Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WHITFIELD, William D. W.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd-8 Sept. 1859Infant son of W. & Sophia Whitfield  
WHITFIELD, NancyBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-07 June 1845; d-09 Mar. ?? 77y9m25dh-Ephraim Whitfieldp-Dennis & Julian Welsh 
WHITFIELD, Harriet K. GoldenWARFORDS PRESBYTERIANb-1868; d-1917h-J. A. Whitfield  
WHITFIELD, Golden MarieWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-8 Dec. 1896; Age 6m9d p-J. A. & H. K. Whitfield 
WHITFIELD, Ephraim A.BUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb- 30 May 1846; d- 22 Nov. 1906 p-? Shaw 
WHITFIELD, EliasUNION CHRISTIANb-26 Dec. 1804; d-24 July 1880   
WHITFIELD, Ann ClevengerUNION CHRISTIANb-18 Dec. 1807; d-23 August 1865h-Elias Whitfield  
WHITESIDE, Rintha M.WHIPS COVE CHRISTIANd-9 Oct. 1989; Age 84yh-David M. Whitesidep-Edgar A. & Dela Jane Layton Diehl 
WHITESIDE, Jeremy Page (J. P.)WHIPS COVEb-8 July 1979; d-13 September 2013 p-William Curtis and Sharon Louise Stahle Whiteside 
WHITESIDE, Edward M.WHIPS COVEb-5 Oct. 1953; d-8 May 2003; age-49w-Kathleen Ann Wilson Whitesidep-William Edward & Betty Louise Means Whiteside 
WHITESIDE, Betty L.WHIPS COVEb-26 April 1931; d-15 February 2018h-William Edward Whitesidep-Michael Coy and Elsie Mae Clites Means 
WHITEN, George?d-6 July 1833, age 10y   
WHITE, William?d-25 October 1886, age about 90   
WHITE, SusanMcCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-28 Oct. 1815; d-14 Oct. 1840h-Rev. N. G. White  
WHITE, Robert G.McCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-2 Oct. 1838; d-1 May 1865 p-Rev. N. G. & Susan WhiteG.A.R.
WHITE, Nita ElaineBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-20 October 1963; d-5 May 2014h-Douglas C Whitep-Seibert and Catherine Manning Beatty 
WHITE, Michael D.UNIONb-22 July 1958; d-12 Feb. 1980 p-Joseph D. White & Fredrica Fisher White StengerVeteran
WHITE, JohnWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-3 Mar 1853; Age-66y p-Thomas & Elizabeth Jones White 
WHITE, Jeffrey StephenUNIONb-25 June 1960; d-7 Dec. 1984 p-Joseph White & Frederica Fisher White Stenger 
WHITE, Jane?d-19 December 1880, age 27y6m   
WHITE, James H.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-18 Feb 1881; Age-1y7m4d p-P. & R. White 
WHITE, HenryCLEAR RIDGEb-1842; d-May 1907   
WHITE, Erwin ArchieMcCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-1850; d-1851 p-Rev.N.G.& C.M.White 
WHITE, Danae CeciliaBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-5 Feb. 1999; d-5 Feb. 1999; age-infant p-Douglas C. & Nita E. Beatty White 
WHITE, Catherine HortonWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIAN h-Judge George Whitep-Nathan & Rebecca Priest Horton; Stone broken 
WHITE, Bryant Andrew?b-23 May 1994; d-10 July 2012 p-Kathy Merkley and Brian Merkley 
WHITE, AnnWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-11 May 1846; Age-24y6m p-John & Martha Horton White 
WHETSTONE, Louis ElmerBETHELb-23 Jan. 1870; d-20 June ?w-Phobe Burketp-William & Margaret Whetstone 
WHEELER, Wilson H.UNIONb-19 Dec. 1917; d-6 Nov. 1992w-Kathryn Rumbaughp-Paul & Cecelia Rackmyer WheelerWW II
WHEELER, William E.CEDAR GROVEd-18 Nov. 1898; Age 83y9m20d   
WHEELER, WilliamUNIONd-28 Feb. 1958; Age 2m11d p-Wilson & Kathryn Wheeler 
WHEELER, MaryCEDAR GROVEd-5 Sep 1906h-(3)William E. Wheelerp-Peter Cleyenger 
WHEELER, Kathryn R.UNIONb-12 June 1922; d-20 June 1981 Age 59yh-Wilson H. Wheelerp-Dr. Roy D. & Mary (Myers) Rumbaugh 
WHEELER, John LewisBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb- 27 Apr. 1868; d- 25 May 1961w-Cathryn Woodalp-William S. Wheeler & Catherine Stangle 
WHEELER, CathrynBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb- 29 Nov. 1879; d- 12 Nov. 1949h-John L. Wheelerp-William M. Woodall & Susan Rolls 
WHEELER, Alverta M.FAIRVIEW CHRISTIANb-31 Aug 1911; d-21 Dec 2003; Age 92h-William M. Wheelerp-Lewis & Catherine Wheeler 
WEYANT, Leroy C.GREEN HILLb-28 Apr. 1904; d-24 Oct. 1975w-Mary I. Gardenhour Weyantp-Peter B. & Barbara Boward Weyant 
WESTLING, Meade G.UNIONd-26 Jan. 1947; Age 66y4m5d   
WESTLING, Daisy StraitUNIONd-23 Dec. 1947h-Meade Westling  
WERTZ, William Glen b-28 May 1903: d-3 May 1971w-Bessie E. Keeferp-Jacob and Alice Wertz 
WERTZ, Sylvia M.UNIONb-25 November 1932; d-12 March 2011h-Ray H. Wertzp-Oscar P. and Claire Virginia Reed Mellott 
WERTZ, Roy R.BUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb- 1891; d- 1892 p- Jacob & Alice Shives Wertz 
WERTZ, Ray H.UNIONb-27 Sept. 1928; d-09 Aug. 2008w-Sylvia M. Mellott Wertzp-William G. & Bessie Keefer Wertz 
WERTZ, Nannie P.BUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb- 1897; d- 1910 p- Jacob & Alice Shives Wertz 
WERTZ, Mrs. F. L.UNIONd-16 Dec. 1932h-Dr. F. L. Wertz  
WERTZ, Mary G.BUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb- 1896; d- 1897 p- Jacob & Alice Shives Wertz 

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