Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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STEVENS, Jamison K. (Mrs.)?d-1 May 1889, about age 40yh-Jamison K. Stevens  
SCRIVER, Jessie?d-16 June 1881, age 7m9d p-George and Jessie Scriver 
SNOW, Sadie C.?d-25 January 1881, age about 7y p-W. J. Snow 
STRAIT, Jacob?d-1 July 1881, age 76y4m14d   
SOUDERS, infant daughter?d-27 December 1882 p-Isaac Souders 
SCHENCK, infant son?d-11 August 1882, age 5m p-Dora and Sarah C. Schenck 
SHOEMAKER, Hattie?d-5 September 1865, age 27y   
SCHIDEMANTLE, Emma?d-24 April 1885, age 27y4m22dh-Peter Schidemantle  
SNIDER, Christiana?d-13 January 1873, age ?y9m   
SLAUGHTER, Louisa?d-11 November 1883, age 47y   
MYERS, Ada v.?age 1y3m21d p-J.T. and Susan Myers 
MELLOTT, Jennie?d-4 May 1886, age 16y2m20d p-Daniel Mellott 
MILLER, Margaret?d-7 December 1875, age about 75y   
MOCK, Margaret Agnes?d-28 June 1883, age 27y2d   
MILLER, Mary?d-12 July 1881, age 74y9m29d   
MARKLEY, Joseph A.?d-18 April 1865, age 41w-Hannah Markleyp-Emmor and Ruth Markley 
MANN, Mary?d-age 67h-David Mann  
MARKLEY, Emor?d-13 February 1882, age about 80   
MAXWELL, Clara?d-17 March 1886, age 18y   
BRANT, Nevin B.?d-30 March 1883, age about 3m p-Mary Brant 
BLACK, Eliza?d-5 August 1882, age about 55y p-John A. Black 
BOLINGER, Martha?d-6 December 1881, age about 40y   
BUMGARDNER, Isaac?d-7 March 1885, age 72y11m29d   
BIDLEMAN, Elizabeth?d-12 February 1886, age 90y   
BRADY, Sallie?d-16 June 1882, age 84y   
BIDLEMAN, William?d-4 April 1879, age about 72y   
BUTTS, Harry?d-1 February 1883, age about 23y   
BOWMAN, Wilson?d-February 1877, age 69y5m18d   
BOWERS, Mary Elizabeth?d-17 March 1875, age 71y5m11dh-Peter Bowers  
BOWERS, Mattie?d-5 July 1878, age 28y11m1d   
BUTTS, Rebecca?d-13 March 1877, age 71y   
GORDON, Geraldine L.?b-22 July 1943; d-22 October 2012h-Wayne Eugene Gordonp-Harry Allen and Mary Katherine Clark Wagner 
KIES, Jean P.?b-25 Sept 1918; d-21 October 2012h-Harold P. Kiesp-Robert D. and Eleanor Cross Porter 
HARVEY, Anna Kendall?b-6 September 1932; d-22 October 2012h-Dale E. Harveyp-Robert M. and Hilda Carbaugh Kendall 
LEGGETT, Jack H. Sr.?b-16 April 1945; d-4 October 2012   
POOLE, Nancy J.?b-24 October 1939; d-4 October 2012 p-Lloyd Ira and Naomi Elizabeth Byers Everts 
ANDERSON, Wilbert Herman?b-16 August 1927; d-15 October 2012w-Alma Holst Andersonp-Herman and Elna Elstrum AndersonMerchant Marines, WWII
SIGEL, Watson L.?b-13 June 1957; d-7 October 2012 p-Earl and Arvada Jennette Fletcher Sigel 
HOLM, Craige Granniss?b-30 November 1926; d-14 October 2012w-Willajean Wolf Holmp-Joseph and Alva HolmUS Navy, WWII, Korea, Vietnam
DUVALL, Sarah E.?b-25 October 1935; d-5 October 2012 p-Orville W. and Sarah Margaret Jackson Duvall 
DOYLE, Sandra C. "Pete"?b-8 September 1943; d-18 September 2012h-Elwood "Woody" Doylep-Aulden "Bill" and Anges Pearl Ramsey Cutchall 
SEVILLE, Janet B.?b-23 July 1932; d-26 October 2012h-Delmar Sevillep-Paul and Catherine Zeis Sipes 
RAMSEY, Walter W.?d-16 December 1899, age 9y11m4d p-Elmer and Levina Ramsey 
CHESNUT, Cleo?d-14 December 1899, age 22y10m14d   
SPRIGGS, Pearl?d-1900, age 9y p-James Spriggs 
SPECK, Susanna Oliver?d-21 May 1899, age 19y7m21d   
LEIS, Helmet K.?b-18 September 1934; d-17 November 2012w-Phyllis Stauffer Leisp-Karl and Elise Oswald Leis 
BLACK, Bernadine E.?b-7 April 1922; d-15 December 2012h-Willard R. Blackp-Joseph A. and Julia M. Roffman Piert 
CARBAUGH, Harry B.?b-1 September 1942; d-9 December 2012 p-Daniel and Lillian Keefer Carbaugh 
HELMAN, Lark Beth?b-17 March 1950; d-22 December 2012h-Alan B. Helmanp-Lawrence P. and Anne Wo Kahawai 

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