Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WILLS, H. JeanetteBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-4 Sept. 1949; d-24 Oct. 1996; age-47h-Gary L. Willsp-Charlie and Pearl Imes Ray 
WILLS, Burman AugustusTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-30 Dec. 1973; Age 75yw-Ida Belle Barnhartp-Joseph Henry & Mary Alice Wills 
WILLIAMS, Wilson H.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-12 July 1866; d-20 August 1927   
WILLIAMS, William D.?b-5 August 1930; d-13 August 2010w-Audrey Jankiewicz Williamsp-George and Pansy Darr Williams 
WILLIAMS, Wilbur W.UNION MEMORIALb-23 Sept. 1918; d-26 Nov. 2000; age-82w-Faye M. Millsp-George and Lulu Winck Williams 
WILLIAMS, Melissa AnnPLEASANT GROVE CHRISTIANd-19 August 1989; Age 21yh-Dennis W. Williamsp-Paul D. & Doris M. Clingerman Shives 
WILLIAMS, McColleyBIG COVE TANNERY LUTHERANb-1882; d-1885 p-Lewis & Abbie Williams 
WILLIAMS, Maurice R.UNIONb-26 June 1915; d-12 Oct 2004w-1)Mary Elizabeth Peck Williams 2)Alice L. Layton Williamsp-Alvah and Enza Wink Williams 
WILLIAMS, Mary A. McLucasBIG COVE TANNERY LUTHERANb-1819; d-23 March 1883h-Enoch Williams  
WILLIAMS, MaryUNIONb-1 June 1913; d-4 May 1962h-Maurice Williamsp-Samuel C.and Julia Pittman Peck 
WILLIAMS, Maria B.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-25 Mar. 1887; d-20 Dec. 1887 p-W. H. & C. B. Williams 
WILLIAMS, Mabel E.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-31 Jan. 1920; d-5 Dec. 1988h-John Clarence Williamsp-Alvin O. & Nettie Naugle Kerlin 
WILLIAMS, Lewis Albert*SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-16 July 1877; d-8 June 1961 p-John and Anna Deshong Williams 
WILLIAMS, LewisLAUREL RIDGEb-1842; d-1914   
WILLIAMS, Leroy PaulLAUREL RIDGEb-10 April 1918; d-20 May 1991w-Carleton Millerp-Alvah & Enza Wink WilliamsWW II
WILLIAMS, John H.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-5 March1854; d-30 Nov 1938   
WILLIAMS, Jebediah B. b-12 February 1993;d-9 February 2019 p-Carol J. Barnhardt and Roger K. WIlliamsU.S. Marines
WILLIAMS, J. ClarenceSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd-9 July 1986; Age 83yw-Mabel Kerlinp-John H. & Anna DeShong Williams 
WILLIAMS, Gladys L.ANTIOCHb-22 November 1924; d-22 April 2012h-Cecil E. Williamsp-John and Jessie Truax Yeakel 
WILLIAMS, George H.LAUREL RIDGEb-1874; d-1925   
WILLIAMS, George E.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-8 April 1877; d-21 December 1952 p-John and Anna Deshong Williams 
WILLIAMS, Eva GertrudeHUSTONTOWNd-1 September 1945h-(1) George Sipes (2) Harry Williamsp-Dutton and Lucinda Cutchall 
WILLIAMS, Enza W.LAUREL RIDGEb- 8 June 1892 d-13 Dec. 1980; Age 88yh-Alvah Williamsp-William & Mary Clevenger Wink 
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth AnnaSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-7 Oct. 1857; d-19 Dec. 1926h-John Williams  
WILLIAMS, Earl DavidSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-8 September 1899; d-19 August 1953 p-John H and Anna Deshong WilliamsWW II
WILLIAMS, Chalmer R. (Infant)LAUREL RIDGEd-1929 p-Alvah & Enza Williams 
WILLIAMS, Cecil E.ANTIOCHb-8 June 1920; d-19 December 1995w-Gladys Yeakle Williamsp-Alvah R. and Enza Wink Williams 
WILLIAMS, Carrena B.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-3 Jan. 1867; d-20 April 1929h-Wilson H. Williams  
WILLIAMS, Bessie E.UNIONb-22 Nov. 1889; d-12 Sept. 1971;   
WILLIAMS, Alvah R.LAUREL RIDGEb-8 Oct. 1887; d-24 Sept. 1984w-Enza Winkp-Lewis & Abbie Mellott Williams 
WILLIAMS, Alice L.PLEASANT RIDGE NAZARENEb-01 Nov. 1942; d-07 May 2008h-Maurice R. Williamsp-Roosevelt & Margaret Layton 
WILLIAMS, Abbie MellottLAUREL RIDGEb-1852; d-1921   
WILLEY, Amanda S.PLEASANT GROVEb-22 October 1980; d-6 March 2011 p-James W. and Vicki L. Myers Willey 
WILLETT, Terrisse R.WELLS VALLEY CHAPELd-16 Mar. 1882; Age 25y11m16dh-Albert J. Willett  
WILLETT, Samuel W.WELLS VALLEY CHAPELd-26 Mar. 1861; Age 9y11m24d p-Samuel & Elizabeth Willett 
WILLETT, SamuelWELLS METHODISTd-1 May 1857; Age 89y9m15d   
WILLETT, RachelWELLS METHODISTd-3 August 1851; Age 73y5m2dh-Samuel Willett  
WILLETT, MargaretCLEAR RIDGEd-3 October 1886; Age 64y8mh-A. Willett  
WILLETT, Infant SonWELLS VALLEY CHAPEL  p-A. J. & T. P. Willett 
WILLETT, ElizabethWELLS VALLEY CHAPELd-15 June 1875; Age 51y5m23dh-S.Willett  
WILLET, Sarah AnnWELLS METHODISTd-31 July 1851; Age 37y8m4dh-Allen Willet  
WILLET, RachelWELLS METHODISTd-5 Dec. 1861; Age 46y9m4dh-Thomas Willet  
WILLET, James W.LUTHERANd-5 Dec. 1865; Age 52y11m10d   
WILLET, AllenWELLS METHODISTb-10 Nov. 1810; d-12 July 1892   
WILL, Robert C.ST. STEPHEN CATHOLICb-27 Mar. 1946; d-04 Feb. 2007 p-Anthony C. & Albertine M. Ewald WillU.S. Army
WILKINSON, HermanUNIONd-17 Nov. 1903; Age 7m1d p-David Wilkinson 
WILKERSON, ClamonceUNIONd-29 June 1987; Age 69yh-B. O. "Boots" Wilkersonp-Edwin Wallace & Mary Gertrude Booth Murray 
WILHIDE, Mary C.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-26 July 1862; Age 5y8m11d p-Henry & Mary Wilhide 
WILHIDE, John H.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-27 Jan. 1862; Age 11m25d p-Henry & Mary Wilhide 

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