Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WERTZ, Mary A.KNOBSVILLE REFORMEDb-14 July 1853; d-4 June 1858 p-George & E. Wertz 
WERTZ, Marlis L.REHOBETHb-26 Dec. 1930; d-15 Oct. 1996; age-65w-Betty Ann Unger Wertzp-William and Bessie Keefer Wertz 
WERTZ, Julia AnnJERUSALEMd-22 Sept. 1971; Age 85yh-Alvy Wertzp-Caleb & Maria Welch Mellott 
WERTZ, Jacob ThomasBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb- 06 Apr. 1893; d-21 July 1974; Age 81y p-Jacob C. & Alice Shives Wertz 
WERTZ, Jacob ThomasBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANd-21 July, age 81 p-Jacob C. and Alice Shives Werts 
WERTZ, Jacob C.BUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-15 Aug. 1853; d-13 Jan.1932w-Alice F. Shivesp-Orphan (raised by Amos Hill) 
WERTZ, Infant DaughterJERUSALEMd-1 Sept. 1916 p-Alvey & Julia Wertz 
WERTZ, Infant DaughterJERUSALEMd-5 Oct. 1918 p-Alvey & Julia Wertz 
WERTZ, HarrietBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-? Apr1887; d-1920   
WERTZ, Charles E.BUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-1882; d-19 Mar. 1920; Age 37y6m28d p-I. C. & Alice Wertz 
WERTZ, Bessie Mary ElizabethANTIOCHb-25 April 1902; d-18 June 1982h-William G. Wertzp-Johnston & Caroline Gregory Keefer 
WERTZ, Bessie E.BUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-1884; d-1905 p-Jacob Wertz & Alice Shives 
WERTZ, Bertha L.BUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-1894; d-1895 p-Jacob Wertz & Alice Shives 
WERTZ, Bernard G.ANTIOCHd-Dec. 1932; Age 1d p-W. G. & B. E. Wertz 
WERTZ, AlveyJERUSALEMb-2 July 1879; d-30 Nov. 1937w-Julia Mellott  
WERTZ, Alice F. ShivesBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-1864; d-1942h-Jacob C. Wertzp-? Shives 
WERTMAN,Barbara AnnWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-1946; d:1951 p-Charles & Edith Wertman 
WERTMAN, William EliasGREEN HILL PRESBYTERIANd-1911 (Infant)   
WERTMAN, Thomas EarlGREEN HILL PRESBYTERIANb-12 Jan. 1912; d-23 July 1923   
WERTMAN, Rose MellottGREEN HILL PRESBYTERIANb-1893; d-1952   
WERTMAN, Emma PaulineGREEN HILL PRESBYTERIANb-19 Sept. ?; d-14 Oct. ?   
WERTMAN, Edith E.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb- 11 Oct 1917; d- 8 Jan 2005h- Charles F. Wertmanp- Charles Russell and Goldie Hiles O'Rourke 
WERTMAN, Charles F.WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-11 May 1916; d-20 Dec. 2005w-Edith E. O'Rourke Wertmanp-Frederick and Rosa Wooster WertmanWWII
WERTMAN, Carl E. Sr.FAIRVIEW CHRISTIANb-8 September 1922; d-11 October 2004w-Thelma Geraldine Clingerman Wertmanp-Frederick Ambrose and Rose Esther Wooster Wertman 
WERMICK, Norman ClairUNIONb-25 May 1911; d:7 Oct. 1985w-LaVerne Hamilp-Carrie Woodward WermickVeteran
WERMICK, Elizabeth LaverneUNIONb-7 August 1917; d-1 April 1995h-Norman Clair Wermickp-Robert A. & Rebecca Tritle Hamil 
WERDEBAUGH, Sarah J.DAMASCUSb- 16 July 1961 d-14 June 2015 Age 63 p- William "Bud" Van and Rose Ann Louise Johnson Kirk Jr. 
WENTLING, Daisy StraitUNIONd-24 Dec 1947h-Meade G. Wentlingp-William and Mary M. Strait 
WELSH, William E.SILOAMb- February 12, 1947 d- September 14, 2014 James and Freda Kling WelshU.S. Army Vietnam
WELSH, William C. b-27 July 1895: d-30 May 1971w-Dessie Deshong Welshp-Harvey and Emma Weist Welsh 
WELSH, Margaret B.UNIONb-26 Aug. 1904; d-27 June 1996; age-91h-Harold C. Welshp-John F. and Maggie Small Wilkinson 
WELSH, Kenneth RonaldSIDELING HILLb-4 April 1937: d-18 October 1967w-Eunice Melva Mellott Welshp-Everett and Amy Welsh 
WELSH, John?d-1 August 1885, age 6y11m   
WELSH, James AlbinSILOAMb-9 June 1920; d-25 Feb. 1994w-Freda Klingp-William C. & O'Dessie DeShongWW II
WELSH, J. BlairBURNT CABINSd-2 July 1895, age 55y11m20d p-David and Elizabeth Welsh 
WELSH, Harold CroftUNIONb-6 Mar. 1898; d-22 June 1985w-Margaret Benedict Wilkinsonp-Jacob Ambrose & Ida Grace Croft WelshWW I
WELSH, Freda E?b-2 April 1928; d-8 February 2012h-James Albin Wleshp-Evans and Nellie Keebaugh Kling 
WELSH, E. JosephSIDELING HILL CHRISTAINb-28 August 1909; d-28 August 1976w-Kathryn W. (Mellott) Norris Welshp-Samuel Welsh and S. Ellen (Rose) Welsh Nager 
WELSH, David H.SIDELING HILL CHRISTAINb-14 July 1935: d-1 January 2014w-Dorothy J. Deshong Welshp-William C. and ODessie Deshong WelshUS Army SP4
WELSH, David BlakeSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd-18 August 1990 (Infant) p-David E. & Tina DeShong Welsh 
WELSH, Chloie O'DessieSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-5 Sept. 1894; d-6 Dec. 1971h-William C. Welshp-Jordan W. & Eliza Jane Hann DeShong 
WELLER, WilliamREHOBETHd- 28 September 1929; age- 31 p- Mrs. Clara Weller 
WELLER, Vesta MaxineREHOBETHd-8 Feb. 1984; Age 69y p-Lewis J. & Nettie M. Peck Keefer 
WELLER, Vertie C.Rehobethb- October 12, 1881 : d- May 17, 1960Pleasnat Jeanette WellerBarmus and Catherine Younker Weller 
WELLER, Vera M.PLEASANT GROVEd-15 April 1983; Age 56yh-Ralph Wellerp-Frank & Mary Cattlett Truax 
WELLER, Tina LynnUNIONd-27 Oct. 1957; Age 5m p-Jack Weller 
WELLER, Samuel H.SHIVESb-5 May 1872; d-28 June 1947   
WELLER, Ruth V.UNIONb-14 Oct. 1917; d-01 Jan. 2009h-Clyde A. Wellerp-Riley C. & Mary Etta Alexander Peck 
WELLER, Roy GuyUNIONd-Jan. 1957; Age 40y p-Raymond Weller 

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