Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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BARMONT, Catherine M.McCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd-4 June 1879; Age 18y5m18d   
BARMONT, D. H.McCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd-25 Mar. 1893; Age 18y8m26d   
BARMONT, Emma M.McCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd-2 Mar. 1892; Age 10y1m20d p-H. & M. Barmont 
BARMONT, GeorgeMcCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd-6 August 1865; Age 19y8m22d  G.A.R.
BARMONT, George C.McCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd-30 August 1863; Age 6y6m5d p-Jacob & Anna Barmont 
BARMONT, HenryUNIONd-23 Dec. 1927; age 77y3m4d   
BARMONT, JacobMcCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd-19 Sept. 1868; Age 42y3m21d   
BARMONT, JohnMcCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDb-8 Feb. 1864; d-19 Mar. 1879   
BARMONT, JohnMcCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd-26 Feb. 1881; Age 85y8m   
BARMONT, John DanielST. THOMASb-23 Sept. 1883; d-25 Dec. 1954w-Blanche Brantp-Henry & Mary Roettger Barmont 
BARMONT, Lillian L.UNIONd-16 Sept. 1973; Age 76yh-Earl Barmontp-Martin L. & H. Elizabeth Salkelb Laidig 
BARMONT, LouisaMcCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd-29 June 1857; Age 15y18d p-John & Margaret Barmont 
BARMONT, MaggieMcCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd-4 Jan. 1888; Age 11m p-M. & J. Barmont 
BARMONT, MargaretMcCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd-6 May 1887; Age 80y10h-John Barmont, Sr.  
BARMONT, Mary L.UNIONd-6 Oct. 1948; Age 88y8m19dh-Henry Barmont  
BARMONT, Nelle M.UNIONb-4 Jan. 1888; d-17 Feb. 1958 p-Henry & Mary Roettger Barmont 
BARMONT, Rheue C.UNIONd-21 Sept. 1952; Age 51y2m11d   
BARMONT, W. RushUNIONb-20 Feb. 1893; d:16 Dec. 1962; Mellott p-Henry & Mary Roettger Barmont 
BARMONT, Walter Rush, Jr.UNIONb-25 Dec. 1928; d-10 Mar. 1995w-Nancy Stephensp-W. Rush & Beatrice Mellott Barmont 
BARNDOLLAR, ColumbusFT. LITTLETONd-22 Feb. 1857; Age 2y11m22d p-Michael & Jane Barndollar 
BARNDOLLAR, ElizabethWINEGARDNERd-22 Feb. 1872; Age 86yh-Michael Barndollar  
BARNDOLLAR, MichaelWINEGARDNERd-3 Mar. 1861; Age 78y p-Michael & Catherine Barndollar 
BARNDOLLAR, OliverWINEGARDNERb-20 Feb. 1829; d-23 Nov. 1841 p-Michael & Elizabeth Ramsey Barndollar, Jr. 
BARNES, BelleFAIRVIEWd-22 April 1993h-Denver Barnesp-George & Bessie Bowman Ash 
BARNES, Jane AnnabelleWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-11 Oct. 1851; d-10 August 1935h-Charles W. Barnes  
BARNES, John D.FAIRVIEWb-2 Feb. 1902; d-14 Feb. 1979w-Mary Miller Barnesp-John and Lavina Barnes 
BARNES, Mary Elizabeth MillerFAIRVIEWd-4 Jan. 1975; Age 57yh-John Dennis Barnesp-George & Fannie Mellott Miller 
BARNETT, AbnerZIONb-1784; d-1844w-Annie Edwards  
BARNETT, AgnesFAIRVIEWd:12 Jan. 1901; Age 81y4m28dh-Daniel Barnett  
BARNETT, Alvah P.WELLS VALLEY CHAPELd-9 July 1876; Age 8m25d p-J. E. & S. A. Barnett 
BARNETT, Annie EdwardsZIONb-1795; d-1858h-Abner Barnett  
BARNETT, Belle M.WELLS METHODISTb-31 Oct. 1858; d-28 May 1933   
BARNETT, Birt IrvinCENTERb-26 November 1870; d-11 June 1941w-Della Barnett Helselp-Jonathan and Harriet Foote Barnett 
BARNETT, Bula ViolaWELLS METHODISTd-23 July 1891; Age 1y6m10d p-J. W. & B. M. Barnett 
BARNETT, Carl M., Sr.CENTERb-8 August 1910; d-31 July 1966   
BARNETT, Carol Y.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-14 September 1962: d-5 December 1962 p-Harty and Edith Mellott Barnett 
BARNETT, Clarence E., Sr.FAIRVIEWb-23 July 1907; d-26 Feb. 1992w-Iva Mae Straitp-Joseph & Margaret Cutchall Barnett 
BARNETT, DanielFAIRVIEWd-25 Feb. 1899; Age 78y10m17dw-Agnes  
BARNETT, Edna M. MummaCENTERb-30 March 1915; d-13 March 1988   
BARNETT, ElizabethWELLS METHODISTb-19 April 1815; d-9 Feb. 1895h-J. Barnett  
BARNETT, Elizabeth J.CENTERd-14 April 1929; Age 76y8m1dh-Z. Bland Barnett  
BARNETT, Elmer RoyWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1888; d-1946w-Mary E. Bridenstine  
BARNETT, Emma L.CENTERb-4 Oct. 1887; d-26 Feb. 1969h-James F. Barnettp-Thomas and Alice Sipes Reeder 
BARNETT, EstherCENTERb-17 August 1878; d:9 Jan. 1938h-Howard Barnett  
BARNETT, Ethel E.WELLS METHODISTb-1886; d-1953   
BARNETT, George N.HUSTONTOWNb-21 June 1889; d-10 Feb. 1956w-Nora Chestnut Bakerp-Z. Bland & Elizabeth Huston Barnett 
BARNETT, George W.NEW GRENADAb-1858; d-1927w-Mary  
BARNETT, Glenn EMT. TABORb-16 June 1928; d- Jan 2000w-Helen Taylor Barnettp-Clarence Barnett and Iva Strait Barnett; 
BARNETT, Guy LeroyCENTERb-23 Mar. 1935; d-28 May 1937 p-Vaughan Barnett 
BARNETT, Harold L.NEW GRENADAb-14 Mar. 1899; d-10 August 1907 p-George W. & Mary E. Barnett 

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