Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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Boyd, Jimmie W. (Grumpy)?b-15 June 1940; d-25 December 2012w-Debbie K. Baker Boydp-Jerry and Belva Stacy Boyd 
WELCH, Janice Mary Zeitler?b-8 May 1957; d-28 December 2012h-Donald Lee Welchp-Bernard Philip and Beatrice Gertrude Huster Zeitler 
PAYLOR, Jesse?d-8 December 1908, age 73y4m3d   
WINEGARDNER, Emma?d-17 December 1898, age 20y10m1d   
MILLER, Blanche E.?b-30 August 1919; d-12 January 2013   
SHAFFER, Oscar E.?b-4 October 1938; d-5 January 2013 p-Emmanuel and Neitha A. Schenck Shaffer 
THOMAS, Robert A.?b-19 September 1942; d-11 January 2013 p-E. Burling and Anna Anderson Thomas 
NAYLOR, Shirley Elizabeth?b-27 March 1952; d-3 January 2013h-Richard Naylorp-Oris and Mary McMillan 
STANLEY, William E. Jr.?b-21 October 1947; d-20 January 2013w-(2) Mary Evelyn Koontzp-William Sr. and Gertie Mills Stanley 
TRUAX, Mildred M.?b-14 February 1938; d-18 January 2013h-Charles E. Truax Jr.p-Virgil and Ruby J. Johnson Bishop 
MILLER, Jacob A.?d-14 November 1899, age 84y11m7d   
RUSS, Newton?d-17 April 1903, age 22y   
NAUGLE, Floyd?d-May 1939, age 6m p-John Naugle 
BARNHART, James R. Sr. "Tink"?b-27 October 1937; d-1 February 2013w-Marlene Golden Barnhartp-James Elwood and Gwendolyn Hann BarnhartUS Army
ROSENBERRY, Mearl E.?b-9 November 1935; d-2 February 2013w-Kay Anderson Rosenberryp-John and Edith Ward RosenberryArmy National Guard
KERLIN, Douglas Alan?b-18 April 1971; d-9 February 2013 p-Donald and Shirley Miller Kerlin 
GRIFFITH, Donald R. "Griff"?b-23 September 1956; d-22 February 2013w-Cindy Moffat Griffithp-Charles and Wilma Bittner Griffith 
MELLOTT, Lowell Lee?b-30 September 1956; d-23 February 2013w-D. Marie Mellott Mellottp-Ralph H. and Vada M. Davis Mellott 
LONG, Donald R.?b-22 December 1941; d-9 March 2013w-Joyce Kendall Longp-Raymond and Irene Bishop LongUS National Guard
SHIMER, Marie S.?b-1 October 1935; d-20 March 2013h-Jack L. Shimerp-Charlie and Mildred Sipes Melius 
McMURTRIE, Samuel M.?b-4 November 1957; d-1 March 2013w-Cindy J. Notestine McMurtriep-David and Betty Rice McMurtrie 
POOL, Ronald James Sr.?b-16 January 1941; d-12 March 2013w-Sandra L. Fox Poolp-Russel and Velma Mellott Pool 
ASHLEY, Raymond J.?b-13 August 1947; d-17 Maarch 2013w-Alma J. Sowers Ashleyp-Arthur J. and Lillian Goss AshleyUS Army Vietnam
HARR, JoAnne?b-25 October 1934; d-24 March 2013h-Dayton Harrp-G. Maynard "Whitey" and Lois Ott Paylor 
CISNEY, Dennis R.?b-3 July 1951; d-22 March 2013 p-Foster and Althea Crouse Cisney 
WAGMAN, William Dale Dr.?b-5 July 1932; d-5 April 2013w-Althea Margaret Illiff Wagmanp-Leon and Dr. Ida R. Holzberg Wagman 
BRANT, Dorothy A.?b-22 October 1922; d-19 April 2013h-Walter Brantp-Conrid and Elmara Summers DeShong 
WEICHT, Marvin John*?b-28 July 1966; d-8 May 2013 p-Shirley J. Breakall 
GOLDEN, Bella Rae?b-19 December 2011; d-14 May 2013 p-Michael and Taryn Golden 
MAXWELL, Roseanne L.*?b-5 May 1950; d-16 May 2013 p-Earl Douglas and Edna Frances Espenschiedt Floyd 
KERLIN, Shirley*?b-7 November 1942; d-10 June 2013h-Donald Kerlinp-Vivian and Goldie Mae Naugle Miller 
BILOVECKY, Steven J.*?b-29 January 1952; d-1 June 2013 p-Joseph Bilovecky and Anne Elizabeth Bacus Wise 
KLINE, Charles M. (Charlie)*?b-18 August 1944; d-6 June 2013 p-Merrill and Cleo Hill Kline 
FLEMING, Franklin Ray*?b-4 June 1923; d-31 May 2013w-Beverly Jean Flemingp-Kenos and Leafy FlemingUS Navy, WWII
HESS, Denver (Junior)*?b-19 September 1924; d-7 June 2013w-Wava Mellott Hessp-Floyd and Alverta Studenwalt Hess 
GRUBB, Glenn A.*?b-13 July 1941; d-11 June 2013w-Nancy E. Mellott Grubbp-Harry L. and Anna L. Smith Grubb Sr.US Army Vietnam
McQUADE, Harry J.*?b-5 June 1912; d-17 December 1969 p-Daniel B. and Emma Suders McQuade 
BLACK, Fred Richard*?b-10 May 1937; d-20 July 2013w-Helen Peddigree Smallman Blackp-Cloyd Patrick and Hazel Evans BlackUS Army
CARBAUGH, Rebecca?b-1821; d-19 September 1902, age 81y7m4dh-James Carbaugh  
SOUDERS, Marjorie Lee?b-24 September 1935; d-12 August 20013h-A. Dale Soudersp-Helen M. Lininger 
CRAWFORD, Gladys Lefaune?Age 68h- James M. CrawfordFrancis H. and Loretta Lehman Leshley 
SEVILLE, Elizabeth L.?d-Sept. 7, 2013; Age 81h- Ronald "Stucky" Sevillep- George and Flora Hess Keefer 
KNIGHT, James Louis?b-7 January 1957: d-4 October 2013 p-Donald and Elsie Knight 
RITZ, Carol Hope?b-25 May 1938: d-1 October 2013h-John C Ritzp- Marvin L. and Dorothy E. Golden 
MCQUADE, Harry B. (Butch)?b-14 July 1941; d-16 February 2005w-Patricia K. Foreman McQuadep-Harry J. and Thesta Carbaugh McQuade 
FEIGHT, Andrew?d-29 March 1915, age 50w-Elsie Clevenger Feight  
ELVEY, Jack Randal Sr.?b-24 May 1940; d-27 January 1995w-Myreta Hann Elveyp-Walter M. and Esther Thomas Elvey 
KING, James J.?d-1923   
STRAIT, Robert M.?b-9 September 1933; d-12 February 1997w-Ida Robinson Straitp-Robert Glenn and Vera Mae Black StraitUS Army
BILLINGS, Dorothy M. Keiser?b-4 November 1939; d-5 April 2012 p-Thomas and Elsie M. Jenkins 

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