Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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COOPER, George W.UNIONd-8 July 1916; Age 18y3m   
HERSHEY, AbrahamWINEGARDNERd-8 July 1915; Age 69y8m12d  G.A.R.
SMITH, RobertUNIONd-8 July 1914; Age 68y9m   
MORT, L. RoyeCLEAR RIDGEd-8 July 1907; Age 4y3m17d p-George & Effie Mort 
TRITLE, InfantUNIONd-8 July 1897; Age 10d p-Kelly Tritle 
HOLLENSHEAD, MarySIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTd-8 July 1890; Age 82y2m14dh-James Hollenshead  
KEITH, Infant SonWELLS VALLEY CHAPELd-8 July 1876 p-W. R. & M. Keith 
STARR, Denis C.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTd-8 July 1873; Age 8m27d p-Marcus & Mary Starr 
VALLANCE, AnnaKNOBSVILLE REFORMEDd-8 July 1873; Age 84y   
SNOTS, SamuelSNOTTSd-8 July 1856; Age 10m p-Joseph & Sarah Snots 
SHIMER, Polly MortonUNIONd-8 January 2004, age 80h-John R. Shimerp-George P and Laura Smith Morton 
DIVELBISS, PollyThompson Twpd-8 January 1890, age 60 years   
YONKER, Child?d-8 January 1880 p-Edward A. Yonker 
TRITLE, Amelia H.?d-8 January 1873, age 32h-William H. Tritle  
GOLDEN, Ida MariePLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENd-8 Jan. 1993; Age 74yh-Robert C. Goldenp-Charles & Edna Easton Webster 
FOX, Leona E.ANTIOCHd-8 Jan. 1990; Age 64yh-Oscar T. Foxp-Dave & Mary Pedden Deshong 
McCARTY, Bernadine E.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-8 Jan. 1987; Age 66yh-Otho D. McCartyp-Wilbur B. & Esther Nicholson Weaver 
HOBDAY, Charlene L.REHOBETHd-8 Jan. 1986; Age 52yh-Joseph E. Hobdayp-Ernest & Margaret Vanorsdale 
COOPER, Harry O.UNIONd-8 Jan. 1955; Age 48y8m24 p-Philip Cooper 
GLENN, InfantUNIONd-8 Jan. 1931 p-Charles Glenn 
BARNHART, Margaret MannTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-8 Jan. 1917; Age 78y6m8dh-Otho Barnhartp-Peter & Rachel Morgret Mann 
MILLER, Margaret J.BURNT CABINSd-8 Jan. 1903; Age 78y7m5d   
GASTER, NancieASBURYd-8 Jan. 1895; Age 20y   
SOWERS, MaryUNIONd-8 Jan. 1892; Age 9y p-George and Susan Sowers 
McDOWELL, Mary B.FT. LITTLETONd-8 Jan. 1892; Age 80y2m5dh-E. M. McDowell  
MANN, Ruthie A. E.CEDAR GROVEd-8 Jan. 1891; Age 1y1m p-Job H. & Sarah Mann 
MANN, Job B.CEDAR GROVEd-8 Jan. 1891; Age 1m12d p-Job H. & Sarah Mann 
DIVELBLISS, PallyTHOMPSONd-8 Jan. 1890; age-60   
ELLIOTT, BessieUNIONd-8 Jan. 1890(newspaper date)   
WITTER, Catharine A.CENTERd-8 Jan. 1888; Age 82y9m21d   
LAIDIG, LydiaHUSTONTOWNd-8 Jan. 1885; Age 81y9m26d; beside David Laidig   
UNGER, HenryUNIONd-8 Jan. 1885; Age 72y2m26d   
COVALT, JacobOAKLEY METHODISTd-8 Jan. 1884; Age 40y11m5d   
LAYTON, Infant SonPLEASANT GROVE CHRISTIANd-8 Jan. 1879 p-Simon & Barbara Layton 
KEEBAUGH, Miriam Grace?d-8 February 2011, age 81h-Warren Keebaugh  
SPRIGGS, JamesRIDGEd-8 February 1891   
REMSBURG, Ralph L.MAYS CHAPELd-8 Feb. 1993; Age 68yw-Shirley E. Bartonp-Gayle & Margaret Lanehart Remsburg 
WELLER, Vesta MaxineREHOBETHd-8 Feb. 1984; Age 69y p-Lewis J. & Nettie M. Peck Keefer 
WARD, Albert L.BUCK VALLEY METHODISTd-8 Feb. 1980; Age 58yw-L. Mildred Robertsp-Amos A. & Ora E. Scriever WardWW II
MOCK, Lula SnyderUNIONd-8 Feb. 1961h-Fred Mock  
GLAZIER, Caroline S.UNIONd-8 Feb. 1927; Age 58y3m7dh-Conrad Glazier  
ANDERSON, Mary JaneCLEAR RIDGEd-8 Feb. 1916; Age: 81y5m4dh-Jonathan Anderson  
RUMMEL, Mary ElizabethUNIONd-8 Feb. 1914; Age 68y1m3dh-James W. Rummelp-John and Mary Carney Snyder 
KENDALL, Infant DaughterUNIONd-8 Feb. 1902 p-William Milton Kendall and Mary Miller Johnston Kendall 
HANN, ReubenSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd-8 Feb. 1901; Age 76y5m8d   
LAKE, Lydia M.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTd-8 Feb. 1884; Age 59y10dh-Samuel P. Lake  
STRAIT, InfantASBURYd-8 Feb. 1882   
SPITZAR, JohnBURNT CABINSd-8 Feb. 1864; Age 71y   
BARTON, MorganUNION CHRISTIANd-8 Feb. 1810   
SCHETROMPF, Alfred F.BUCK VALLEYd-8 December 1953, age 79w-Anna Brady Schetrompfp-George and Anna Hendershot Schetrompf 

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