Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WIBLE, SpeerCLEAR RIDGEd-29 Jan. 1904; Age 20y1m21d p-James Wible 
WIBLE, Scott LewisASBURYb-1886; d-1953   
WIBLE, Samuel LoganASBURYb-21 Sept. 1880; d-2 June 1959w-Mae Rebecca Kline Wiblep-Ruben and Sarah Deshong Wible 
WIBLE, Samuel A.BETHLEHEMd-25 Jan. 1909; Age 51y1m11dw-Charlotte "Lottie" Croft Wiblep-Samuel and Susan J Anderson Wible 
WIBLE, SamuelBETHLEHEMb-18 August 1820w-Susan Anderson Wiblep-Adam and Jane Long Wible 
WIBLE, SadieKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-14 Nov. 1895; d-5 Jan. 1897 p-W. Harvey & Mary Wible 
WIBLE, Ruth E.NEW GRENADA BETHELb-28 Oct. 1902; d-1 June 1978h-1) Carl Newman, 2) Willard M. Wiblep-Charles & June Foster Schneck 
WIBLE, Russell H.KNOBSVILLEb-13 December 1890; d-13 February 1964w-Furner Helfrick Wiblep-Harvey and Mollie Hamil Wible 
WIBLE, Ross R.KNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-12 July 1929; d-13 May 1963 p-Russell and Furmer Helfrick WibleWW II
WIBLE, Robert J.UNIONb-26 September 1944 d-13 December 2014w-Cheryl A. (deshong) Wiblep-James Mack Chesnut and Bertha "Betty"(Mellot)U.S. Navy
WIBLE, Raymond R.CLEAR RIDGEd:30 July 1911; Age 14d p-H. H.and E. Wible 
WIBLE, Raymond CharlesUNIONb-31 January 1904: d-27 Dec. 1957; Age 53y10m27dw-Sarah Frakerp-David H. and Bertha Glunt Wible 
WIBLE, Paul W.UNIONb-9 April 1902; d-26 Mar. 1993w-Erma Kennedyp-David H. & Bertha Glunt WibleWW II
WIBLE, Oscar M.KNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-12 July 1902; d:28 Oct. 1945w-Anna M. (Woodal) Wible  
WIBLE, Orsion C.BETHLEHEMb-1885; d-1921w-Nellie V. Snyderp-Samuel A and Charlotte "Lottie" Croft Wible 
WIBLE, Orlando S.KNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-14 October 1907; d-8 August 1962w-Esta Wiblep-Frank and Demaris Mathias WibleWW II
WIBLE, Oliver RooseveltBETHLEHEMd-19 July 1980; Age 75y p-John & Daisy Elvey WibleWW II
WIBLE, Olive L.ASBURYb-31 Jan. 1912; d-10 Feb. 1989h-Clyde M. Wiblep-Edward R. & Bessie Cutchall Sharpe 
WIBLE, Olive B.UNIONb-19 April 1893; d-7 May 1978 p-David H. & Bertha Glunt Wible 
WIBLE, Myrtle EmmaClear Ridgeb- 10 Dec., 1919 d-3 July 2015 Age 95yh- James Porter Wiblep- Clarence Herbert and Emma Laura (McCoy) Taylor Sr. 
WIBLE, MatildaKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-9 January 1833; d-13 November 1916h-Benjamin F. Wiblep-Heck 
WIBLE, Mary Rebecca HockensmithUNIONb-24 June 1867; d-31 August 1955; Age 88y2m7dh-Lewis H. Wiblep-Caleb and Margretta Newman Hockensmith 
WIBLE, Mary RebbecaUNIONb-24 June 1867; d-31 August 1955h-Lewis H. Wiblep-Caleb and Margretta Newman Hockensmith 
WIBLE, Mary J.CLEAR RIDGEd-28 Mar. 1886; Age 38y3m2dh-Jacob Wible  
WIBLE, Mary HamilKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-1874; d-1947h-W. Harvey Wible  
WIBLE, Mary GroveASBURYb-10 September 1907; d-24 August 1963h-Kenneth Wiblep-John and Mary Ropelt Groves 
WIBLE, Mary ElizabethASBURYd-22 Feb. 1976; Age 89yh-Scott Wiblep-John & Martha Wolfe Oyler 
WIBLE, Mary BellKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb- November 30, 1874 d- August 10, 1947Harvey Wible  
WIBLE, MarthaCLEAR RIDGEd-11 Nov. 1918; Age 74y9m10dh-James M. Wible  
WIBLE, Margaret L. *BETHLEHEMb-1914; d-7 May 1960h-Donald E. Wiblep-Frank K. and Emma M. Alderfer Landis 
WIBLE, Mae RebeccaASBURYb-31 May 1887; d-20 Nov. 1959h-Samuel L. Wiblep-J. P. Kline & Jemima Kline Moore 
WIBLE, Lydia A.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd-21 August 1886; Age 23y4m18d p-Frederick & Anna Rebecca Hann Wible 
WIBLE, Louisa J.KNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-1860; d-1913, age 53y2m13dh-A. Lincoln Wiblep-Joseph Everts 
WIBLE, LincolnKOBSVILLEb-13 November 1860 d-29 Febuary 1936w-(1)Louisa Everts (2)Jennie Woodalp-Benjamin F. and Matida Heck Wible 
WIBLE, Lillie M.KNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-25 Nov. 1878; d-26 Feb. 1944   
WIBLE, Lewis HarrisonUNIONb-19 April 1867; d-2 April 1962; Age 94y11m14dw-Mary R. Hockensmith Wiblep-Benjamin F. and Matilda Heck Wible 
WIBLE, Lewis D.WIBLEd-13 Nov. 1905; Age 73y6m11d p-Adam and Jane Long Wible 
WIBLE, Kenneth M.ASBURYb-12 May 1914; d-10 Feb. 1986w-1) Mary, 2) Jennie Wesley Tinkerp-Samuel & Mae Kline Wible 
WIBLE, Katie Belle b- 10 February 1878; d- 22 January 1955h- Orlando Wiblep- Jeremiah and Charlotte Gladfelter 
WIBLE, June RoseKNOBSVILLEb-24 June 1931; d-16 March 1998; age-66 p-Russell and Furmur Helfrick Wible 
WIBLE, Joseph G.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd-31 August 1886; Age 27y11m28d   
WIBLE, JosephWIBLEd-7 Sept. 1854; Age 18y6m8d p-Adam & Jane Wible 
WIBLE, John W.CLEAR RIDGEb-19 April 1908; d-1 Sept. 1977w-Catherine Syperp-Harry & Estella Kerlin Wible 
WIBLE, John S.BETHLEHEMb-19 September 1918; d-4 June 2004 p-John R. and Daisey Elvey WibleUS Army, World War II
WIBLE, John RossBETHLEHEMb-27 August 1883; d-31 August 1922w-Daisy A. Elveyp-Samuel A and Charlotte "Lottie" Croft Wible 
WIBLE, JoannahCLEAR RIDGEd-28 May 1838 p-J. Wible 
WIBLE, Jennie WoodallUnionb-Nov. 24, 1879; d-16 June 1966, Age 86h- A. L. Wiblep- James and Eliza Jane Butts Woodall 
WIBLE, JeffersonSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd-1915, age 54y9m2d p-Frederick and Rebecca Hann Wible 
WIBLE, Jane LongWIBLEd-7 Mar. 1881; Age 85y4m18dh-Adam Wible  
WIBLE, JaneCLEAR RIDGEb-16 August 1821; d-12 Nov. 1898h-William Wible  

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