Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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BARNHART, Robert A.UNIONd-10 Feb. 1929; Age 6m15d p-Daniel Barnhart 
BARNHART, Robert AllenWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb & d-2 May 1974 p-Robert Albert & Barbara Jean Alderton Barnhart 
BARNHART, Robert D.Unionb-3, June 1937: d- 19, November 2017Patricia J. BarnhartClarence Barnhart and Violet (Deshong) Barnhart 
BARNHART, Robert EdmundMAYS CHAPELb-1953; d-8 January 1954, age 5m11d p-James E. and Gwendolyn Hann Barnhart 
BARNHART, Roger AllenMAYS CHAPELb-7 July 1951; d-27 Oct. 1990w-Eileen Stinebaughp-James E. & Gwendolyn G. Barnhart 
BARNHART, Rose M. KellerBLACK OAKb- 14 February 1874; d- 13 October 1955h- Charles A. Barnhart  
BARNHART, Roy G. b- 10 February 1942; d- 11 July 2019w- Helen Barthalow Barnhartp- Clarence I. and Violet C. Deshong Barnhart 
BARNHART, Ruth O.PLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENb-16 Jan. 1914; d-5 March 2003; age-89h-John McClellen Barnhartp-Scott and Sadie Y. Truax Mellott 
BARNHART, Sadie GrahamBLACK OAKb- 7 October 1896; d- 14 December 1954h- Wm. H. Barnhartp- John Wesley & Josephine Bishop Graham 
BARNHART, Stephen Andrews "Andy"CEDAR GROVEd-14 April 1992; Age 84yw-Hazel B.Hessp-Jobe T. & Catherine Andrews Barnhart 
BARNHART, Violet CatherineUNIONb-14 Feb. 1900; d-22 June 1988h-Clarence Isaiah Barnhartp-Annie Deshong 
BARNHART, W. GlennOAKLEY METHODISTb-27 June 1909; d-24 Feb. 1921   
BARNHART, Ward B.OAKLEY METHODISTb-4 May 1889; d-5 Nov. 1959w-Anna Sigelp-Palmer & Fannie Bailey Barnhart 
BARNHART, Willard W.BLACK OAKb- 10 May 1924; d-6 March 1977; Age 52y p-William H.and Sadie Graham Barnhart 
BARNHART, WilliamMAYS CHAPELb-1841; d-1 May 1916  Co. G., Regt.of PA
BARNHART, William d-18 July 1892 aged 25y p-Otho Barnhart 
BARNHART, William PalmerWARFORDSBURG PRES.b-14 May 1917; d-02 Oct. 2008w-Mary R. Bishop Barnhartp-Ward B. & Mamie C. Golden Barnhart 
BARNHART, Wm. H.BLACK OAKb- 5 July 1892; d- 7 August 1962 p- William & Elizabeth Jordan Barnhart 
BARNHART,FRANCES R.HUSTONTOWNb-15 August 1939/d-17 March, 2021h-Larry"Gene" Barnhartp-Hellen Blanche (Deshong)& Norman B.Strait 
BARR, John W.?b-18 November 1937; d-28 January 2012 p-Earl and Nell Barr 
BARRON, Marian E.McCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-7 Mar. 1832; Age 6y4m23d   
BARRON, Richard E. Jr. b-13 Oct. 1940 d-25 Oct. 2018w-Brenda (Sharp) Barronp-Richard E. Barron Sr. & Mary Margaret (Cronin) BarronU.S. Army
BARTFAY, Andrew M.?b-01 June 1979; d-10 June 2006 p-Victor Bartfay & Margaret Eaton Bartfay Ebert 
BARTH, Sophia E. KeithNEW GRENADAb-1848; d-1919h-Peter Keith Barth  
BARTHALOW, Audie O.UNIONb-29 Jan. 1936; d-31 July 1999; age-63 p-John J. and Stella M. Clark Barthalow 
BARTHALOW, John J.ANTIOCHd-11 June 1984; Age 74yw-1) Stella Margaret Clark, 2) LaRue Stevensp-Charles Sheridan & Dora Aldo Bishop Barthalow Rotz 
BARTHALOW, Larue F.ANTIOCHb-10 July 1917: d-13 November 1972h-John J. Barthalowp-David and Jenny Hoffman Stevens 
BARTHALOW, Nathan G. b-29 September 1949/d- 26 March 2020 p- Larue Ferne Steven Barthalow& John j. Barthalow 
BARTHALOW, Rodney E.ANTIOCHb-7 August 1954; d-4 September 1995 p-Roy E. Barthalow and Twila Appleby Lee 
BARTHALOW, Roy EugeneANTIOCHb-27 Dec. 1939; d-30 May 1989 p-John J. & Stella M. Clark Barthalow 
BARTL, Mary MalissaUNIONd-2 Jan. 1947; Age 51y10m18dh-William Bartl  
BARTON, AaronUNION CHRISTIANb-4 July 1812; d-6 June 1859   
BARTON, Amos W.McKENDREEb-14 August 1856; d-16 Feb. 1860 p-J. N. & S. E. Barton 
BARTON, Amy L.AKERSVILLEb-25 April 1921; d-23 June 1996; age-75h-Walter J. Bartonp-George N. Barton and Lulu Schank Barton 
BARTON, AnnaAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-22 Jan. 1856; d-29 June 1880h-M. Barton  
BARTON, AnnaUNION CHRISTIANb-8 June 1782; d-22 July 1874h-E. Barton  
BARTON, BelindaMcKENDREEb-28 Feb. 1849; d-28 Dec. 1859   
BARTON, Bruce H. b-4 December 1889: d-14 March 1963w-Edith H. Mellottp-J. Clark and Margaret Hill Barton 
BARTON, Caleb J.HUSTONTOWNb-25 May 1858; d-22 October 1940:w-Mary  
BARTON, CalvinNEEDMORE BIBLE CHURCH CEMETERYb- 4 Dec. 1950; d- 15 June 2019w- Cheryl Ward Bartonp- George Calvin Sr. and Esta Everetts BartonUS Army Reserves
BARTON, Carrie E.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-18 May 1888; d-30 July 1908h-C. O. Barton  
BARTON, Catherine GregoryWARF. PRESBYTERIANd-8 April 1874; Age 33y6m23dh-H. H. Barton  
BARTON, Cecil IrwinAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-10 Jan. 1889; d-25 Feb. 1889 p-J. B. & M. M. Barton 
BARTON, Charles UNION w-Edith Barton  
BARTON, Charles E.UNION - moved to Newport, PAb-12 July 1871; d-11 May 1907; Age 35y10mw-Edith Brantp-George W. Barton 
BARTON, Charles F.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-11 May 1910; d-4 Nov. 1986w-Lydia Beelerp-Jesse & Ivah Mellott Barton 
BARTON, Charles H.McKENDREEb-23 Sept. 1902; d:15 Sept. 1903 p-J. C. & M. E. Barton 
BARTON, Charlotte H. AkersAKERSVILLE METHb-12 May 1834; d-3 July 1898h-Mason Barton  

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