealthy AnnWELLS VALLEY BRETHRENb-22 Feb. 1883; d-14 Sept. 1962h-Roy Shawp-Aaron & Elanor Daughenbaugh Foster 
STUNKARD, John HunterWELLS VALLEY BRETHRENb-15 Mar. 1890; d-18 Mar. 1980w-Jessiep-John & Mary Matilda McClain Stunkard 
STUNKARD, NoraWELLS VALLEY BRETHRENb-28 June 1892; d-24 Oct. 1973h-John H. Stunkardp-William R. & Jeanetta Chamberlain Foster 
APPLEBY, T. BruceWELLS VALLEY BRETHERENb-3 August 1911; d-23 August 1986w-Loisp-James & Mary Jane Henry Appleby 
ANDERSON, Louella N.WELLS VALLEYb-26 Jan. 1926; d-12 Oct. 1993h-Archie Doak Andersonp-Harry & Alice Gumbert Jaymes 
ANDERSON, Margaret L.WELLS VALLEYb-17 August 1879; d-31 August 1959h-S. Warren Andersonp-William L. & Margaret Clippinger Mosebey 
BOLINGER, Fred GlennWELLS VALLEYb-9 Feb. 1902; d-22 May 1986w-Mary Andersonp-George & Myra Mills Bolinger 
FOSTER, Charles S., Jr.WELLS VALLEYd-24 Oct. 1985; Age 62yw-Dorothy J.p-Charles S. & Martha Hopkins Foster, Sr.WW II
FOSTER, Chris RolandWELLS VALLEYb-1 July 1959; d-13 Nov. 1977 p-Malcolm Ray & Vera Marie Powell Foster 
HORTON, SusanWELLS VALLEYd-6 Nov. 1890; age-81y6dh-N. W. Horton  
STUNKARD, Marjorie ElizabethWELLS VALLEYb-8 Sept. 1888; d-5 Dec. 1984h-McClellan Stunkardp-George W. & Annie Davis Sipe 
TRUAX, Hunter RobertWELLS VALLEYb-12 Feb. 1876; d-2 Jan. 1968w-Cecelia Berkstresserp-Levi & Susan Jane Schenck Truax 
TRUAX, Margaret E.WELLS VALLEYb-7 feb 2004; d-6 Feb 2004; Age 89h-Alveh Truaxp-Alexander & Anna Marie Henwood Park 
WRIGHT, Randy A. (jr)WELLS VALLEYb-19 Dec. 1996; d-19 Dec. 1996; age-infant p-Michele L. Gearhart and Randy A. Wright 
ANDERSON, Norma GaleWELLS VALLEYb-07 Feb. 1929; d-29 Jan. 2008h-Ray Andersonp-John R. & Rhoda Black Grissinger Trego 
SOUDERS, Jean F.WELLS VALLEYb-02 May 1929; d-02 Aug. 2008h-Rankin A. Soudersp-Stanley & Myrtle Foor Wright 
DUVALL, RalphWELLS VALLEYb-10 Apr. 1928, d-02 Aug. 2008w-Dolly Bollinger Duvallp-Westley & Rosilene Meck Duvall 
BROWN, Wands L.WELLS VALLEYb-31 Mar. 1937; d-06 Sept. 2008h-Harry P. Brownp-Norman C. & Hilda M. Johnson Watkins 
EICHELBERGER, Dorothy I.WELLS VALLEYb-14 Jan. 1917; d-22 Nov. 2008h-Kenneth R. Eichelbergerp-Howard & Zola Barnett Warsing 
MOSEBEY, Edyth L.WELLS VALLEYb-06 Jan. 1913; d-05 Apr. 2009h-William Lyle Mosebey Sr.p-Charles Edgar & Florence Euthemia Shaver Knepper 
HECKMAN, BelleWELLS VALLEYd- 1926 (likely) Age 75yWilliam Heckman  
WAGNER, Edna LeoneWELLS VAL. ROCKY RUNb-24 Oct. 1912; d-1 Jan. 1989 p-William Harvey & Mary Virginia Tice Wagner 
GASTER, Nannie E.WELLS VAL. E.U.B.b-12 June 1913; d-8 Sept. 1992h-Ernest H. Gasterp-Loraine & Cora Belle Wible Madden 
SCHENCK, Rebecca JuneWELLS VAL. E.U.B.b-8 June 1879; d-29 Dec. 1958h-Charles Leslie Schenckp-Aaron & Ellen Daughenbaugh Foster 
SCHENCK,Malinda CarolineWELLS VAL. BRETHb-27 May 1858; d-20 Feb. 1945h-John M. Schenckp-John M. & Rebecca M. Cornelius Wallace 
FELLECHNER, Ruth RebeccaWELLS VAL PRESBYTERIANd-17 Oct. 1989; Age 71yh-Frederick Fellechnerp-Harlan L. & Belle Horton Wishard 
SIPES, George W.B.Wells Twpd-19 Jan 1891   
THOMAS, Eugene PaulWELLS TANNERY ROCKY RUNd-14 August 1991; Age 77yw-Winifred Stunkardp-Frank & Mary Duvall Thomas 
BAUMGARDNER, HaroldWELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-16 Dec 1912; d-9 June 2004; Age 91 p-Harry Lee & Jean Marie Madara BaumgardnerWW II
BAUMGARDNER, Harry L.WELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-31 Oct. 1887; Age 81yw-Jean M. Madarap-William H. & Mary M. Johnson Baumgardner II 
BEEGLE, Mary R.WELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-28 May 1911; d-24 Feb. 1976h-Melvin M. Beeglep-George E. & Bessie Johnson Sprowl 
BRIDENSTINE, Harvey H.WELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-12 August 1901; d-2 Feb. 1982 p-Herbert H. & Jennie Hunter Bridenstine 
CHAMBERLAIN, BessieWELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-22 July 1866; d-31 August 1973h-Earl Chamberlainp-Albert & Susan Ford Helsel 
CONN, James WilsonWELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-18 Dec. 1905; d-27 June 1992w-Susan Wirickp-James A. & Tillie Sheller Conn 
FORD, Lamberth E.WELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-26 Sept. 1891; d-19 Dec. 1982w-Elsie G. Baumgardnerp-Samuel & Emma Frances Hinish Ford 
HORTON, Lloyd W."Peenie"WELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-8 May 1915; d-10 Jan. 1987 p-William & Bessie Weight HortonWW II
JOHNSON, Cloyd L.WELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-1911; d-7 Dec. 1968w-Faye V.  
WARSING, MarthaWELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-2 April 1898; d-21 Dec. 1981h-Edgar Warsingp-John & Mary McClain Stunkard 
WRIGHT, Kenneth AlbertWELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-8 May 1936; d-20 Sept. 1987w-Rubyp-Albert & Ruby Warsing Wright 
WRIGHT, Norman ClydeWELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-19 Mar. 1926; d-9 Sept. 1978w-Hope Louise Smithp-Albert & Ruby Warsing Wright 
DESHONG, AlbertWELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-29 November 1869; d-19 April   
DESHONG, Nellie F.WELLS TANNERY PRESBYTERIANb-25 August 1893; d-12 November 1954h-Roy Deshong  

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