Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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HUSTON, Betty L.?b-26 September 1925; d- 4 June 2011 p-William and Leola Cooper Geiling 
DANIELS, Oliver H.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-23 June1887; d-2 December 1963w-Sarah Myrtle Mellottp-William and Laverna Mellott Daniels 
BROWN, Himmel WilliamFAIRVIEWb-26 April 1899: d-21 November 1963w-Nellie Hessp-William and Kenturah Snyder Brown 
BERGSTRESSER, Gladys R.BETHEL Cem.b-28 Nov. 1904; d-1 Jan1968 p-William and Josephine Bergstresser 
DECKER, Nancy L.JERUSALEM CHRISTIANb-21 Oct. 1943; d-13 March 1999; age-55h-Jim Deckerp-William and Jessie Mellott Clevenger 
BARNHART, Anna Elizabeth*OAKLEY METHODISTb-1890; d-8 September 1962h-Ward Barnhartp-William and Jennie Peck Sigel 
WATKINS, Norman C.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-19 Aug. 1912; d-30 Aug. 2002; age-90w-Hilda Mary Johnson Watkinsp-William and Jennie Parks Watkins 
FETTERHOFF, John J. "Jack" Sr.UNIONb-10 October 1921; d-19 September 2012w-(1) Bessie May Lowery Fetterhoff; (2) Alma Bain Fetterhoffp-William and Ida Young FetterhoffUS Army WWII
MELLOTT, Bessie HeinbaughUNIONb-1 May 1893: d-25 Nov. 1962; Age 69y6m25dh-Samuel S. Mellottp-William and Ida McLucas Heinbaugh 
HARTMANN, Helen L.DAMASCUSb-13 Nov. 1909; d-24 Aug. 2000; age-90h-1)Dr. Maurice I. Hartmann Ph.D., 2)Robert E. Swiftp-William and Helen Doerr Diebels 
PITTMAN, Roy S.ANTIOCHb-10 January 1947; d-17 June 2012 p-William and Hazel Evertts Pittman Sr.US Army
NEBEL, Violet I.WHIPS COVEb-14 Oct. 1931; d-24 June 2005h-John Nebelp-William and Gladys Hyde Pratt 
WINK, George Morton*SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-18 October 1886; d-12 November 1957w-Eliza J. Mellott Winkp-William and Frances Giffin Wink 
CARBAUGH, Herman C.UNIONb-19 Dec. 1935; d-26 Oct. 2005w-Carolyn Benedict Carbaughp-William and Florence Rhodes Carbaugh 
CARBAUGH, George F.?b-11 March 1929; d-9 February 2011w-Lurea Carbaughp-William and Florence Rhodes Carbaugh 
MOFFAT, Billie b-9 March 1936; d-4 February 2018w-Polly Fork Moffatp-William and Faye Dahlstrom MoffatUS Navy
BAIN, Ethel IdaUNIONd-26 June, age 56h-Luther Guy Bainp-William and Ettie R. Hardy Mercer 
BAIN, Ethel IdaUNIONd-26 June, age 56h-Luther Guy Bainp-William and Ettie R. Hardy Mencer 
PINE, Annie M.UNIONb-20 May 1911; d-6 Nov. 1995 p-William and Etta V. Robinson Beard 
SNYDER, Mary L. HamilUNIONb-5 August 1918; d-8 Mar. 1963; Age 44y7m3dh-Malcolm Snyderp-William and Etta Pope Hamil 
DESHONG, Luemma ElizabethASBURYb-16 Dec. 1894; d-26 June 1968h-Thomas O. DeShongp-William and Emmaline Taylor Chesnut 
BROWN, C. RellaCLEAR RIDGEb-27 August 1876; d-21 April 1957h-Charles Brownp-William and Emaline Taylor Chesnut 
MANNING, EstaleneWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-7 April 1899; d-29 Nov. 1998; age-99h-H. Lee Manningp-William and Ella Litton Golden 
FOSTER, Elizabeth StevensWELLS VALLEY U.B.b-18 January 1843; d-23 January 1924h-Septimus Fosterp-William and Elizabeth Woods Stevens 
PATTERSON, D. Hunter (Hon.)UNIONd-1 May 1938; Age 93y5m2dw-Kate A. Campbell Pattersonp-William and Elizabeth Patterson 
FIELDS, Grover C.UNIONb-24 Aug 1884; d-1 Feb. 1966; Age 81y5m7dw-Goldie Winegardner Fieldsp-William and Elizabeth Myers Fields 
BARNHART, Oliver ElwoodMAYS CHAPELb-18 February 1888; d-December 1964 p-William and Elizabeth Jane Jordan Barnhart 
BARNHART, Elizabeth JaneMAYS CHAPELb-20 January 1881; d-9 April 1959 p-William and Elizabeth Jane Jordan Barnhart 
ADELSBERGER, Lyman EarlTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-1876; d-1957w-Annie M. Peck Adelsbergerp-William and Elizabeth Good Adelsberger 
KERLIN, Nettie E. b-29 July 1899: d-11 August 1970h-Alvin D. Kerlinp-William and Elenor Lehr Naugle 
WINEGARDNER, Grace M.CLEAR RIDGEb-16 Jan. 1932;d-13 March 1999; age-67h-Raymond Winegardnerp-William and Eleanor Pine Straley 
LYNCH, Hayes B.UNIONb-17 July 1910; d-17 Dec. 1999; age-89w-Lois Irene Keefer Lynchp-William and Della Gordon Lynch 
SEIDERS, Kenneth ParkerUNIONb-12 July 1916;d-17 November 1987w-Dorothy Moats Seidersp-William and Daisy Clevenger SeidersWWII
GORDON, Moses B.PECKd-2 March 1881, age 25y21d p-William and Christina Gordon 
KOONTZ, Fay WelshUNIONb-17 Jan. 1933; d-25 Feb. 2000; age-67h-Ray S. Koontzp-William and Chloie O'Dessie DeShong Welsh 
KERLIN, Goldie MaeUNIONb-28 January 1923; d-21 February 2012h-Warren C. Kerlinp-William and Chloe Dishong Welsh 
CLINE, Malinda J.FAIRVIEWb-16 June 1883; d-1 February 1957h-L. G. Clinep-William and Catherine Witter Edwards 
EDWARDS, Samuel KeplerCENTERb-11 January 1870; d-1955 p-William and Catherine Witter Edwards 
HEETER, Bertha N.NEW GRENADAb-24 July 1880; d-31 January 1969h-Albert S. Heeterp-William and Catherine McClain Alloway 
SCHWARTZ, Walter A.CLEAR RIDGEb-5 March1896; d-1975w-Jessie Wagner Schwartzp-William and Carrie Hemminger SchwartzWWI
WEBB, Esther L.ARLINGTON NATIONALb-23 April 1939; d-23 May 2018h-Hamilton B. Webbp-William and Blanche Warthin 
WERTZ, Marlis L.REHOBETHb-26 Dec. 1930; d-15 Oct. 1996; age-65w-Betty Ann Unger Wertzp-William and Bessie Keefer Wertz 
BURGARD, Alice AllowayBETHELb-12 October 1902; d-19 September ??h-(1) Malcolm Alloway; (2) Clair Burgardp-William and Belle Anderson 
HAMIL, Laura Etta PolkKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-19 April 1877; d-30 June 1958h-William M. Hamilp-William and Barbara Long Polk 
HAMAN, Russell T.PLEASANT RIDGEb-31 Dec 1910; 65yearsw-Ruth Garland Hamanp-William and Anna Thacher Haman 
APPLEBY, Theodore CalvinCLEAR RIDGEb-21 June 1886; d-21 November 1941w-Adda Flemingp-William and Anna Peterson Appleby 
McCLAIN, Roberta E.WELLS METHODISTb-27 December 1872; d-April 1918h-Emory W. McClainp-William and Amanda Edwards Repper 
MELLOTT, LloydMcKENDREEb-28 May 1894; d-7 June 1969w-Mary R. Rohm Mellottp-William and Amanda Bottenfield Mellott 
YOUSE, EmoryUNIONb-4 June 1904; d-9 May 1982w-Bessie McQuadep-William Adam & Laura Lake Youse 
SLOAN, Elizabeth GertrudeMcCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-July 30, 1882; d-January 10, 1931 p-William A.and Elisabeth Dickson Sloan 

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