Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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JOHNSON, Faye V.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-9 Jan. 1920; d-19 August 1993h-Cloyd L. Johnsonp-Paul & Estella Truax Dickinson Romig 
KLOTZ, Minnie C.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-12 December 1873; d-13 December 1945h-John Klotzp-George W. and Lydia Ann (Myers) Swope 
KNEPPER, Don C.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-27 Feb. 1911; d-17 May 1995w-Helen Mosebyp-Charles & Florence Shaver Knepper 
FESLER, GeorgeWELLS VALLEY METHODISTd-15 October 1911, age 84   
BOLINGER, Ray FranklinWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-8 August 1889; d-10 October 1969w-Laura Earley Bolingerp-George W. and Myra Mills BolingerWW I
MELLOTT, Peter M.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTd-29 Jan. 1989; Age 63yw-Hilda Metzlerp-Peter M. & Ethel Long MellottWW II
METZLER, DeKalbWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-24 Jan. 1902; d-19 August 1988w-Evalinep-Thomas & Ella Skipper Metzler 
METZLER, Wilda CarlWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-13 Sept. 1931; d-15 Jan. 1968 p-DeKalb & Evaline Anderson Metzler 
MOSEBEY, GlennWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-28 March 1915; d-6 July 2000; age-85w-Helen Wright Mosebeyp-Robert & Carrie Rosenberry Mosebey 
NEWMAN, James LloydWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-29 Nov. 1894; d-30 Mar. 1983w-Beulah Ruth Curmanp-John R. & Laura Belle Shore Newman 
NEWMAN, John L.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-8 Aug. 1925; d-30 Aug. 2000; age-74 p-Lloyd and Beulah Curfman Newman 
NEWMAN, Margaret E.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-22 Nov. 1904; d-21 July 1987h-Harry E. Newmanp-Charles & Sarah Means Strike 
NEWMAN, Marshall A.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-7 Nov. 1920; d-18 June 1998; age-77 p-Lloyd and Beulah Curfman Newman 
NEWMAN, Max W.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-25 June 1914; d-11 Jan. 1999; age-84 p-Lloyd and Beulah Curfman Newman 
NEWMAN, Moody J.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-10 Oct. 1918; d-25 May 1993w-Helen Wilsonp-Lloyd & Beulah Curfman NewmanWW II
NEWMAN, Ray L.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-5 April 1915; d-12 Oct. 1985w-Lenora G. McQuaitp-John R. & Belle Shore Newman 
NIER, A. ConradWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-15 May 1903; d-6 April 1978w-Hope M.  
NIER, Hope M.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-16 Jan. 1906; d-10 Mar. 1971h-A. Conrad Nierp-Sylvanous Grant & Nellie Rhine Brown 
PURNELL, Goldie M.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-14 Mar. 1905; d-29 April 1980h-Walter M. Purnellp-Isaac & Alice Mellott Mellott 
PURNELL, Walter MatthewWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-11 May 1904; d-9 Mar. 1979w-Goldie Mellottp-Joseph F. & Julia Bowman Purnell 
RAMSEY, Anna M.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-16 August 1897; d-9 Dec. 1986h-Morris W. Ramseyp-Calvin & Margaret Jane Bickel 
RAMSEY, Joseph J.(SR)WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-24 Nov. 1918; d-17 April 2000; age-81w-Mary Jane Hoffman Ramseyp-Morris Weldon & Anna Marie Bickle Ramsey 
RAMSEY, JustinaWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-13 July 1918; d-22 July 1988h-Benjamin C. Ramseyp-Bartley & Mary Nash Wiser 
RAMSEY, Mary JaneWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-28 May 1925; d-8 April 1998;age-72h-Joseph James Ramseyp-James Deforest & Sara Rebecca Wildman Hoffman 
ROHRER, James ButchWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-13 June 1926; d-4 Feb. 1985w-Lois Bivensp-James & Molly McKnight RohrerWW II
ROHRER, Lois H.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-18 May 1931; d-23 Sept. 2002; age-71h-James Rohrerp-Marshall and Stella Bivens 
ROMIG, Estella M.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-1899; d-1972h-Stanley Romig  
ROMIG, John V. (jr)WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-6 Oct. 1949; d-16 July 2002; age-52w-?p-Sue Guyer and John V. Romig Sr. 
ROMIG, Stanley B.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTd-15 Nov. 1979; Age 68yw-Estella Truaxp-Murry & Mercy Brunner Romig 
SHAW, Robert W.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-2 Sept. 1910; d-20 July 1980w-1) Lois Horton, 2) Sylvia Millsp-William & Viola Sipes Shaw 
SNYDER, Calvin C., Sr.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-4 Feb. 1930; d-11 Dec. 1993w-1) Madeline C. Diak Snyder Shrewsburg, 2) Helen Diakp-Clarence E. & Sarah Jane Hershey SnyderKorea
SNYDER, Wayne E.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-8 Sept. 1939; d-28 March 1999; age-59w-Carolyn Thomas Snyderp-Harry E. and Agnes Walker Snyder 
SOUDERS, Rankin A.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-9 Oct 1930; d-11 Sept 2003; Age 72w-Jean Wrightp –Lester & Leona Seville Soulders 
STEVENS, T. GrierWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-20 Mar. 1905; d-15 Jan. 1995w-Mary Alice Eaderp-James E. & Lydia Knowl Stevens 
STUNKARD, Harry L.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-18 Jan. 1895; d-16 Dec. 1979w-Reba Earleyp-John & Mary McClain StunkardWW I
STUNKARD, Ida E.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-18 Nov. 1887; d-3 April 1890 p-J. & M. E. Stunkard 
STUNKARD, JohnWELLS VALLEY METHODISTd-11 Dec. 1934; Age 85y4m20d   
STUNKARD, Reba E.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-8 Feb. 1898; d-17 August 1986h-Harry Lee Stunkardp-Foster & Lavina Orth Earley 
SWOPE, Harry AlfredWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-22 Feb. 1889; d-21 June 1985w-1) Laura Grace Simpson, 2) Ethel Long Mellottp-George W. & Lydia Ann Myers SwopeWW I
SWOPE, Samuel L.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-8 Jan. 1909; d-11 Sept. 1989w-Thelma A. Ramseyp-George McClellan & Cora Bupp Swope 
TAYLOR, James L.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-25 Feb. 1940; d-21 Sept. 1989 p-Shelly P. & Alice Becker Taylor 
THOMAS, MelvinWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-18 March 1934; d-12 May 1997; age-63w-Nancy Mellott Thomasp-Winifred G. Stunkard Thomas & Paul Eugene Thomas 
WILSON, Justus J.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-28 Jan. 1906; d-2 Mar. 1976w-Nellie Simpsonp-Ambrose & Rhoda Gearhart Wilson 
WILSON, Kenneth H.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-20 April 1938; d-30 Sept. 1979 p-Justus & Nellie Simpson Wilson 
WRIGHT, Mary ElizabethWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-10 Feb. 1878; d-30 June 1946h-Theophilus Wrightp-Montgomery & Mary Ellen Huston Clippinger 
WRIGHT, Ruth AnnaWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-30 Dec. 1918; d-26 Mar. 1995h-Carl J. Wrightp-Elliott & Ella Bowman Garlock 
WRIGHT, Wilkinson H.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-2 Feb. 1899; d-25 Jan. 1990w-Mary Taylorp-Theophilus & Elizabeth Clippinger Wright 
YETTER, Mabel MWELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-25 Nov. 1908; d-16 March 2000; age-91h-Clarence R. Yetterp-George W. and Myra Mills Bolinger 
ROURKE, William C.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-11 Mar. 1931; d-26 July 2007w-Delores I. Coy Rourkep-Albert & Margaret Black Rourke 
CHILDERS, Marie E.WELLS VALLEY METHODISTb-29 Sept. 1932; d-08 Sept. 2007h-Willard Childersp-Shelly & Alice Becker Taylor 

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