Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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LININGER, Mary Lou?b-25 March 1930; d-20 February 1936 m-Bernadine Lininger 
WISNER, Helen Jane?b-3 May 1930; d-24 May 1986h-Kenneth Fowler Wisnerp-Charlie and Gertie Quinley Couch 
McCARTHY, Kevin M.?b-9 September 1952; d-15 February 2011w-Denise R. Stricklin McCarthyp-Daniel C. & Charlotte Boyle McCarthyUS Marine Corps
CULLER, Harvey James (H.J. or Jim)?b-19 December 1925; d-20 February 2011w-K. Aileen Tritle Cullerp-John and Leila Comerer Culler 
KING, Wayne Robert?b-27 June 1967; d-3 March 2011finance Trish Thomasp-Robert Wayne King and Reba Jean Sweeney 
MATHERN, Myrtle Lucille?b-15 May 1912; d-10 April 2011h-Ronald "Curly" Mathernp-Wallace and Mary Bryan Clarke 
DeSHONG, Mabel R.?b-1 March 1922; d-16 April 2011h-Charles K. DeShongp-John William and Nellie Frances Biser Dawson 
FIGARD, Richard Eugene?d-29 March 2011, age 73   
CARBAUGH, Lurea C.?b-26 August 1947; d-23 April 2011h-George Carbaughp-Wilbur and Winifred Smith Vinson 
SOUDERS, Allen M. "Cap"?b-23 August 1936; d-21 April 2011w-Dora Jane Harris Soudersp-Alvey and Pauline Carbaugh SoudersUS Air Force, Viet Nam
WOOD, Dennis Nelson?b-25 November 1957; d-6 May 2011 p-Emory and Dorothy Howell Peck 
ROSS, Georgia Kendall?b-1 August 1948; d-9 May 2011h-William Rossp-Paul and Agnes Kearns Glunt 
HUSTON, Betty L.?b-26 September 1925; d- 4 June 2011 p-William and Leola Cooper Geiling 
STEVENS, Lois Beryl Fraker?b-15 June 1916; d-12 May 2011h-Leon Willis Stevensp-Mary Mable Gobin Fraker and John Hunter Fraker 
BRATTON, Thelma K.?b-17 March 1921; d-21 June 2011h-Robert Samuel Brattonp-Walter and Margaret Brinkley Black 
CARBAUGH, Betty L.?b-2 Sept. 1939 d-22 June 2011h- John Reynolds CarbaughBenjamin & Lucinda Buterbaugh 
ANDERSON, Janice A.?b-30 May 1947 d-2 August 2001h- William Andersonp- Russell & Bertha Roher Shehan 
KENDALL, RICHARD WALLACE?b- 7 Oct 1909; d- 24 Nov. 1943w- Sara Belle (Dunlap) Kendallp- Mr & Mrs. James H. KendallSeaman 1st Class, U.S. Naval Reserves
HANN, Norman W. Sr.?b-6 July 1928; d-19 June 2001w-Alice E. Stephens Hannp-Charley D.E. and Lydia Margaret Irene Mellott HannUS Army, Korea
JEFFREYS, Harriet W.?b-24 July 1927; d-6 August 2011h-James Robert Jeffreysp-Harry and Alleene Bond Wetherbe 
ASKINS, James Stanley?d-6 Sept 2011, age 79w-Janet Griffith Askinsp-William Clair and Agnes Sloan AskinsUS Marines, Korean War
SHUMAN, Roy O.?b-24 February 1933; d-30 September 2011 p-Oscar Shuman 
BARCLAY, Matthew U.?b-8 September 1968; d-7 October 2011 p-Robert and Shirley Myers BarclayUS Navy
TROIA, Alyssa Storm?d-30 October 2011, age 1 p-James and Winter Amsley Troia 
CARBAUGH, Vincent E.?b-12 October 1963; d-26 October 2011w-Jackie Carbaughp-Edgar and Rosaline Urban Carbaugh 
ATKINS, Joseph A.?b-2 December 1950; d-28 October 2011w-Deborah Atkinsp-Charles and Lucille Segraves AtkinsUS Army
PARSON, Timothy Eugene?b-26 October 1969; d-15 November 2011 p-Homer Neil and Katherine Parson Spriggs 
DESHONG, Emma Mae?b-5 October 1936; d-2 November 2011h-Herbert H. DeShongp-Vernon and Mary Lillian Hensley Coffman 
BRANCHE, John?April 13, 1939 newspaper; age 11 months p-Harry Branche 
PARKINSON, Marie A.?b-17 June 1923; d-9 December 2011h-John T. Parkinsonp-Francis and Anna Schimmelpfennig 
PEPPLE, Donald L. "Pete"?b-30 June 1937; d-25 December 2011 p-George Pepple and Faye Troutman WeichtUS Marines
CROUSE, Loni E.?b-28 July 1960; d-19 December 2011 p-Morris E. and Charlotte R. Barnett Crouse 
BROWN, Beulah Elizabeth "Boots"?b-10 December 1932; d-2 January 2012h-Carl S. Brownp-George and Sara Rice McMillen 
FOST, Mark Herbert "Herb"?b-26 July 1952; d-28 December 2011w-Donna M. McClintock Fostp-Mark H. and Sara E. "Sally" McKinley Fost 
TYLER, Robert W.?b-15 April 1958; d-15 January 2012 p-John W. Tyler and Pauline A. Mills 
SMITH, Beverly Irene McElrath?b-4 March 1929; d-19 February 2012h-Walter G. Smith  
WELSH, Freda E?b-2 April 1928; d-8 February 2012h-James Albin Wleshp-Evans and Nellie Keebaugh Kling 
BARR, John W.?b-18 November 1937; d-28 January 2012 p-Earl and Nell Barr 
REED, Clair E.?b-6 November 1945; d-24 February 2012 p-William E. and Helen B. Hartman Reed 
TRUAX, Charles E. Jr.?b-31 March 1938; d-23 March 2012w-Mildred M. Bishop Truaxp-Charles E. and Ruth Seville Truax 
FEAGLEY, Barbara Ann?b-9 January 1972; d-17 March 2012h-Chester Feagley Jr.p-Raymond Hyatt Sr. and Julia Walton Seburn 
PRAGER, Philip C.?b-6 June 1922; d-2 May 2012w-Shirley Pragerp-Paul and Louise Fischer Pragliola 
CRUM, Carla S.?b-14 September 1961; d-28 May 2012 p-Crawford and Lois Myers Wishard 
YOUNKER, Wayne A.?b-23 August 1936; d-7 June 2012w-Alice I. Mills Younkerp-Edgar and Bessie Younker Shives 
FISCHER, Wendy L.?b-7 October 1953; d-7 June 2012 p-William E. and June Hinish Imler 
MATHIAS, Albert C.?b-12 August 1861; d-16 March 1918w-(1)Alice Gelvin; (2)Laura Small  
LISCOMB, Dale E.?d-July 2012, age 73   
WHITE, Bryant Andrew?b-23 May 1994; d-10 July 2012 p-Kathy Merkley and Brian Merkley 
EVERHART, Douglas Eugene "Dougie"?b-18 March 1974; d-28 July 2012 p-Ralph D. Everhart; Marie and Kenneth Waite 
KELL, Mary C.?b-16 November 1934; d-21 July 2012h-Ralph B. Kellp-Alvin S. and Addie M. Pepper Strait 

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