Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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SEVILLE, Ronald E. (Stucky) b-25 June 1938: d-2 December 2013w-Elizabeth Keefer Sevillep-John and Lottie Seville 
LAMBERSON, David C. b-14 May 1835: d-15 April 1919w-(1) Catharine Laidig (2) Mary Hunter Co. R. 44th IN Infantry
GINGRICH, Wayne D. b-1 January 1928: d-3 November 2013w-Emma G. (Bottenfield) Gingrichp-Glen B. and Maude E. (Cauldron) Gingrich 
BARTON, Roger Allen b-3 December 1954: d-9 November 2013w-Deborahp-June Winter and Clair Barton 
CRAWFORD, Jessie Mary Miree (Engle) b-12 March 1896: d-21 June 1968h-Alfred V. Crawfordp-John S. and Rebecca (Smith) Engle 
MARTZ, Linda Jean b-27 July 1948: d-2 February 2014h-Harold E. Martz Jr.p-Mary Naugle Gordon 
SHEEDER, Vicky J. d-13 January 2014   
O'Rourk, Ada d - 1883 aged 3 years 1 month p - James T. O'Rourk & Margarite 
PECK, child d-30 December 1880, about 14 years David Peck 
EVERETTS, George Elmer d-26 October 1918, age 29 Henry EverettsWWI, killed in action
EVERETTS, George Elmer d-26 October 1918, age 29 Henry EverettsWWI, killed in action
KOONTZ, Mary Evelyn b-8 January 1943: d-30 December 2013 p-Marvin and Mary Plessinger Powell 
HAWKINS, George W. b-29 April 1930: d-20 December 2013w-Myra Foster Hawkinsp-George and Charity HawkinsNational Guard
DIVENS, Anne b-12 September 1932: d-18 December 2013h-Donald P. Divensp-J. Ralph and Anna Coe Edwards 
MILLER, Roger Eugene b-30 January 1945: d-21 December 2013w-Deborah Shore Millerp-Kenneth and Blanche Hess Miller 
LANDERS, William d-19 November 1890, age 71unmarried  
SINCLAIR, Ward age 61w-Cass Peterson  
STUNKARD, Ida Lucretia d-9 March 1890, age 2y6m11d p-John Stunkard 
LININGER, Helen M b-15 May 1914; d-2 July 2004 p-Edward and Ida Rotz Lininger 
MORGRET, Baltzer d-April 1890, above 70 years   
SHEEDER, Roy Arthur d-9 December 1986, age 85w-(1) Edith Fix Sheeder; (2) Blanche Reed Sheederp-Edward and Clara Weaverling Sheeder 
BENDER, Harry M. d-age 23 p-John Benderwounds received in France
PECK, Abraham M. b-22 July 1828; d-17 May 1898w-Rachel Hart Peckp-Conrad Peck 
KIRCHNER, Edna Cline b-22 December 1907; d-28 November 1995h-Frank (Hap) Kirchnerp-Rush and Carrie Hamil Cline 
MELLOTT, Aiden Richard b-10 May 2010; d-1 June 2010 p-Justin Mellott and Jennifer Martz 
FRANCIS, Thelma Geraldine b-4 August 1924; d-7 July 2004h-Vergil Francisp-Jesse and Laura Miller Morgret 
HORTON, infant child d-15 November 1889 p-Mrs. Delilah Horton 
MILLER, Ralph Clarence d-27 August 1909, age 9m7d p-Clarence Miller 
FITE, C. Elizabeth  h-H. Ross Fitep-Jacob and Susan Brewer Yeakle 
JORDAN, James William  w-Louise Hoopengardner Jordanp-Webster C. and Tillie Mann Jordan 
SOUDERS, Pearl A. b-25 January 1929: d-19 January 2014 p-Otto and Edith Jenkins Clark 
SMITH, John Andrew b-1922: d-3 December 1974w-Mary Helen SmithP-James F. and Cora E. Ritz Smith 
WAITE, Leroy C. b-6 July 1932: d-21 January 2014 p-Luella Brown and Deweese Waite 
MORT, Frank Stevens b-11 July 1879: d-3 December 1962w-Sarah B. Wilsonp-James S. and Mary J. Brown Mort 
WOY, Veryl L. b-4 March 1898: d-4 July 1963w-Evelyn Everhartp-John W. and Anna Beeler Woy 
GARLAND, Mary M. b-20 March 1883: d-1 March 1963 p-Amos and Adaline Hill Garland 
BARTON, Bruce H. b-4 December 1889: d-14 March 1963w-Edith H. Mellottp-J. Clark and Margaret Hill Barton 
HENSLEY, Herbert Lee b-13 August 1928: d-13 February 2014 p-Carl E. and Lucy Belle Norris Hensley 
KEEBAUGH, Jeffrey L. b-14 January 1963: d-17 February 2014w-Laura Irwin Keebaughp-Wayne and Dora Lane Keebaugh 
MERICA, Joseph P. b-10 September 1946: d-2 March 2014 p-Herbert R. and Helen Belle Miller Merica 
PAYLOR, Florence Anna b-15 April 1860: d-28 January 1941h-(1) Daniel Mock (2) William Paylor  
MOORE, John E. b-25 November 1870: d-29 August 1941w-Sarah Belle Ensleyp-John W. and Sisan Dillon Moore 
MARTZ, Nikki Nicole b-29 April 1988: d-13 March 2014 p-Anthony William Myers and Tammy Martz 
MADDEN, Ira Loraine b-2 December 1885: d-20 April 1972w-Cora Belle Wiblep-Richard and Nancy Miller Madden 
STAHLE, Martha Ellen d-24 February 1971h-Lewis Franklin Stahlep-John A. and Emaline Hill Garland 
WERTZ, William Glen b-28 May 1903: d-3 May 1971w-Bessie E. Keeferp-Jacob and Alice Wertz 
WELSH, William C. b-27 July 1895: d-30 May 1971w-Dessie Deshong Welshp-Harvey and Emma Weist Welsh 
BARNHART, John Truax d-12 July 1971w-Katherine F. Andrew Barnhartp-Alec and Mary Younker Barnhart 
KERLIN, Nettie E. b-29 July 1899: d-11 August 1970h-Alvin D. Kerlinp-William and Elenor Lehr Naugle 
HANKS, Elizabeth M. b-3 May 1900: d-26 June 1977h-Harry N. Hanksp-Irvin D. and Sophia Steele Garlick 

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